The Talisman of Thunderous Foyer

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This quest will gain you proper access to the 3rd Tier Plane, Torden, the Bastion of Thunder (BoT)!

This quest is also known as "Aiding Askr."

You can get into BoT at level 57, without a flag. However, doing this quest can gain you a free AA point and increase the stats on your Intricate Wooden Totem.

NOTE: You will need to have successfully completed a trial in the Plane of Justice before you can complete this quest for proper credit!


STATUS: Confirmed and completed.



1) PLANE OF STORMS: This entire quest is done in the Plane of Storms.

You must obtain a few drops.

First, you need a Storm Giant Head (Magic, Lore, No Drop, Weight 3.0).

It is a random drop off the "Hleyta" (Ocean or Srerendi Giants, to the South), "Jotna" (Desert or Krendic Giants, to the West) or "Irmin" (Forest or Kelek`Vor Giants, to the North) giants.


2) Next you need a Storm Taarid Bone (Magic, Lore, No Drop, Weight 1.0). It is a random drop off A Jotna Fannsk and A Jotna Her Megir (Jotna or Desert Camp).


3) Next you need a Storm Volaas Beard (Magic, Lore, No Drop, Weight 1.0). It drops off of A Hleyta Menn and A Hleytis Maor (Hleyta or Ocean Camp).


4) Next you need a Storm Satuur Sash (Magic, Lore, No Drop, Weight 1.0), which is a random drop off the "Irmin" Giants (Irmin or Forest Camp).


5) You will need two (2) of the following:

A) You need an Esoteric Medallion (identifies as Section of the South) (Magic, Lore, No Drop, Weight 1.0), which drops off of Faruek the Bold (Level 65, in the Hleyta Camp).


B) And/or you need an Esoteric Medallion (identifies as Section of the West) (Magic, Lore, No Drop, Weight 1.0), which drops off of Pendubk the Turbulent (Level 65) or Solnebk the Unruly (Level 65) (both in the Fannsk Camp).


C) And/or you need an Esoteric Medallion (identifies as Section of the North) (Magic, Lore, No Drop, Weight 1.0), which drops off Laruken the Rigid, Paruek the Strong or Zertuken the Unyielding (all Level 65 and in the Irmin camp).

NOTE: You must obtain two of the three medallions in 5A, 5B or 5C. You choose!


6) Find Askr the Lost in the cave (near the zone out tree).

NOTE: Have a bag slot open!

Hail him and then give him the Storm Giant Head. He will give it back.


7) Then say, "It was me."

Then say "I am paying attention" and then twice say "Continue."

He will then give you Askr's Bag of Verity (Lore, No Drop, 4-slot, Small, Weight 3.0).


8) Put the Storm Taarid Bone, the Storm Volaas Beard and the Storm Satuur Sash in Askr's Bag of Verity and combine them.

You will get Askr's Sealed Bag of Verity (Lore, Magic, No Drop, weight 4.0).


9) Give Askr the Sealed Bag of Verity and say, "What Bastion of Thunder?" and he will give you another Askr's Bag of Verity.


10)  Put the two (2) Esoteric Medallion (that you chose to collect) into Askr's Bag of Verity, combine them and you will get the Esoteric Meld (Lore, No Drop, Magic, Weight 0.5).


10) Give the Esoteric Meld to Askr to get "flagged."


11) Now, you must first have completed the Plane of Justice flagging process, as previously noted.

To finish up access to Torden, Bastion of Thunder, you have to go to the vortex (the tornado) area.

Just put invisibility up to get there and then click on the small shrine in the middle, to zone into the Torden, Bastion of Thunder.

The key should now appear on your key ring as "Talisman of Thunderous Foyer" (you do not get an actual item).

You should also get Achievement: Talisman of Thunderous Foyer (if not, try zoning into Torden). 


12) Don't forget to go see the Seer and Gram! (Click here for details.)


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