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These are tasks that gain you access to the "instanced" Dreadspire, the Demi-Plane of Blood (raid zone).

These tasks will give you free AA (albeit negative AA) and keys (on your key ring... some are not actual items).

The Monocle of Blood, while the key to the Demi-Plane, will only allow you to zone in (with a raid). It is just a third of what you need.

You also need the Curse of Blood raids (see below) to be able to loot in the Demi-Plane.

Further, you will also need to remove the zone curse (zone AoE… "Aura of Crimson Mists") by obtaining "blockers."

In short, it is a three-pronged task... access (key), loot rights (blood raids) and zone AoE immunity (blockers).

Some of these tasks can be by-passed by riding someone else's coat tails. Some tasks can only be obtained if you possess an item awarded in a previous task.

UPDATE: Despite any narrative to the contrary below, in 2008, Sony allowed access to the Demi-Plane (instanced) by merit of Level. You may now enter this zone at Level 70. However, you still have to remove the curse (blockers).



There is an alternate by-pass key... sort of.

This simply requires that you are willed-in (85% rule... or 5 of 6 characters must be keyed) and are allowed to loot an A Drop of Accursed Blood (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.1).

This item functions only as a by-pass to the five "Curse" raids (in zone loot rights). It does not actually "key" you for this zone, nor does it allow you access to the regular Dreadspire zone (and you cannot be willed in there, so you must be Level 70 or have the key to Dreadspire). 


Monocle of Blood: (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 0.4, All/All, 5 CHA, 10 WIS, 10 INT, 15 DIS, 15 MAGIC, 15 POISON, 10 HP, 10 MANA)


Dreadspire -- Key to Library (aka Library Card)


Dreadspire Crest: (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.1)


STATUS: All Verified and Completed!



Matriarch Shyra     Bloodeye     Council of Nine     Emperor Draygun     Sendaii the Hive Queen

Treddlehoop's Wonderful Monoculor Seeing Device     Memories Lost (Optional)     Formal Dinner Invitation (Optional)     Dreadspire Crest

Frustrated Functionary (#1 -- Library Key)     Check Out A Library Book (#2)     Eyes Wide Open (#3)     Misty For You (#4)     Eye Bound (#5)

Removing the Demi-Pane AoE (Blockers)     Answer Guide for Suffixes



1) First up, you need access to the regular non-instanced Dreadspire Keep (Treddlehoop's Wonderful Monoculor Seeing Eye Device).

Click here for details.


2) Once you have access to Dreadspire, you need to do the group task called, "Memories Lost" (aka "The Doorman Task").

This step is actually optional, but it does grant you access (that you will eventually need) to the lower part of the zone (aka "Vule" area) (85% rule does apply in this area, however).

Click here for details.


3) It would also be beneficial if you acquire a Formal Dinner Invitation.

This is not a requirement, but it will allow you to zone into Dreadspire Keep from Stoneroot Falls, rather than The Hive.

For details, click here.


4) Next up, you need to do the five (5) "Curse of Blood" raids, which involve killing Matriarch Shyra, Bloodeye, the "Council of Nine," Emperor Draygun and Sendaii the Hive Queen.

Click here for details.


5) Another thing you will need is the Dreadspire Crest (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.1), which gives you access to the southern crypt area of Dreadspire Keep.

However, only one person actually needs the key, to open the door for everyone else.

Details are noted below.




1) DREADSPIRE KEEP: You are looking for Melion Pell, Minor Functionary (Level 70).

NOTE: Make sure everyone has a stack or two (2) of food (any kind) and 240 Platinum, before you start.

Melion Pell, Minor Functionary is located in the castle (up top, in the castle) in the area of p3440, p30.

Hail him and follow along, or just try saying, "Purchasable" to get this task.

This is an individual task, but the good news is that everyone in the group (or raid, perhaps) will get credit for the kills (and only the kills).

NOTE: This task has a two-hour time limit!


2) First up, you need to kill eight (8) A Grayfang Bat (Level 72).

They are most easily located back down at the bottom of the spire (that you came up to get here).

They can hit up to 1.8K and stun. There are a lot of MOB's wondering up and down this ramp and they will add. So, clearing to them or having crowd control can be a good idea.


3) Next up, you need to feed the "dinner guests."

Most any food will do... even summoned food.

The best place to do this is back in the same room with Melion Pell, Minor Functionary.

Simply give a food item to the NPC's in the room. They will either take it or give it back. You may have to give them more than one food item to "satiate" their hunger.

Once they are satiated, you will get credit for feeding them. You need to feed (satiate) four (4) NPC's (guests). If any of them in the room will not take your food, try the ones out on the hall way.

NOTE OF WARNING: While I did not have this issue, it is rumored that a one of them may take offense to the food that you give them and attack you.


4) Next, you need to run about in the castle area on the same floor (be careful not to blindly run into aggro areas) and say to any Orc you see, "Necklace."

This may take a while, even if it means talking to the same Orcs over and over. Eventually, one of them will respond with something other than telling you to go away.

If so, say back, "Shiny things" and then give it 240 Platinum. In return, you will get a Coral-set Golden Necklace (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.4).


5) Now head back to Melion Pell, Minor Functionary.

Give him the Coral-set Golden Necklace to finish the task!

You will now have a new key on your key ring called, "Dreadspire - Key to Library" (you do not get an actual item).


6) BEFORE you leave, you might want to do a few more things.

First, you must acquire a drop in order to be able to get the next task!

You need a Shard of Mystical Glass (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.4). This item drops off of A Shadowmane Researcher (Level 73).

They can be located through a metallic doorway (known as the "Vivisector Lab" area), not far from where Melion Pell, Minor Functionary was (in the area where all the "dancers" are).

NOTE: Each person will need their own item, if they want the flag to request this task on their own.


7) While you are doing this, it would be a good idea to go ahead and grab a ground spawn here called the Elixir of Velvet Blood (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.6).

It looks like a red bottle on its side and can appear on any of the tables or the altar in this same room/area. Getting it now will save time later.


8) Lastly, you may want to acquire a Dreadspire Crest for each group member (you really only need one, as one person can open the door for everyone else).

Back in the room with Melion, to his left, is a trap. Basically, it is a carpet that is really a hole in the ground.

You want to drop down and be ready for aggro of two (2) MOB's (Drachnids). Simply kill MOB's in this tunnel/area until you get to, or spawn, Aliattis the Drinker (Level 73) and/or The Restless One (Level 73).

Kill them as many times as you need, for as many Dreadspire Crest as you need (they do NOT always drop).




1) CORATHUS CREEP: You are looking for Treddlehoop (Level 70).

He is in the "crash site" area.

Simply give him the Shard of Mystical Glass (see previous task, above).

You cannot get this task without this item (see Step #6 in Task #1 above).

He will give it back to you and offer you this group task.


2) DREADSPIRE KEEP: Head up top to the Library area (not far from where Melion Pell, Minor Functionary was, in the area where all the "dancers" are).

In the Library is a locked door. This door looks like a book case.

Go in the library, go to the left wall and then veer to the right corner.

The key you got in the task above will allow you inside, by clicking the gray book that is sticking out on one of the shelves.

Be wary, there are KoS MOB's inside.


3) Once inside, you are looking for The Official Cataloguer (Level 73).

The Official Cataloguer is just inside, to the left, in the middle.

Say to him, "I seek a study of mystical vision." You can talk to him from a good distance and may be able to avoid aggro, all together, rather than having to kill MOB's.

If successful, you will receive Study of Mystical Vision (Lore, No Trade, Weight 2.0).


4) CORATHUS CREEP: Head back to Treddlehoop.

Give him the Study of Mystical Vision and your Shard of Mystical Glass.

Everyone in the group should receive a Polished Mystical Glass Shard (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.4).

Hold on to this as you will need it. It opens the next task for you.




1) NOTE: Someone in your group will need the Dreadspire Crest!

Thus, if no one has it, you will need to get one now.

Details above.


2) CORATHUS CREEP: Head back to Treddlehoop.

NOTE: You cannot get this task unless you have the Polished Mystical Glass Shard on you (from Task #2 above).

Hail him and follow along or just try saying, "What special ingredients?"


3) DREADSPIRE KEEP: If you didn't get the Elixir of Velvet Blood from before, go get it now (see above).


4) Now head to the southern crypt area (the Dreadspire Crest is the key), by way of a locked door in the area of p2570 p250). This is off the main entrance to the castle, on the upper left side.

NOTE: You will need a bag slot open.

You are after the Funerary Curate (Level 74).

You need to kill it and loot the Funerary Pouch (Lore, No Trade, Weight 1.0, 2-Slot Large, 0% Weight Reduction).


5) Now head to the northern crypt area. This is in the hall near the crypt you were just in.

Down this hall, the second door on the right leads into a room where there is another door. Inside that door is a hallway where you will see a cave-like path heading downwards... this is where you want to go.

You are after a ground spawn here, called Crypt Dust (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.8). You will find it in one of the open sarcophagi or beside one of the closed ones.


6) Now combine the Crypt Dust and the Elixir of Velvet Blood inside the Funerary Pouch to make Crypt Blood Surry (Lore, No Trade, Weight 1.0).


7) Now you need to kill Gronk One-Eye (Level 75).

He is in the tunnels behind the Vivisector Lab area (where you found the Elixir of Velvet Blood).

He hits up to 2.1K, has an AoE 1.2K Stun and about 180K HP.

You need to loot the Bloody Cloth Eyepatch (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.4).


8) CORATHUS CREEP: Head back to Treddlehoop.

Give him the Bloody Cloth Eyepatch, the Crypt Blood Surry and your Polished Mystical Glass Shard.

Everyone in the group should get a Blurry Lens (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.4).

Hold on to this, you will need it.




NEKTULOS FOREST: You are looking for Coldwind Blackfoot (Level 73).

He is located south of the Plane of Knowledge book/portal, just across the water along the east wall.

Hail him and follow along, or just try saying, "Willing to prove." You must all ready have access to lower Dreadspire, in order to get this task, called "Misty for You.”

NOTE: You cannot get this group task unless you have the Blurry Lens on you (see Task #3, above).


2) DREADSPIRE KEEP: You are looking for Misty Blackfoot (Level 73).

She will spawn in the first room / area of the Lower section (aka Vule area), as you approach (down through the "Southern Spire").

Once she spawns, she will despawn in 10 to 15 minutes if you don't engage her. You will need to clear the area to her.

Hail her and say, "We will stay here" and she will attack you. She hits for up to 4K, flurries, rampages and enrages. She also casts 4K AoE with a 500 HP DoT that increases your spell mana cost by 50% and lowers your Wisdom and Intelligence by 400. She also has a 90 AC, 30 Damage Shield buff, so you should debuff her as well.

Once she is dead, loot the Moon-Shaped Diamond Pendant (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.2).


3) NEKTULOS FOREST: Head back to Coldwind Blackfoot.

Give him the Moon-Shaped Diamond Pendant and your Blurry Lens.

Everyone in the group should get a Lens of Bound Eyes (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.4).

Hold on to this, you will need it.




1) NEKTULOS FOREST: Head back to Coldwind Blackfoot.

NOTE: You do NOT have to get this task first! You can kill Vule and then get the task!

NOTE: You cannot get this task unless you have the Lens of Bound Eyes on you (see Task #4, above).

This is a one-group task, but it technically takes a raid to complete it (to get the turn in item). Hail him and follow along or just try saying, "What Lens of Bound Eyes?" to get the mission called "Eye Bound."

You will need the key to the Master Vule the Silent Tear (Level 75) area of Dreadspire Keep (aka Lower Dreadspire), in order to continue... unless you are gimped-in on the task... or willed in on the raid.


2) DREADSPIRE KEEP: You need to kill Master Vule the Silent Tear.

Once he is dead, loot Vule's Eye (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.2) (he drops two of them).

The biggest key to this raid is the "stone and lever" team, explained below.

Things to know and keys to winning this event are:


3) NEKTULOS FOREST: Go back to Coldwind Blackfoot.

NOTE: Make sure you have five (5) others in the task group before you do this!

Give him Vule's Eye and the Lens of Bound Eyes (from Task #4, above).

Each task member will get a Lens of Eye-Glass (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.4).


4) CORATHUS CREEP: You are looking for Treddlehoop (Level 70).

He is located at the "crash site" area.

Give him the Lens of Eye-Glass and your Treddlehoop's Wonderful Monoculor Seeing Device (your key to Dreadspire Keep).

He will give you the Monocle of Blood!

NOTE: If this is not on your key ring, head to Dreadspire and click the right-side statue, right there at the zone in. You will not zone in (as you aren't in a  raid), but it does work to add this to your key ring!




1) DREADSPIRE KEEP: You are here to acquire the raid instance (accomplished by forming a raid and clicking the correct statue). To get the raid instance, you need a raid force of at least 18 people (maximum 54).

The Demi-Plane of Blood may be entered by clicking on the right statue (the left one takes you to Stoneroot) at the zone-in (have 18 people in raid and click that statue to get the instance, just like with Anguish).


2) DREADSPIRE: THE DEMI-PLANE OF BLOOD: You are here after four (4) drops, that can drop from certain trash MOB's or the 1st four (4) Tier raid MOB's as follows:


3) DREADSPIRE KEEP: You are here to do turn-ins. You can turn in each item as you obtain it.

To do the turn ins, have the item on you and hail and follow along with the related NPC. Answer their questions however you please.

NOTE: The answers you give will later determine the title you get after defeating Mayong. You can change your answers by going back to the NPC's and talking to them again; at any time (see below).

Then give each of them the necessary item, as follows:

·         Ur-Koraag (Level 72) wants the Shrunken Head. He is located in the tunnels (stay right) past the "Vivisector Lab."

·         Arturos, Trainer of Bats (Level 72) wants the Congealed Blood of Redfang. He is located in the circular room at the top of the first ramp (before the spiral up);

·         Ariahn Teller (Level 72) wants the Sister's Handkerchief. She is located in the library, in the castle;

·         Irrissa the Seer (Level 72) wants the Rune-Etched Stone. She is located in the first room inside the Lower Dreadspire section (where you fought Misty and on the way to Vule).

NOTE: You will have to fight your way in to these NPC's in most cases.

Each item will reduce the effect of the Demi-Plane zone curse, by 25%.

After you turn in all four items, you will fully remove the Demi-Plane zone AoE! Gratz!




The answers you give to Ur-Koraag, Arturos, Trainer of Bats, Ariahn Teller and Irrissa the Seer determine a suffix you get... and the "bonus drop," after you defeat Mayong.

When starting the Mayong event, only one player in the raid will be able to acquire one of these titles, and that is the player that talks to Mayong to start the event.

When you turn in a blocker (see above), each one will have a response you can follow along with that includes several key words. Whichever keywords you respond with will play into the suffix you end up with, as well what the "bonus drop" (loot item) will be.

If you change your mind, you can, at anytime go back and change the response you gave before.

Each NPC has a "bad" answer that will disallow you from triggering Mayong.

After you respond, you will see a comment about being "judged."

The "bad" answers for each NPC are:

·         Ur-Koraag --> Angry

·         Arturos, Trainer of Bats --> Mere Accident

·         Ariahn Teller --> Feared Retribution

·         Irrissa the Seer -> Apathetic

So, don’t go with those responses at all.

The potential loot items, seemingly, are an assortment of rings, earrings and the 2.5 epic pages.

There are about 72+ possible answer combinations, so it is possible that they have not all been discovered or revealed.

The known titles (suffixes, actually) and needed responses are:

NOTE: You can only acquire one (1) of these titles.

The responses also determine the extra special loot drops as follows:


If you note any errors, misspellings, item name errors, misinformation or anything that needs addressing on this page -- PLEASE let me know via an in-game EQ Message (Bonzz on the Bertoxxulous server), or post on Bonzz's Discord Server!


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