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Alternate Advancement (AA) was introduced with the Shadows of Luclin expansion. They are also known as 'Ability Points,' which is the term you see in-game when you earn one. However, Players know them as Alternative Advancement Points aka AA's. 

It has been generally added to, in one way or another, in every subsequent expansion. So much so, that the AA Window grew into (10) Tabs / Tiers. The original ten (10) Tiers were, in order: General, Archetype, Class, Planes of Power Advancement, Planes of Power Ability, Gates of Discord, Omens of War, Depths of Darkhollow, Veteran and The Serpent Spine.

In July 2007, a patch merged the (10) tiers into four (4) tiers,  which actually made a lot of sense. After all, in the original tiers, there were lines of AA that were simply continuations of AA from previous tiers. For instance, all of the "Innate" AA were combined into just one category (from the Original General Tier and the Planes of Power Ability Tier)... and so on. In doing this, there were many changes made to include AA Names, AA requirements and so forth. There were also AA added, that were not there before.

The Secrets of Faydwer expansion further changed AA with a few more modifications (example, Lay On Hands became an AA rather than an innate ability). But the AA tinkering didn't end there. Over time AA's have been merged, removed (with AA's refunded), renamed and so forth... usually via a patch.

In most cases, the merger of AA's was logical and sensible. However, there have been some that were not well received by the player base, particularly when it affected class strategies, game play and abilities. Such as when certain AA's were combined, that were on separate timers, and were being used in conjunction with each other (Necromancer pulling ability took a significant hit). In other cases, some classes actually benefited from them, such as Paladins, who could not battle rez for 96%, were now able to do so.



BE AWARE: There are quite a few AA's that boost statistics by a noted amount or percentage. The in-game description of these AA's is quite deceiving. For example... the current Level of the AA might say it increases your stat by 10%. Then, if you look at the "Next Rank" description, it might say that it increases your stat by 12 %. Thus, it is reasonable to believe that it will add another 12% to the stat it affects. HOWEVER -- THIS IS NOT THE CASE! This is a RUNNING TOTAL. The next level simply increases the TOTAL benefit of this AA from 10% to 12%. Thus, it is only adding 2%, bringing the total benefit to 12%, from the 10% that it was.

The AA Categories are as follows:


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