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Brew Day was introduced circa 2013, and was not expanded upon again, until 2023.

These events resurface every year in March, in conjunction with St. Patrick's Day, and remain in place for about two (2) weeks.


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Achievement: Hero's Forge Brew Day Hats (2013)                    Pub Crawl (2015)                    ??????? (2023)

Shamrock Bowler Hat Ornament

Shamrock Top Hat Ornament


PUB CRAWL (2015)

1) INFO: Some may think that this quest, for the Drunkard's Stein, is a Brew Day Quest, but it is not!

It is actually a 16th Anniversary Quest, which is outlined here.

However, this Quest is normally active at the same time that Brew Day Events are active.



Achievement: Hero's Forge Erollisi Day Hats (2013)

1) ANY ZONE: This Achievement is completed by collecting and possessing both (2 of them) Brew Day Hats at the same time (you do not have to equip them).

These hats are random drops in most zones while Brew Day Events are active. They are also tradeable, so you can acquire them from other Players... or just borrow them (possess them for a moment, to get the Achievement, and then hand them back)!

These hats are:



???????? (2023)

1) ??????: You are looking for....



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