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This is a somewhat involved process that will gain you access to Deathknell, the Tower of Dissonance... the end zone for the Prophecy of Ro expansion.

The sub-quests linked from this page do not necessarily have to be done in the order noted.

Upon finishing this access, you do not get an actual item.



Alternate Access can be had, if you are willed-in to Deathknell.

Once willed in, you will need to loot a Twisted Harp String (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.1).

Upon doing so, you will be back-flagged for Deathknell.

UPDATE: In 2008, Sony decided to allow access to this zone by merit of Level (Level 72).


DIVINE FETTERS OF RO: Lore, Magic, No Trade, Placeable, Weight 2.0; All/All; Clicky effect: Divine Fetters of Ro (it makes Ayonae Ro vulnerable to attacks, during a raid event)


STATUS: Completed and verified!



Shard of Mana     Entrance to Daosheen's Chamber     Daosheen the Firstborn     Enraged Flesh Charm

     Sullon Zek (Raid)     Red Shard of Mana     Suchun (Raid)     Divine Fetters of Ro

Twisted Harmonic Chime




1) WEST FREEPORT: You are looking for Emissary of Druzzil (Level 73).

It is located near the portal to Arcstone, Island of Spirits.

Hail it and follow along or just try saying, “I am interested."

You should get a Shard of Mana (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 0.0).

Hold on to this, you will need it.

NOTE: This mini-task is sometimes called "Assist Druzzil."



2) ENTRANCE TO DAOSHEEN"S CHAMBER: You need to gain access to this zone (raid instance).

This step is OPTIONAL… in a manner of speaking! One person in the raid needs to have completed this step, in order to request the related raid event (see next step).

Obtaining and completing this task is outlined elsewhere on this web site. Click here for details.



3) ARCSTONE, THE ISLE OF SPIRITS: You (or whoever has completed Step 2, above) are looking for Or`Sarro the Youngest (Level 72).

Have your raid (of up to 54-players) formed before doing this step.

Hail Or`Sarro and follow along to get this raid, called "Daosheen the Firstborn."



4) SKYLANCE: DAOSHEEN THE FIRSTBORN: Make your way to this zone (normal Skylance location off of Arcstone).

The "Chamber" area is at the top of the ramp (step on the portal).

You will enter a round room. There is a raised walkway around the edge of the room with several large crystals of different colors. Daosheen is in the lower center area, in the middle.

Daosheen rampages, hits for about 5K and has a fair amount of HP.

During the fight, he will spawn an increasing number of A Crystal Spirit (Level 70, low HP) adds at each crystal.

There will only be one at each crystal at 100% health... but by 10% health, there will be nine (9), so be ready. They need to be aggroed and killed ASAP, so your caster and healer types aren't killed.

Right away, Daosheen will also begin to hit random players with curses (all curses will come with an emote). These curses can be cured conventionally, or by the player running up and clicking the correct color of crystal (clicking the wrong crystals can cause a 10K DD 10-second stun to hit you, so don't click the wrong crystal):

At 75% health, Daosheen will begin to hit up to 25 players with additional curses. These curses are cured by clicking two crystals in sequence. This is best accomplished by a pre-established "click team," not by the afflicted players.

When the click team performs the click sequence, it will cure everyone:

At 10% and 5% will come the absolute key events -- as Daosheen will hit the entire raid force with Doom of the Firstborn, a death touch that must be cured in 18 seconds (3 ticks), or there will be an instant wipe!

It is cured by clicking the red, then the yellow, then the blue and then the green crystals in short succession.

So, the key strategy points are:

 While it is possible, with enough DPS, to kill Daosheen before the last adds and the death touch kill the raid, it may not a good strategy to pursue if you fail to do this.

Once dead, everyone should get a Black Orb of the First, used in a quest outlined here.



5) ARCSTONE, THE ISLE OF SPIRITS: You are looking for the Shrine of Druzzil (Level 78-plus), in the area of n335, p461.

This is on the hill side, across from the entrance to Skylance.

Have the Shard of Mana with you.

Hail it and follow along.

This is necessary for flagging.



6) ENRAGED FLESH CHARM: You need to gain access to the Razorthorn, Tower of Sullon Zek.

This series of tasks is outlined here.

NOTE: At least one person will need to have fully completed Enraged Flesh Charm (all steps done), in order to acquire the related raid event.

NOTE: All others only need the initial version of the Enraged Flesh Charm (first nine steps done).



7) THE DEVASTATION: You, or whoever has the fully completed Enraged Flesh Charm, are looking for Oathmir the Outcast (Level 74).

He is right there near the zone in.

NOTE: Have a raid of up to 54-players formed before doing this step.

NOTE: Make sure everyone brings their Shard of Mana!

NOTE: Those who do not yet have their Enraged Flesh Charm have to be willed-in (85% rule) and you must have it with you to get the raid instance! 

Hail him and follow along or just try saying, "We will fix whatever is wrong."

You should get the raid event called, "Razorthorn, Tower of Sullon Zek."




The entrance to this zone is in the normal place (the center tower in Sverag).

The trash MOB's here are not necessarily push overs, as they all generally have abilities like AoE Ramp, Charm, AoE DD's/DoT's and even FD Procs.

You are here to defeat Sullon Zek, Mistress of Rage (Level 85).

There are two (2) other targets here as well (it appears that you have to kill them in order to make Sullon aggro):



9) Sullon Zek, Mistress of Rage is at the top of the tower.

She hits for about 5K and has single target rampage. She also has a stun (Sullon's Vengeance, not resistible) that last 30 seconds (you might think you are mezzed, but you aren't).

During the fight, at about 87%, 75%, 63%, 51%, 39%, 27%, 15% and 3%, she will call forth four (4) A Raging Beholder (Level 80), that can hit for 2.5K, flurry and single-target rampages. They cannot be snared or mezzed.

Common strategy is to keep the main tank on Sullon, while designated kiters (knights) each run A Raging Beholder around as the rest of the raid picks them off one at a time.

During the fight, Sullon will also target four (4) random players and hit them with a curse.

These curses are viral (300 range). Players who are hit by them need to run away from the raid until the curse goes off (the curses can be cured by conventional means).

This way, the rest of the raid is spared the curse:

 So the strategy points are:



10) Once Sullon is dead, find the trap door in her room.

Jump in it and then head all the way back down to the bottom.

At the bottom you will find a large round room with a large circle on the floor in the middle.

You need to physically stand in the circle.

Upon doing so, your Shard of Mana will become Glowing Shard of Mana (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 0.0).

NOTE: If anyone “forgot” their Shard, there are a few ways they can get it at this point, but they need to do it ASAP. Perhaps someone can summoning a banker (Veteran AA).



11) ARCSTONE, THE ISLE OF SPIRITS: Head back to the Shrine of Druzzil.

NOTE: Have the Glowing Shard of Mana with you.

NOTE: It may be a good idea to have the Enraged Flesh Charm with you, as well.

Hail the Shrine and then give the Glowing Shard of Mana to the Shrine.

You will now get a Red Shard of Mana (Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.0).

After you get this item, follow along the text with the Shrine, for flagging purposes.

NOTE: If you do not yet have your Enraged Flesh Charm, the Shrine will tell you to go get it and then come back.



12) NORTHERN DESERT OF RO: You are looking for Tak`Valnakor (Level 50).

He is in the area of p6885, n1350 (in a small building in the desert area, not far from the grass area, about mid-zone).

NOTE: Have your raid of up to 54-players formed before doing this step.

NOTE: Be sure to take Red Shard of Mana you with you!

NOTE: You need to have completed the "Burning Prince" group tasks (click here for details) before he will give you the raid task (only one person needs this ability).

Hail him and follow along or just try saying, "What disturbance?" to get the raid called "Suchun, the Blood Warden."



13) THE ROOT OF RO: LAIR OF SUCHUN: Make your way to the zone.

This zone is entered through the cave (to the right, up on the wall) in Takish Hiz.

Once in the zone, head up and destroy the wall there, to get into the cave, where the raid will take place.

Make sure everyone is set as a looter and melees set up bandoliers to switch between different melee skills.



14)  Your first goal is to "destroy" the "Gateways."

There will be five (5) Gateway to Solusek Tower (Level 46-Plus).

These will not appear until you approach the dead-end where Suchun is located.

Each Tower has a 5K DD AoE (Fire -500), each spawns certain types of adds and each is vulnerable to certain types of attacks (the adds they spawn are vulnerable to the same type of attacks).

The key to this "step" is all-out DPS on each Gateway to Solusek Tower to prevent overwhelming adds.

You can tell which attack to use by the adds and/or by "hit or miss," as follows:

NOTE: The "named" MOB's from each Gateway, drop a Wand of Centering (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Temporary; Primary/Secondary; All/All; Weight 0.1). Healers (or Warriors) should get these items first, as they have an instant clickable effect called "Center Mind and Body," which restores 2K Mana and 2K Endurance.



15) Killing the five (5) Gateway to Solusek Tower will now allow you to kill the next two MOB's, as they now become targetable).

Blaze and Char (both level 75) must be killed. They will use a 4K AoE DD and a a curse that drops stats by 450 and resists by 150.



16) Once they are dead (actually, if you don't kill them fast enough, this will happen anyway...), Suchun, Blood Warden of Solusek (Level 80) will become active.

He can hit for 6K, summons, enrages and has single target rampage.

He uses Clutch of Suchun (-550 Prismatic, a 1K Mana/Endurance drain DoT), Portal Flux (-450 Magic, a gravity flux knock back) and Touch of Suchun (-550 Prismatic, a 2K Mana/Endurance drain DoT).

The worst effects he has are his Cazic Touch (not resistible, a 100K death touch) and Doom of the Blood Protector (-1,000 Poison, -50 to stats with a 32K nuke after four ticks, if not cured (this once meant death, but 32K these days can be withstood).

Also during the fight, he will resurrect Blaze and Char, forcing you to face them again.

The Gateway to Solusek Tower will also begin to respawn and summon forth their related adds as well.

The biggest key to this one, really, is having enough DPS to deal with the adds in short fashion and make short work of Suchun.



17) Once you kill Suchun, your Red Shard of Mana should change into a Black Shard of Mana (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 0.0).

NOTE: If you do not yet have the Red Shard of Mana, you will, instead, get a Vial of Smoldering Blood (Lore, No Trade, Magic, Weight 0.1), instead. If this happens, you need to hold on to it and go back and finish Steps 7 to 11.



18) ARCSTONE, THE ISLE OF SPIRITS: Head back to the Shrine of Druzzil.

NOTE: Have the Black Shard of Mana with you.

NOTE: If you don't have the Black Shard of Mana, but have the Vial of Smoldering Blood and the Red Shard of Mana instead... then give these two items to the Shrine of Druzzil to get your Black Shard of Mana.

Hail the Shrine and give your Black Shard of Mana to it.

You will get Divine Fetters of Ro!



19) TWISTED HARMONIC CHIME: You now need to gain access to the Theater of Blood.

This series of tasks is outlined elsewhere on this web site.

Click here for details.



20) THEATER OF BLOOD: You are looking for Eodue the Pure (Level 80), who should be right there near the zone in.

Hail her and follow along the various text paths, or just try saying, "What source."

Do this to make sure there are no flagging issues.



21) You are now after one of several drops, from any one of several items that drop from any one of the six (6) raid MOB's in this zone, as follows:

NOTE: Each MOB will drop three (3) such quest items.



22) Once acquired, head back to Eodue the Pure.

Give her which ever item you obtained in the last step.


You should now be properly flagged to enter Deathknell (instanced events)!


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