The Paladin Epic 2.0

This is the last part of the new Paladin Epic 2.0, introduced with the Omens of War expansion!

You cannot complete this quest until you have completed the Redemption (Epic 1.5) quest.

You must also be Level 70.

You can, however, do most everything in this quest (to a point) -- before you even have Redemption in hand or even before you attain Level 70.

A big thing to remember here -- when it comes to certain things during the quest -- chances are you m may have to do it in the order noted below. This is because the possession of certain items and/or hidden flagging activates or allows a later step.

NOTE: The in-game "Find" feature can/will find a good number of these NPC's for you.


Nightbane, Sword of the Valiant: Magic; Lore; No Drop; 2 Hand Slash; Damage 102; Delay 40; BONUS 51; AC 85; STR 20; STA 35; CHA 15; WIS 30; AGI 30; HP 425; Mana 400; Fire 30; Disease 30; Cold 25; Magic 30; Poison 30; Required Level 65; Weight 5.0; All Paladin Races; Paladin Only; Magic Damage 1; Mana Regeneration +2; Health Regeneration +2; Shielding +5%; Attack +30; Required Level 70; Triggered Effect: Flames of the Valiant (40% Healing Effectiveness & 240 Direct Damage/Stun Weapon Process); Equipped Effect (Increased Healing 40%).


STATUS: Completed and verified!









1) HALLS OF HONOR: You are looking for Irak Altil.

He is located in the area of p0 n1371. Coming from the Temple of Marr (HoHb) zone line, if you run straight east up into the building there, you will see him.

Hail him and follow along, with Redemption in hand, to activate this quest.

Or just try saying, "What of your master?"

This step can be by-passed, it appears... but why risk it.


2) PLANE OF SKY: You need to get to the fourth island to meet with Inte Akera, inside the windmill there.

You need to get to the fourth island and spawn Inte, just as with the Epic 1.0. If you need details on this, click here.

If you need details on gaining the island keys or alternative methods to get there, go to this page.

Hail Inte with Redemption in hand.

Follow along along or just try saying, "Long journey."

This step can be by-passed, it appears... but why risk it?



3) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: You need to find Maryalis N`Ryt (Level 40).

She is in the area of n843, p187.

You need to buy a Mana Battery - Class 6 (Magic, Weight 1.0) from her. It will cost you about 105 Platinum.


4) MAKE SOME BOOZE! You will need A Bottle of Double Brewed Double Dry Stout (Magic, Weight 0.5, Effect: Intoxication II).

It is made in a Brew Barrel (Brewing Trivial 226) with the following ingredients (most of which you an find in the Plane of Knowledge):


5) GET A QUIVER! You need an empty Quiver of Marr (Weight 0.1, Temporary, 6-Slot Medium, 50% Weight Reduction).

You will need the services of a Level 53-plus Magician to summon you one (just the quiver -- no arrows).


6) BUY an Iron Ration (Weight 0.6) and a Mead (Weight 0.4).

They are sold in PoK by Vuli Ironstove (Level 60).


7) PLATINUM! Before you head out, grab 2,000 Platinum from the bank!



NOTE: If you run into problems, you might try some things I by-passed (left out) below, as follows:


8) LESSER FAYDARK: Head to the Dark Elf (Tier'Dal) Camp in the area of n899 p1110.

Kill them if you wish, but you are after a ground spawn... or a table spawn, in this case.

In one of the tents, on a table, is an scroll you want... the Tier'Dal Blood Pact (Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.2).


9) NORTHERN FELWITHE: The "Rite of Cleansing" (the First Rite) begins.

You need to find Galrun Starforge (Level 70), who is just outside the Paladin Guild (near zone in), in the area of p47 n209.

NOTE: You will need an open bag slot!

Hail him and follow along, or just try saying, "Explained." He will give you Galrun's Bag (No Drop, Lore, 4-Slot Giant, 0% Weight Reduction, Weight 0.5).

This sub-quest basically sends you out on a Vampire hunt.

NOTE: In the following steps, the "FIND" feature works to locate most of the NPC's.


10) While you are here, find General Jyleel (Level 61).

He is downstairs from the Paladin Guild, in a side room.

Hail him and follow along or just give him 1,000 Platinum and he will thank you for the donation and ask for more, if you want some information. Then give him 500 Platinum more and he will tell you where to go look for more beads.

He will also give you the Felwithe Prayer Bead (Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.3).

NOTE: Most other sites tell you to give him 1K or 500 Platinum, however I had to give him 1.5K total, as noted above.

NOTE: Faction can be an issue! People have found two ways around this, according to various posts. One way I confirmed, is with Cloudy Potions. Get behind Jyleel, hand him the 1K and then with the trade window up use a Cloudy Potion from the Potion Belt. Then repeat the process when you hand him the 500 Platinum. Another way that I have not confirmed is with shrouds.


11) NORTH QEYNOS: You are looking for Camlend Serbold (Level 61), inside the Temple of Life (the "Flying Saucer").

NOTE: Have a bag slot open!.

Hail him and follow along, or just try saying, "Kemik Arulon needs curing."

You will get the An Unfilled Set of Prayer Beads (Magic, Lore, No Trade, 8-Slot Giant, Weight Reduction 0%, Weight 0.3)..

This begins the Second Rite, the Rite of Compassion.

This quest basically sends you off to cure Kemik Arulon of her affliction.


12) While you are here, find Ziska Ironforge (Level 7).

NOTE: Faction may be an issue here (you may need to be at least Amiable, but I have had reports that Indifferent works).

Give her 500 Platinum.

She will give you Qeynos Prayer Bead (Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.3).


13) WEST FREEPORT: Find Arem Ulosia (Level 61), in the "Temple of Marr."

NOTE: North Freeport is no more, the Temple of Marr is now in West Freeport.

Hail him say, "Camlend Serbold sent me." and then say "Yes.' and then follow along to activate a ground spawn.

Then head up to the very top floor.

You will find the Freeport Prayer Bead (Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.3) on a desk, inside a room there (area of p135 p383).


14) NORTH KALADIM: Find Datur Nightseer (Level 61).

Hail him and follow along or just try saying, "Prayer Beads."

He will ask you for A Bottle of Double Brewed Double Dry Stout. Give it to him.

You will get the Kaladim Prayer Bead (Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.3).

NOTE: If you are KoS in Kaladim -- you can invis to Datur.


15) RATHE MOUNTAINS: Find Shin Master Grubbus (Level 61) (under the big tent, in the center).

Hail him and follow along or just try giving him the Quiver of Marr.

You will get the Gukta Prayer Bead (Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.3)..


16) ERUDIN: Find Reklon Gnallen (Level 39).

Hail him and follow along or just try giving him the Iron Ration and the Mead.

You will get the Erudin Prayer Bead (Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.3).


17) STEAMFONT MOUNTAINS: Head to the Ak'Anon entrance.

You are looking for Bigilam Wantilans (Level 45).

Hail him and then give him the Mana Battery - Class 6.

He will give you A Slain Vampyre's Heart (Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.2).


18) AK'ANON: Find Lewis Reldnok (Level 61) (use "Find").

Hail him, follow along and then sit down in front of him.

They key phrase is, " I am looking for a blessed gem."

You will get Ak'Anon Prayer Bead (Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.3).

NOTE: This might have to be done in the sequence noted here. I was unable to get this item before I had accomplished the above previous steps.


19) RIVERVALE: Find Kaya Cloudfoot (Level 61).

Hail her and follow along, or just try saying, "Different about it."

You will get a Note From Kaya (Lore. Magic, No Trade. Weight 0.1).


20) Find Deputy Cheel (Level  40), inside the Bank.

He is in the room around to the left, standing in the right corner.

Give him the Note From Kaya.

You will get the Rivervale Prayer Bead (Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.3).

NOTE: Deputy Cheel spawns at about 5 AM game time. If he isn't there, you need to wait.



21) CRUSHBONE: Head to the first floor section of the main castle, where the throne is.

You are looking for the Orc Messenger (Level 65).

He spawns about every two (2) hours across from the throne, by the window at the table.

You need to kill him. He hits for as much as 900 and enrages. He can be stunned. I was able to kill him pretty easily with the help of a Ranger (both of us at Level 70).

Once he is dead, you need to loot the Orcish Battle Plans (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.2).


22) BUTCHERBLOCK MOUNTAINS: Head for the "chessboard" area.

You will see a small hut nearby, where you are to locate Signus Boran (Level 35).

At nightfall (about 7 PM game time) she respawns into a Level 70 version of herself.

You will need to kill her. She doesn't have a great number of hit points, but at 20% she can/will complete heal.

After you kill her, she will respawn again as a vampyre version of herself (also Level 70). In this form she hits for up to 500 but has very, very low hit points.

After you have killed her vampyre version, you need to loot Signus' Vampire Fangs (Lore, Magic, No Trade, Haste 1%, Weight 0.2).



23) BAG COMBINE: Put the Signus' Vampire Fangs, Orcish Battle Plans, Tier'Dal Blood Pact and the A Slain Vampyre's Heart into Galrun's Bag and combine them, to get the combined version of Galrun's Bag (Lore, Magic, No Trade, Weight 1.5).


24) BEAD COMBINE: Put all eight of the Beads into the Unfilled Set of Prayer Beads and combine them to make A Set of Prayer Beads (Lore, Magic, No Trade, Weight 0.3).



25) NORTHERN FELWITHE: Go back to Galrun.

NOTE: Do not do this step until you are ready, as you may be able to activate this only once, or so it appears (you will have to start over to do it again).

Give him Galrun's Bag.


26) RAID!

Gather a raid of up to 10 to 54 players (I suggest a full raid... overkill is good) for an instanced adventure in the Mistmoore Catacombs (LDoN).

You will need 10 (ten) of the raid members with you in Northern Felwithe, in order to get the mission.

Players can be added after the event has started.

When you have your raid together, say to Galrun, "I am ready to fight Valdoon."

You will have three (3) hours to complete this raid.


27) MISTMOORE CATACOMBS: THE ASYLUM OF INVOKED STONE (aka Mistmoore's Catacombs: Struggles within the Progeny): Head for the instanced event, off of Lesser Faydark.

Your goal is to find and kill the "real" Valdoon Kel`Novar (Level 75).

As you zone in, you may have MOB's on you -- right away. It will not be uncommon for MOB's to rush the raid four and five at a time, so be prepared (most hit for as high as 700). All the trash MOB's here are Level 65 to 69. This mission will all most entail killing all the MOB's in the zone.

You should find and kill three (3) Guardian of Kel'Novar (Level 71 to 72), along he way (side rooms). Killing the Guardians lowers the real Valdoon down from his "full form" by 5% each.

Next you need to kill the "fake" Valdoon (hits for up to 1,200). You can tell the real from the fake, as the fake one will be at 100% health. After you kill the fake, another Guardian of Kel'Novar will spawn, right there in the room. Kill it to get the real Valdoon ro 80% health.

The real and fake Valdoon are in the most north and most west rooms at the end of the zone. It is random as to which room which version is in. Both of them are also tethered to their room.

NOTE: Killing the Guardians and the fake Valdoon is not required to win the event... they just make the real Valdoon a bit easier to kill. In fact, most people skip the fake Valdoon all together, killing only the non-triggered Guardians so they can tell the fake Valdoon from the real Valdoon (fake Valdoon is always 100%, the real one is not).

The real Valdoon can hit for as much as 4K, but has a low attack and normally hits in the area of 2K or less. He has a DoT that will make you drunk (Alcohol Tolerance of 100 required to resist it), a five-second AoE Stun (with a Mind Wipe) and a single target DD that hits for 6K. He also has a lifetap that he casts non-stop. This lifetap must be cured and kept cured, because if you don't, it allows him to heal using the raids own HP!

Don't be surprised if he complete heals at one point.

RGC cures the lifetap and it appears that Infusion allows you to resist it completely.

As you kill him, waves of three to four  Kel'Novar Lookout (Level 65) will spawn and come from the main hall way.

It is very important to intercept these MOB's in the hall and kill them there. They hit about 1K and are low HP. If they make it to the room, they will "succumb" and their HP will be added to Valdoon. They are timed spawns, so the faster you kill Valdoon, the less adds you will have.

So -- The keys to this battle are: kill three Guardian of Kel'Novar (optional), kill the fake Valdoon (very optional), kill the last Guardian of Kel'Novar (very optional), engage the real Valdoon, intercept and kill all the Kel'Var Lookout in the hallway, and keep the lifetap DoT cured.

Once he is dead, loot Valdoon Kel`Novar's Heart (Lore, Magic, No Trade, Weight 1.5).

He also drops a note called Journal of Valdoon -- Page III (Lore, Weight 0.0), which, as far as I know, has no purpose except game lore.

There will be A Chest (Level 1) with an item inside for the raid to roll on.


28) NORTHERN FELWITHE: Go back to Galrun.

Hail him and then give him Valdoon Kel`Novar's Heart.

He will give you the Token of Cleansing (Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.3).




29) NATIMBI, THE BROKEN SHORES: Go find Kemik Arulon in a tent on the beach.

Give him A Set of Prayer Beads.

Kemik will return the A Set of Prayer Beads to you and tell you to bring them back when you are ready (for Step 30, below).

Simply hail him again for the next step.

UPDATE NOTE: When I originally done this step, I recall the task was given to me by Kemik. However, it appears this may have changed. It seems that you can now go and hail Grand Historian Gersh (Level 70), in Dranik's Scar, to get this mission. It appears that if you get the "C" version of this zone and have A Set of Prayer Beads on you, Muridae will spawn when you zone in (you will see an emote). The entrance, normally, is in the furthest cave (3rd one) from the zone in.


30) DRANIK'S HOLLOWS: This is an instanced event for a single group.

You need to find and kill an undead rat named Muridae the Plagued (Level 73-plus). He has an AoE Lifetap (3K), rampages and hits for up to 1.6K. He also has DoT's called "Venomed" and "Plagued." Both of these can be cured. Use undead spells, ignore the DoT's (for the most part) and focus on killing Muridae.

You can just about use Invisible to Undead (IVU) to pretty much go most of the way to Muridae -- but you will have to clear the area near him to avoid adds.

The tactic I used was to use IVU until there was a non-Murkglider in sight. Then we stopped, cleared and killed the "live" creatures. After they were dead -- we continued on in the same fashion until we got to Muridae.

Muridae is located in the dead end off second to last room on the map. He is alone in that dead end.

My group (Cleric, 2 Chanters, a Shaman, a Ranger and myself) charged in and killed him at his spawn spot and had no adds. He is no pushover and it was a close call at the end, but we managed to kill him.

When I did this, there was no chest and no loot on Muridae.


31) Once he is dead, you will notice that Anetal (Level 70) is lying on the ground behind where Muridae was.

Give her A Set of Prayer Beads.

She will then despawn.


32) NATIMBI, THE BROKEN SHORES: Head back to Kemik.

Hail him and you will get the Token of Compassion (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 0.2).



33) SOUTHERN DESERT OF RO: Head to the Wayfarer Camp.

NOTE: You may only do this Rite after you have completed the 2nd Rite.

Find Instructor Maerceal (Level 65) and hail her and say, "Happened."


34) SOUTHERN DESERT OF RO: Find Keelee Rayin (Level 65). She is lying on the ground at the druid-ring-like structure, with the Orcs about it (northwest area of zone).

UPDATE: After the Prophecy of Ro expansion, the Oasis of Marr was removed from the game that area is now part of the Southern Desert of Ro. Other than that -- this info is still technically correct.

Put together a Raid force before you do this! Get yourself fully buffed up (to include Divine Intervention, Vie, Haste, Heal Over Time and a Damage Shield), load up on heal potions and get ready for a solo event! Also -- make sure you have your "wave" heal up, a few stuns, have heal potions and that Lay on Hands is up.

If you have to use LoH before the third wave, chances are you aren't going to win. It is may be a good idea to use Holyforge after the third wave.

Hail Keelee and you will activate an event that you -- and you alone -- will have to win (no one else will be allowed to help you -- otherwise they will be banished into the water).

There will be four waves of four (Orcs). They hit for 100 to 600 and are leashed. The four waves are timed waves, meaning you need to kill the first four fast, as you may soon be up against eight MOB's, and so on. I did this after being fully buffed including a heal over time, heal potions and won easily with just a few wave heals. They have low HP and were easy kills.

KEY STRATEGY: If Keelee is killed, you loose! I found that standing right on top of Keelee kept the MOB's on me, rather than her. At the start of each wave I did a quick circle around the center column to aggro all four MOB's and and then went right back to standing on top of Keelee).

Remal the Black (Level 70) will also be there, but  he will not be targetable and will not attack.

WARNING: Once the event starts, no one is allowed to heal, buff, play Bard songs or in any fashion help you at all!

WARNING: If anyone in your raid force gets too close, they will be banished! They will be tossed out into the water by the docks.

WARNING: If you back too far away for more than 15-seconds, the event will stop!

NOTE: If you fail, Keelee will respawn in about 30 Minutes, for another try.

Once you are done with the solo part -- Keelee and Remal will despawn and reappear at the Orc Camp in the southeast corner, by the water. So, your raid should be waiting there so they can immediately attack Remal.

Remal has an AoE 700 HP DoT/Slow and an AoE 500 HP DoT and Mana Drain. He can hit for as much as 2.8K, but normally hits around 1.5K. He also AoE Rampages. He is a tough fight. Poison and Disease Resists/cures help. He can be slowed. Keep the mana drain cured and you should be OK.

If you fail, he is known to stay up for as long as two hours, so you may have time to try at least once more. There will not be a chest.


35) GET A BROOCH: Once you win, go over to Keelee.

Hail Keelee and you will get Keelee's Brooch (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 0.1).


36) SOUTHERN DESERT OF RO: Head back to Instructor Maerceal (Level 65).

Give him the Keelee's Brooch and he will give you the Token of Chivalry (Lore, Magic, No Trade, Weight 0.2)!



37) NEDARIA"S LANDING: Find Duram Firecaster (Level 70). He is in the area of p1408, n270.

NOTE: You may only do this Rite after you have completed the first three Rites.

Hail him and follow along.


38) MURAMITE PROVING GROUNDS: Find Pashia Clouddancer (Level 70), in the area of n936 n1889.

You will need to clear the room behind Pashia, first. Then hail Pashia and say, "Duram wants you to come home."



This will spawn Diad the Devourer (Level 73) in the room you just cleared.

He is one groupable. Once he is dead, loot Pashia's Sword (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 3.0) and give it to Pashia.

Then say to Pashia, "Follow."

Just like in a LDoN rescue, you now have to protect and escort Pashia to the Wall of Slaughter zone line. She will not fight with you, but she will complain as you fight.

Once you get to the WoS zone line, say to her "Note." and she will give you Note From Pashia.


40) NEDARIA"S LANDING: Head back to Duram Firecaster.

Give him the Note From Pashia (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 0.1 ) and he will give you the Token of Heroism (Lore, Magic, No Trade, Weight 0.2)!



41) ASYLUM OF ANGUISH (aka Citadel of Anguish): Yes, you must be flagged or keyed!

If you are willed in, you will need to loot a Seal: Mastery of All (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 0.1). This will give you alternate access (keyed). You have to do this, because otherwise, you will not be allowed to loot anything else!

You need to get an item from here called the Globe of Discordant Energy (Magic, Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.2).

It drops from Jelvan`s Keepsake (Level: 1) and Orb of Discordant Energy (Level: 1), which appear after taking down certain boss MOB's in the zone (but not before your raid kills at least the first three bosses).


42) PLANE OF SKY: Back to Inte Akera!

WARNING: Remove any augmentations you may have in your Redemption, before you come here!

NOTE: Don't screw up like I did -- be sure you have a bag slot open before you come here!

You will need a helper to spawn Inte, just like you did with the first epic (hope you kept your keys)!

If you need info on spawning him and what keys you need, click here.

Give him the Globe of Discordant Energy.

He will then give you a Token of Loyalty (Lore, Magic, No Trade, Weight 0.2), Token of Conviction (Lore, Magic, No Trade, Weight 0.2) and a Scabbard of the Righteous (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 0.3, 8-Slot Giant, 0% Weight Reduction) !


43) Put all six (6) of the Tokens (that you have collected along the way, above) into the Scabbard of the Righteous, along with your Redemption.

Combine them to get Nightbane, Sword of the Valiant!


But wait!

You also get 10 (yes, ten) free AA Points.

NOTE: You should also get the Title: Valiant. If you have a Nightbane, Sword of the Valiant, but do not have this title, take your Nightbane, Sword of the Valiant (equip it) and go see Kraylor Nalsiv in the Plane of Knowledge (up by the Library, in the northeast corner). Hail him and follow along. 


If you note any errors, misspellings, item name errors, misinformation or anything that needs addressing on this page -- PLEASE let me know via an in-game EQ Message (Bonzz on the Bertoxxulous server)!


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