Continuation of the Paladin Epic 2.0

aka An Epic Augment

aka Epic 2.5



Mayong Mistmoore Bane Weapon

This quest is an upgrade/modification to your Epic 2.0 (Nightbane), that was added with the Depths of Darkhollow expansion.

You must have you Nightbane before you can undertake this quest, as well as having Dreadspire and Dreadspire, the Demi-Plane of Blood access.

The reward is a modified Nightbane, with a new non-removable, "invisible" augmentation. So basically, it improves the stats on your Nightbane, as noted below.

In the process, you can also get a bane weapon required for the battle with Mayong Mistmoore.


Nightbane Shard of the Ancients: Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 0.0, Type 30 Augment, Damage 4, AC 15, STR 13, STA 13, CHA 13, WIS 13, AGI 13, FIRE 5, DIS 5, COLD 5, MAGIC 5, POISON 5, HP 40, MANA 40, Attack 45, Mana Regen 3, Regen 3.

Vial of Blessed Water: 1 Handed-Blunt; Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 2.0; 4 Damage, 21 Delay, 20 Damage Bonus; Effect: Holy Water Splash; Bane Damage: Dark Lord 48.


STATUS: Not verified!



1) DREADSPIRE, DEMI-PLANE OF BLOOD: You will need a raid force.

You are after Devlin Rochester (Level 75).

He is in “Tier 2,” which means you need a raid force that can beat “Tier 1” (Zi-Thuuli of the Granite Claw, Sanguimanus the Redfang, Hatchet the Torturer and the “Sisters” event), in order to be able to get to Devlin).

Devlin is located in the room at the bottom of the long spiral ramp.

Set-up a team in the hall at the dead end. This team (Pallies, SK’s are best, with a healer and enchanter). They will remain here the entire battle to aggro and kill the undead adds (An Unstable Deathwalker, which has a short-range 12K AoE upon death; and A Blood-Drenched Bonewalker; They are Level 73 & 74 respectively) that spawn at the dead-end.

The rest of the raid will DPS Devlin. Everyone must also follow the emotes, to avoid his AoE and other attacks.

Basically, the emote about shield & axe indicate an AoE rampage attack (back off).

The one about daggers indicates a flurry attack (back off).

The one about a whip varies and will either require you remove an item, or duck and so forth. The emote will tell you what to do, so be quick about it.

There is also one about a shield and scepter (corrupted vial), where everyone needs to run into the hallway.

Emotes will also appear to reveal that the special attack has been carried out and the raid can resume their normal attacks.

In short, Devlin will grab weapons off the racks in the room, everyone will need to follow his emotes to avoid his special attacks, the add team will intercept and kill all spawned adds and then it is just a matter of DPS.


2) Once he is dead, An Ancient Footlocker (Level 1) and Devlin Rochester Spirit (Level 80) will appear.

Inside the Footlocker (make sure it is disarmed first) you may find Invocation of the Last Dawn (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 0.3) (it does not drop every time).

Loot it.


3) While you are at it, speak with Devlin Rochester Spirit.

Hail him and follow along, or just try saying, “Assist.”

He will give you a Vial of Blessed Water. This is actually a one-handed blunt weapon, even if it looks like a vial. You will need it in the battle against Mayong Mistmoore (Level 85).


DREADSPIRE KEEP: You are looking for Eric Von Schnelling (Level 73).

He is pretty much a random spawn from a number of place holders about the zone (upper castle area)... thus you need to kill MOB's for a chance to see him. The best place for this is probably up in the left side rooms, as you enter the main castle.

He will not speak with you unless you have your Epic 2.0 equipped.

Hail him and follow along or just try saying, "A deal?"

He will tell you he needs a page (there are four different ones).

Then simply hand him the Invocation of the Last Dawn.

He will then “magically” alter your  Nightbane, Sword of the Valiant with the "invisible" added Nightbane, Shard of the Ancients augmentation (Slot 30) (your sword stats and affects will improve)!

NOTE: You do not need to remove augmentations from your Nightbane.


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