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This is a series of tasks that gain you access to the "locked" Depths of Darkhollow zone, Dreadspire.

There tasks will require patience, perseverance and determination. This is because they can take time, are often difficult to get to and they often require a good group to win them. The hardest part of theses tasks (or missions) is often just getting there and keeping the group together.

Key elements needed, will be the ability to gate, invis and levitate… either individually or courtesy of one of the group members. This is because invisible / levitate are essential for getting to the task locations and gate (or teleport or translocate...) will save a lot of time and trouble, afterwards.

The good news is that you do not have to do them in order.

UPDATE: In 2008, Sony allowed full access to Dreadspire by merit of Level (Level 70), to include loot rights. However, the zone curse must still be removed, as before (see below).


Treddlehoop's Wonderful Monoculor Seeing Device: (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 0.4, CHA 5, WIS 10, INT 10, DIS 15, MAGIC 15, POISON 15, HP 10, MANA 10)


STATUS: Completed and confirmed!



Scavenger Hunt (#1)          The Lost Notebook (#2, aka 69.1)

The Lost Gnomes (#3)          Deserting the Ranks (#4)          Getting the Key



1) CORATHUS CREEP: You need to find Treddlehoop (Level 65). He is in the "crash site" area.

Hail him and follow along, or just try saying, "Shopping." to get the task. You will not be allowed to choose a hard or normal setting, as this is not an instanced zone event.


2) RUINS OF ILLSALIN: You will be after the "Shiliskin" type MOB's (Level 69 to 72).

To find the right MOB's, from the zone in (at Undershore), go to the rock outcropping on the right just ahead (straight in from zone in). There is a broken bridge on the side of this rock.

Inch up the rock and levitate over to the broken bridge. Using Invis, go in the door of the Building there and stick to left wall. Go in to next door on left past Drachnid area. The hall here is relatively safe. In the next area you need Invisible to Undead.

High Priest Preyan (Level 72) MOB walks the halls, so look out for him (he appears to see thru IVU, but he does drop decent loot).

Make your way thru that room and into the next hall. Stop before the door at the other end of this hall. It is the "Shiliskin" (aka Illsalin) in the next area you want to kill. Stay in hall and pull them to there.

You need to kill them until you get a Shiliskin Tentacle Cluster (Weight 1.0). My group got one within ten (10) kills here.


3) STONEROOT FALLS: You will be after "Deep Orc" MOB's here (Level 62 to 70).

If you look at the map, you might notice that the zone is somewhat sectioned into circle-like areas. Follow along the right wall from the zone in (from Undershore), to the second circle-like section. Go onto the first bridge there (just inside that next circle) and kill the "Deep Orc" type MOB's there. They spawn pretty regular. However, be careful not to knock them off, or you may find yourself trained from below.

Shiliskins (aka “Xillsfar”) (Level 60 to 67) type MOB's may also wonder up and attack. Some of the Orcs resist mez. Those Orcs sometimes drop a spell rune.

You are after two (2) Chopping Sword (Weight 2.0, Damage 3, Delay 15, Bash, All/All).

Be wary, as the swords look just like the normal swords they drop… so don't rely on what they "look like" and assume they aren't what you need.


4) THE HIVE: You are after the high-level Drachnids, here.

You need to make way to the "living bridges" area. You can climb the outside of the first tower, and then look straight up as you use the map to run around and land on the bridge. Otherwise, from zone in you can see a building (to the right). Go in and take a sharp right to find a ramp that goes down (not up). Go down this ramp to find a second ramp that goes down. Go down that ramp and into the cave you will find there.

Beware! In this cave is a spider web. Going through this web (and you have to) has a chance of knocking off your invis, so be wary.

The next room has a ramp on the right. Go up that ramp one (1) level. There is a door there that goes out to the living bridges area. The Drachnids here are Level 71 to 73. Invis can also work to get you all the way here, normally, but not always. If you look at the map, you will see two dead-ends (on right) off the bridges that lead to an instanced zones.

These two locations are somewhat safe locations. You can pull to there from the bridges and the "cocoons."

You are after one (1) Drachnid Silk Gland (Weight 0.6).


5) CORATHUS CREEP: Go back to Treddlehoop.

Give him the Shiliskin Tentacle Cluster, the Drachnid Silk Gland and the two (2) Chopping Sword, to finish the task.

Everyone in the group will get Treddlehoop's Signature Monocle (Lore, No Trade, Magic, All/All, Weight 0.4, WIS 4, INT 4, CHA 5, Face Slot).

This is the first of four (4) items you need, so do not destroy it.




1) CORATHUS CREEP: This mission/task is the very same mission/task as the first Level 69 spell/disc mission.

You need to find Brovil Pallivineg (Level 70), who is also at the "crash site."

Hail him and follow along. You will be offered the task as a normal or a hard task.

When you get the mission, you will also be given Cicero's Notebook (Lore, No Trade, Weight 3.0, 10-slot, small Weight Reduction 0%).

NOTE: If Brovil will not speak to you, have others try hailing him to see if he responds to them. If he responds, skip to step 3. If he does not, go to step 2.


2) ACTIVATION: Before Brovil will talk to you, you will need to "activate" him.

This is accomplished by looting Cicero's Torn Notebook (Lore, Weight 0.5). This item drops semi-regularly off of Drachnids (Level 66 to 72) in Stoneroot Falls.

Anyway, once you have Cicero's Torn Notebook, turn it in to Model XG CVIII (Level 70) in Corathus Creep (a spider at the crash site).


3) THE HIVE: THE LOST NOTEBOOK  (Instanced): You need to simply slaughter the zone (Level 68 to 73).

Simply pull and kill everything in sight until you find and loot all nine (9) sections of Cicero's Notebook (they are numbered 1 to 9)… example: Section One of Cicero's Notebook (Lore, Weight 0.5, Book). All nine have the same stats, just different page numbers.

MOB's do not appear to respawn here. You may get duplicates but they are Lore, so you will not be able to loot any but those you need. Once they are all looted, you win (no turn in required).

NOTE: Gimp-ins must be done before looting the last book!

Everyone in the group will get a Spectacular Image Enhancing Prism (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.8).

This is the second part of the key, so do not destroy it.

You will also get, as a reward:

Normal Setting - Caster: Hivegrime Stone of Thinking (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Augmentation, Slot 7 or 8, Weight 0.0, HP 20, Mana 20, Mana Regen 2, Required Level 63). 

Normal Setting - Melee: Hivegrime Stone of Fury (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Augmentation, Slot 7 or 8, Attack 20, Required Level 63). 

Hard Setting - Caster: Hive Silk Mask (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 0.8, AC19, DEX 12, STA 19, CHA 14, WIS 13, INT 13, FIRE 20, COLD 20, MAGIC 20, HP 190, MANA 200, Type 7 Slot, Spell Shield 2%, Focus Effect: Wrath of Druzzil (Spell Damage +35%), Required Level 63). 

Hard Setting - Melee: Drachnid Skin Necklace (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 0.9, AC 20, STR 13, STA 19, WIS 12, INT 12, AGI 14, FIRE 25, COLD 25, MAGIC 20, HP 200, MANA 190, END 190, Accuracy +10, Required Level 63). 

A Chest (Level 1) will also spawn with an additional item inside it. You will find it at the zone line.

NOTE: As an optional step, the pages (sections) can be combined in the Cicero's Notebook that you were given to make Cicero's Reassembled Notebook (No Trade, Lore, Weight 3.0).




1) CORATHUS CREEP:  This mission is obtained from Mazil Hibbinap (Level 65) (at the crash site).

NOTE: You do not actually have to talk to Crim Sprinklcog (Level 70), as some guides indicate... for all he does is tell you to talk to Mazil.

Hail Mazil and follow along, or just try saying, "I am willing," to get the task. You can choose the hard or the normal version.


3) THE HATCHERY: When you get to The Hive a marker will appear on your compass. However, the zone is multi-level twisting zone and the marker is not that great a help.

I suggest fighting your way in once you reach the bridges (see the fist task, above, for directions). Once you are at the bridges area, take the second cocoon on the left and go up (not down) to get to the caves, which are at the top. In the cave is a spider web that can drop your invis, so be careful. At the end of the cave the zone-in is just a short distance to the right. However, you may have to pull/fight your way there because there can be some see invis here, there is a trap and also because the instanced zone works like the Guild Hall… its takes about 15 seconds or so to load up before you can zone in.

MOB's in The Hatchery do not seem to respawn. Once inside, simply kill the Drachs and /open the cocoons (don't kill them). They are called A Cocooned Victim (Level 1).

Opening the cocoon will reveal it to be empty, or it may contain a gem or a MOB will pop out and aggro. However, sometimes a named Gnome will pop out (Sizz Kipcoil, Alizis Parbrind, Foddin Slipstring and Terrzin Wirecrimp… all Level 69 to 70).

If so, tell the gnome to, "Follow." Then lead the Gnome back to the zone line for credit.

NOTE: The Gnome may sometimes "morph," en route, into a MOB (two of the four will likely do this). If so, kill him and you will get credit anyway.

After you save four (4) Gnomes, you win. You will get a Gold and Platinum Twined Necklace (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.6).

Keep this as it is part of the key.

NOTE: Gimp-ins can be done after you find the last Gnome, but before you escort him to the zone line.

Additionally, everyone in the task will receive:

·         Melee (Normal): Hivegrime Stone of Avoidance (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Augmentation Slot 7 or 8, Weight 0.0, AC 20, 15 MANA, 15 END, 15 HP)

·         Caster (Normal): Hivegrime Stone of Willpower (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Augmentation Slot 7 or 8, Weight 0.0, AC 20, 15 MANA, 15 END, 15 HP)

·         Melee (Hard): Drachnid Warrior Cloak (Lore, No Trade, Magic, AC 23, STR 13, STA 19, WIS 12, INT 12, AGI 14, FIRE 25, COLD 25, MAGIC 20, HP 200, MANA 190, END 190)

·         Caster (Hard): Hive Silk Pearl Necklace (Lore, No Trade, Magic, AC 15, STR 9, DEX 10, STA 8, INT 12, AGI 11, DIS 20, POISON 20, COLD 15, HP 170, MANA 160)

NOTE: A Wooden Chest (Level 1) will spawn at the zone line with an additional loot item.




1) UNDERSHORE:  You get this mission from Zahn (Level 70). He is by the shore, just below and north of the Brother Hidden Path camp.

Hail him and follow along to get the mission. It is called "Deserting the Ranks." You can choose hard or normal.

He will also give you a Shiliskin Heirloom Shoulder Guard (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.1)


2) THE NARGILOR PITS: Zone into the Ruins of Illsalin and a marker will appear on your compass, but don't go by it.

Invis/float and head out over the water. Follow the bend all the way around (left) until you see two bridges over head, just before the dead end. Just past the first bridge scale the left wall up and then levitate over onto the 2nd bridge. Cross the bridge and zone in.

Beware… there are see invis here sometimes (undead).


3) Once in -- your first target is the Guardian of the Pit (Level 71 to 73).

He is located straight ahead down at the bottom of the hill.

Have a good puller simply pull and clear all the MOB's in between. Practically everything here is undead. Beware not to pull over the pit trap at the bottom of the bridge where you zone in at. Pull MOB's from around the left side, not the right side.

Once the way is cleared, pull the Guardian and kill him. He is not easy. He does summon, hits hard (2K plus), rampages and gravi-fluxes too. He is the hard part of this mission.


4) Once the Guardian is dead, An Ornate Chest (Level 1) spawns somewhere in the zone.

You need to find it. I have seen it in two (2) places.

One was just in the pit trap at the bottom of the bridge from the zone in. The other was at the dead end of the 2nd tunnel to the right from the zone in.

Getting to the Chest can be done by pulling to it or with tricks-of-the-trade (Rogue sneak, suicide Divine Aura run, and so forth). Invisible is not likely to work.

Once you find An Ornate Chest, /open it and loot the Carved Nargil Triangle (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.1). This is a key.


5) The key is used to open the door at the bottom of the hill, where the Guardian was.

Open the door, go in and head to the left side.

Whoever has the Shiliskin Heirloom Shoulder Guard needs to give it to one of the A Shilgrave Legionnaire (Level 70). They are lying around as corpses and will not aggro.

This will spawn Emperor Draygun (level 73-plus). Don't worry. He will not attack you and you do not attack him. He will walk about and "reanimate" the corpses and send them after you one at a time. He will not wait until one is dead to send a second. If you have decent DPS and you will not get two at a time.

After about 10 (ten) single A Reanimated Legionnaire (Level 70), he will send 2 (two) Legionnaires and A Reanimated Captain (Level 75) at the same time.

Its simple crowd control for the win.

Kill the Captain. The "reward" item will be on the Captain (no chest this time).

Loot the Shiliskin Captains Insignia (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.1) and then you can gate/port/translocate out.


6) UNDERSHORE: Go back and give the Insignia to Zahn to finish the mission.

Everyone will get Golden Shiliskin Tentacle Ring (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.3), the 4th and last part of the key.

Everyone will also get:

·         Normal -- Melee: Deep Dive Pauldrons (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight: 0.8, AC 23, DEX 13, STA 19, CHA 13, WIS 13, INT 13, HP 215, MANA 205, END 205, Attack 15, Mana Regen 3)

·         Normal -- Caster: Korlach Sacrifice Plate (Magic, Lore, no trade, Range Item, AC 21, STR 13, STA 19, INT 13, AGI 13, WIS 13, HP 205, MANA 215, DIS 25, POISON 25, COLD 20, Mana Regen 3)

·         Hard -- Melee: Shiliskin Reef Swimmer Fetish (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Augmentation Slot 7 or 8, HP 35, Avoidance 10)

·         Hard -- Caster: Shiliskin Reef Navigator Fetish (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Augmentation Slot 7 or 8, MANA 35, Avoidance 10)




1) CORATHUS CREEP: Head back to Treddlehoop.

Simply give him the Golden Shiliskin Tentacle Ring, the Gold and Platinum Twined Necklace, the Treddlehoop's Signature Monocle and the Spectacular Image Enhancing Prism.

He will then give you Treddlehoop's Wonderful Monoculor Seeing Device.

This is the key! Have it on your person the first time you access Dreadspire Keep!


If you note any errors, misspellings, item name errors, misinformation or anything that needs addressing on this page -- PLEASE let me know via an in-game EQ Message (Bonzz on the Bertoxxulous server), or post on Bonzz's Discord Server!


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