Notes about defensive abilities and disciplines.

It may sound odd, but it does make sense, that the best offense, is a good defense! -- Bonzz


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Not all Defensive skills / abilities are available to all classes. In fact, many of them are restricted only to certain classes and / or races.

Many Defensive skills are automatic. This means you do not have to initiate them or act on them with any sort of command. They simply happen, by way of game mechanics. Which one happen by game mechanics can also be determined by what gear (weapons) you have equipped.

Certain abilities do not come into play until you reach a certain level. Once you attain that level -- you need to spend no more than 1 (one) training point on that skill. This is because the skill increases as it is used (via game mechanics) against light blue and higher MOB's. The higher the MOB to you, the better the chance of an increase. That single training point -- the first one you use to "learn" that skill -- is by far the most beneficial. That single point will gain you a skill level equal to the level in which you gain the defensive ability. That is -- if you gain the a skill at Level 17 and spend the 1 training point to learn that skill -- you should immediately have a skill of 17 -- not 1. To spend more than one (1) training point on a skill, therefore, would be a waste.

Most Skill Levels are controlled / limited by your current level, game maximums (caps) and / or your Class / Race. Generally, Skills can be increased by 5 for every Character Level you have attained -- plus 5 more. If you are level 20, you can increase to 105 (20 times 5 equals 100; 100 plus 5 equals 105). Thus, when new Character Levels are added to the game, Levels are also added to most skills.

Many skills can also be improved on via Alternative Advancement.

Outside that, you are also limited by game maximum levels based on race, character type and over all game limits. Example -- certain abilities are only available to certain classes or races, and maximum levels that you can achieve are often limited by those same factors.

Maximum skill levels can also affected by your current level, at times. Example -- the skill may be limited to a maximum of 120 when you are under Level 50. After level 51-- you might then be allowed to go all the way up to 260 (51 x 5 + 5).

Some Defense Abilities / Skills require a Hot Key to use. These Hot Keys can be created from your Actions window (Alt M) from either the the Abilities Tab (Control A) (see below image, #1) and / or the Combat Page Tab (Control C) (see below image, #2), by right clicking one of the (6) boxes and clicking one of the options you see in the window that pops up.

NOTE: This listing does not include all of the assorted Disciplines (Discs) from the classes that get them. However, the general topic of Disciplines is discussed below.

NOTE: This listing does not include "Skills" or "Abilities" that are only acquired by way of Alternative Advancement.

NOTE: Some Abilities / Skills may share a timer with other Abilities / Skills, so using one locks out both of them until the cool down / refresh timer runs it's course.

NOTE: To avoid confusion, Hot Button & Hot Key are often confused with one another. The terms are, for the most part, interchangeable... but there are (2) types of Hot Keys / Hot Buttons. One is an icon on your screen, while the other is an actual key on your physical keyboard, that can be used to activate on-screen Hot Keys. When Hot Button or Hot Key is used below, unless otherwise specified, it means an icon on your EQ Screen, not a key on your keyboard.



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Disciplines are different from Abilities, as they do have be learned and activated to use them.

You have to go buy, quest or otherwise obtain a "tome" (specific to the discipline).

Not all Disciplines are Defensive... some are Offensive.

Simply "right click" the book (tome) from inventory to "learn" the discipline (you no longer have to turn the book in to a Guild Master to learn the discipline, as you once did in the past).

Like spells, not all classes get Disciplines and after a certain level, there can be Rank I, Rank II & Rank III versions of disciplines.

Combat Skills Window (Paladin version) with Combat Abilities Window on top (inset, bottom right corner).

Disciplines ("Discs") are activated via a Hot Key, that you can set up in the "Combat Abilities" window" (Alt C) (see inset #1, in above image).

You can (with some exception) only use one (1) discipline at a time (once a disc runs its course, you can then use another if you have the endurance).

To open the "Combat Skill" window (#3 in the image above), where all of your discs are listed (think of it like a Spell Book, but for Disciplines), click the "S" button on the Combat Abilities window (see #2 in the above image).

In the Combat Skill Window, there are 8 columns (see #4 to #11 in the above image). Disciplines can be sorted by any of those columns (just click the column header / name).

The first column (#4 in the above image) is a list of the names of your Discs (the ones you have "learned" or "scribed").

The second column (#5 in the above image) is the Character Level requirement to use / scribe each known Disc. Like Spells, many Discs are upgraded at higher levels, but with a different name. For this reason, I prefer to sort my Discs by Level (as shown), so I see the highest Discs at the top. After all, you want to use the highest Level Discs you have, not the lower level versions.

The third column (#6 in the above image) is the Cost of your Disciplines. Like Spells that use Mana, Discs use Endurance and the noted cost is the initial (activation) cost in Endurance. If you don't have enough Endurance, the Disc will not activate (it's just like being out of Mana).

The fourth column (#7 in the above image) is the "upkeep" cost for your Disciplines. This "upkeep" costs is, of course, the cost in Endurance, per tick, to keep the Disc going. If you run out of Endurance before the duration of the disc expires (noted below), the Disc will expire (stop) immediately.

The fifth column (#8 in the above image) is the "target" of your Disciplines, and that can be misleading on the surface. You can not use Discs to "buff" other players, as you can with some spells. There are basically (2) types of targets... "Self" (meaning your character) and "Other" -- which really means it is directed against your opponent (a MOB) in some way.

The sixth column (#9 in the above image) is a duration of your Disciplines (the maximum amount of time the Disc can last). If it is a Disc that requires upkeep (see above), then as long as you have the Endurance, the Disc will keep running until for the full duration noted. If you run out of Endurance before the noted Duration time is up, the Disc will stop / end immediately. If a Disc shows no Duration time (all zero's), then it is an instant effect.

The seventh column (#10 in the above image) is a list the "Reuse" timer for your Disciplines. Like Spells, Discs require a span of time before they "refresh" and you can use them again.

The eighth column (#11 in the above image) is the "timer" that your Disciplines are on. Like buffs, some are on the same timer category and, as a result, can not be used in conjunction with Discs that are also on that same timer. For example, if you use a Disc that is on timer "14" -- after it runs it's course the reuse timer still applies before you can use that Disc again. However, that doesn't mean you can't use other Discs, unless the other Disc that is on that same timer (14). You will notice that the other ALL of the Discs on timer 14 are affected by the reuse timer (see above) and none of the Discs on timer 14 can be used until the timer has run it's course.

In the middle section of the Combat Skills window (see #12 in the above image),  there is a description of whatever Discs you have highlighted in the section (list) above it.

In the bottom left of the Combat Skills window (see #13 in the above image), there is a "Make Hotkey" Button. Clicking this button will pop a "Hotkey" button on your cursor to place on a Hot Bar or Combat Abilities window.

The Combat Abilities window can accommodate up to (8) Disc Hotkeys (see #14, in above image).

Some Combat Abilities can also be added to your Actions window (Alt M), to the Abilities Tab (Control A) (see below image, #1) or the Combat Page Tab (Control C) (see below image, #2). These Hot Keys can be created from your the Abilities Tab, by right clicking one of the (6) boxes and clicking on a selection in the window that pops up.

To add a Hot Key to either tab, go the that Tab, right click any of the (6) boxes and a "Choose a skill" window will pop up that shows you what you can add (options) to the box you right clicked (not all options are Combat related). Simply click on which option you want, and the box you right-clicked will be populated with that selection. Now you can now use it just like any other Hot Key.

Actions Window: (1) Abilities Tab (right) and Hot Key Options (left); (2) Combat Page Tab (right) and Hot Key options (left).



Block is a random / automatic Monk Skill.

The Block skill can negate an attack by deflecting the blow with one's body (meaning no damage is taken).




This is a generic defensive ability.

The maximum skill can vary by class, but raising this skill can also raise your Armor Class.

Defense is your random / automatic ability to defend yourself.

It functions by modifying your ability to avoid an attack and / or lessen the blow of an attack.

Subsequent expansions and level increases have increased this to the not maximum level, above.




Disarm is primarily a Melee class ability.

Disarm is the ability to knock the weapon out of your opponent’s hand. If successful, your enemy will be forced to fight hand-to-hand and loose the attack / damage bonus the weapon had provided. For this reason, I feel it is a Defensive ability, rather than on Offensive ability.

If successful, the weapon will fall to the ground.

If the weapon involved is No Trade, it will not fall to the ground. Instead, it will be removed to the MOB’s inventory (and drop as loot).

If the weapon is "virtual," it will simply disappear from view.

To use this skill, you need to create a Hot Key (see top of page).




Dodge is your random / automatic ability to, well, Dodge out of the way of an attack. If successful, you will avoid the blow all together.

The maximum Level of Dodge can vary by class.




Feign Death is a Monk Skill.

Necromancers & Shadowknights also get Feign Death, but only as a Spell / Alternative Advancement (not as a Skill / Ability).

Feign Death allows you to fall over as if you are dead (playing possum, so to speak).

If successful (it can fail), any MOB's who were after you may fall for the deception, think you dead, and turn their attention elsewhere.

When using this Skill, don't stand back up too quick! If you do, and the MOB's have not completely decided to forget about you, they will immediately realize their mistake and go after you again.

Normally, there is an emote on if Feign Death succeeded or failed, and when MOB's have "forgotten" you.

Leveling up this skill is as simple as using it.

To use this skill, you need to create a Hot Key (see top of page).




Intimidate is a Bard, Monk & Rogue Skill, that used to be called Instill Doubt.

To use this skill, you need to create a Hot Key (see top of page).

Intimidation is a type of Fear. If it succeeds, you enemy will doubt their chances at victory and attempt to flee. While running away, they won't attack you, but you can chase and attack them.

If you have multiple MOB's on you, this can reduce how many are hitting you at once, but, there is also the down side that a Feared opponent can flee near other MOB's that are not Feared (Intimidated) and may decide to go after you as well.

To use this skill, you need to create a Hot Key (see top of page).




Parry is primarily a melee Class skill.

Parry is your random / automatic ability to block / divert / fend off a blow, using your weapon. If successful, you will avoid the blow all together (no damage taken).




Riposte is primarily a melee Class skill.

Riposte is the random / automatic ability counter (block / fend off) an attack (take no damage) and then counter with an attack of your own (an extra attack on your opponent).



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