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I am not and have never have been a GM, a Guide, a Dev or a EG7 / Darkpaw / Daybreak / Sony / Verant) employee.

While I do appreciate the in-game tells, please understand that I do not have a photographic memory of every single step of every single quest.

Please don't expect me to actively help you in-game or walk / talk you through something. Instead, for in-game help, direct any comments and questions to the PALADIN in-game channel (/join Paladin) or the GENERAL in-game channel (/join General).

Other useful in-game channels can be the EQ Traders (/join serverwide.eqtraders:eqtraders), EQ Resource (/join serverwide.eqresource:eqresource) & Allakhazam aka ZAM or fanbyte (/join serverwide.allakhazam.allkhazam) channels. There are also Discord servers from some of the same sources (click the links).


Please be aware that many of these pages were originally written long ago from the prospective of the original player levels, strategies and so forth. This does not mean they are no longer accurate.

It simply means the old references, strategies and game functions may be moot issues with current game levels, gear, spells, DPS and so forth.

In short, it is possible a single player can easily defeat a target that once took an entire raid force to beat... or you may sometimes be able to overpower the old strategies by sheer force.

Be warned, however, that some game mechanics are set in stone and you can't avoid them. For instance, if mechanics require that Target #1 must be killed before Target #2, then you must abide by that, or the event can fail or bug out, otherwise.

By the same token, some old game mechanics might not apply any more. For instance, I may warn you to have a "bag slot open," because... in the past... bags could not be placed in bags (not even empty ones). Now they can. However, a free bag slot is still required if a combine is required in said bag.

Additionally, some old content may actually be even harder to defeat these days! For instance, if the event requires the balancing multiple MOB's within 1% to 5% of each other... current DPS levels may make this extremely difficult to do.

In short, old strategies may no longer be of great relevance, with current player levels, gear, DPS and so forth. Thus you can often "power" through much of the older content with ease and / or less players (even solo). However, certain game mechanics will still be in place in some older content and must be abided by.

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I welcome all feedback to make these pages as site as correct as possible (spelling, details, clarity, misinformation, etc.).

I also welcome and suggestions for things you might like to see me add.

The preferred ways to contact me are:

1) An in-game EQ Mail to Bonzz on the Bertoxxulous server;

2) Join and post feedback on my Discord Server.

Messages via Facebook will be overlooked / missed and in-game Tells can be very distracting or easily missed / lost in spam.

I am sometimes asked why I created this site.

The answer is that, way back when, EQ info on the Internet was sparse, incomplete, erroneous and / or even non-existent. Players were tight lipped about their "secrets." Quests did not have a Task Window to tell you what to do next. There were no Achievements to follow, help you or use as a check list. What you could find on the Internet meant a lot of back-and-forth page and / or site hopping. Because of this, to be successful in EQ, you had to do a lot of out-of-game time-consuming research, in-game figuring out and pencil & paper note making.

Since I was doing a lot of that anyway, I decided to simply compile my notes / research... web-page style... and share them freely with everyone else.

As a note... this site applies to "Live" EQ servers (normal rules, all expansions)... information provided on this site may not apply to TLP servers.


If you note any errors, misspellings, item name errors, misinformation or anything that needs addressing on this page -- PLEASE let me know via an in-game EQ Message (Bonzz on the Bertoxxulous server), or post on Bonzz's Discord Server!


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