I went to Arcstone to do a little hiking, and I came back with an Orb of the Scrykin! -- Bonzz


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This quest series is for a nice Aug!

This quest is not easy to complete, but the good news is that most of the items you need are tradable and can be obtained from other players (Bazaar, etc.).


Black Orb of Scrykin: Type 8 Augmentation; Most Slots; Level 65 Recommended; All/All; Weight 0.0; 90 HP, 90 MANA, 90 END; 10 AC, 5 STR, 5 DEX, 5 STA, 5 CHA, 5 WIS, 5 INT, 5 AGI; 5 FIRE, 5 COLD, 5 MAGIC, 5 DIS, 5 POISON.


STATUS: Completed and Verified!



1) ARCSTONE, ISLE OF THE SPIRITS: You are looking for Apprentice Mage Sarcrynn (Level 70).

Sarcrynn is located wandering about the area near the Relic zone line.

You do not have to have this task before you obtain the items, but I recommend that you go ahead and get it to save bank and bag space.

Simply hail Sarcrynn and follow along, or just try saying "What real magic" to select the task called "Black Orb of the Scrykin."


2) You now need to obtain thirteen (13) different orbs.

You can turn these Orbs in, as you get them (each one is a task step), to save bank and bag space.

Most of them are tradable, so you can obtain some of them from other players.

However, a few of them are No Trade and you will have to get them on your own... sort of.

Luckily, while the MOB's that drop the No Trade Orbs only drop three (3) such Orbs, these same MOB's are also part of raid tasks given by the Or`Sarro the Youngest (Level 72).

Or`Sarro gives out tasks to kill the six (6) surviving "Born" MOB's (only 6 of the original 13 are still live, per lore). These tasks are for both raids and groups, depending on the target.

While you can locate and kill most of the NPC's without a task (they are static spawns in static zones), you will only get three (3) Orbs as a drop on the kills, as previously noted.

If you get the task, everyone in the group or raid task automatically gets an Orb!

So be sure to get the task!

Or`Sarro the Youngest is located on the platform at the Relic zone line, in Arcstone.

Simply hail him and choose the task you desire.

NOTE: He may not offer you some tasks, until such time as you have completed other pre-requisite tasks.


3) ARCSTONE, ISLE OF THE SPIRITS: Had back to Apprentice Mage Sarcrynn.

Give him the thirteen orbs from Step 2 (you can turn them in as you get them as well) and he will give you the Black Orb of Scrykin!


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