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In the Plane of Justice (PoJ), there is an area known as the Seventh Hammer (so-named after the raid MOB you will find there, which is part of the Monk Epic).

In order to get into this area, you must earn the key by completing all six (6) Plane of Justice trials.

Winning any one of these same trials is also part of Planar Progression for proper access to the Plane of Valor and the Plane of Storms. For more details on this process, click here (or see Step 1 below).

NOTE: Later game changes have allowed this key to work for an entire group, rather than just for a single character.


THE MARK OF JUSTICE: Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.1


STATUS: Completed and verified!



Execution     Flame     Hanging     Lashing     Stoning     Torture



** The trials area is located in the back left of the zone (dungeon area). Simply make your way down, staying left, for the most part. Getting in the trial area is as simple as clicking the blue circle portal (you can't miss it). Travel here should be safe, so long as you don't go in the wrong door.

** To start a trial is as simple as saying "Prepared" to the right The Tribunal (Level 70). Their response will let you know which trial they control.

** To get into a trial, you must form a group (3 to 6 characters) first. Then say to The Tribunal, "I am ready for the trial of XXXXX." (With XXXX being the trials name).

** All players need to be over Level 60 (the higher the better).

** To get out of the trial area, say to the Agent of the Tribunal (Level 60), "Return" (you should find him in the main area of each trial).

** Do NOT attack any of the NPC's!

** There is a chance, in each of the trials, for a "named" MOB that can drop an actual loot item.



1) PLANE JUSTICE: This entire quest series takes place in this zone.

Just in case you need this for Planar Progression, here is a quick run through on the flagging...

* The first thing you are supposed to do is hail Mavuin (Level 50), who is on the opposite end of the zone from the trials, in the right side basement.

* Then you need to head to the trial area and say to any The Tribunal (Level 70), "I have come to plead the case of Mavuin."

* Then you need to win any trial and say to any The Tribunal, "What evidence of Mavuin?"

* After that make your way back to Mavuin and hail him again.

(Don't forget to go get your free AA and Charm upgrade, afterwards).


2) TRIAL OF EXECUTION: Most people agree that this is the easiest trial.

This is a square room with some rows of benches facing some gallows.

The point is to keep A Sentenced Prisoner (Level 1) from being beheaded by An Executioner (Level 60).

The Executioner will spawn along with each wave of four (4) MOB's.

The MOB's spawn about the benches you see there. The Executioner spawns on the far end of the room and slowly walks towards the gallows and up the steps towards A Sentenced Prisoner.

He will speak to the A Sentenced Prisoner and then a few seconds after that, he will behead A Sentenced Prisoner. If this happens, you loose!

In order to prevent the beheading, you must kill each of the other four (4) spawned MOB's within 30 seconds. This will cause the Executioner to turn around and walk towards the wall (or warp) a few steps back, before turning and walking back towards A Sentenced Prisoner, again.

After you kill each wave of MOB's, there will be a short break before the next wave. There will be four (4) of these waves. These waves may include A Fierce Nemesis (Level 57), A Dark Nemesis (Level 53), Herald of Destruction (Level 55) and a Priest of Doom (Level 54).

After you finish off the 4th wave, Prime Executioner Vathoch (Level 65) will appear. You need to kill him to win this trial.

He will drop six (6) Mark of Execution (Lore, No Drop, Magic, Weight 0.3). You need to loot one.



3) TRIAL OF STONING: Why this trial is called "stoning" escapes me.

Again, you will be in a square room.

There will be three (3) An Accused Prisoner (Level 1) chained to one wall. On the opposite wall there are two archers called A Pitiless Avenger (Level 50) (they cannot be targeted). They will appear just before each wave of MOB's and shoot arrows at An Accused Prisoner.

The goal here is to save at least one of the An Accused Prisoner (it appears that even if two (2) of the three (3) An Accused Prisoner die, you can still win this trial).

A Pitiless Avenger will re-target the players once the MOB's pop (A Relentless Punisher, A Ruthless Grinder, A Shadow Grinder, Nemesis of Stone... all Level 55 to 59).

After the fourth wave, Yurae Zahaleem (Level 60) will appear. You need to kill him to win this trial.

He will drop six (6) Mark of Stone (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.3). You need to loot one.



4) TRIAL OF LASHING: This time you are in a small square room that has three dead-end exits on one side of the room.

There will be three (3) A Tormented Prisoner (Level 51 to 55) along the back wall. The idea is to keep them alive. It appears that as long as one is alive, you may continue and still win the event.

There will be four (4) waves of MOB's. Each wave will have four (4) MOB's (A Malevolent Punisher, A Savage Lasher, A Stinging Nemesis... all Level 51 to 55).

About 40-seconds after they appear, A Scourge of Honor (Level 58) will also appear and aggro. He cannot be targeted. Instead, focus on the other MOB's.

When A Scourge of Honor appears, three (3) A Flickering Spirit (Level 1?) will also appear in the three (3) exits. It appears you only have to kill one of them for all of them to despawn (some posts suggest you need to kill a specific one for them to despawn). 

Kill them ASAP, as killing them will cause A Scourge of Honor to despawn until the next wave.

In the fourth wave, after the last MOB dies, Lashman Azakal (Level 60) will appear.

You need to kill him to win the trial.

He will drop six (6) Mark of Lashing (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.3). You need to loot one.



5) TRIAL OF TORTURE: You will be in a hallway area.

Run around (either way) and you will circle around to a doorway that leads down to a center room. There are about four (4) A Tortured Prisoner (Level 1) here and a shadowman-like MOB's called Pain and Suffering (not targetable).

The idea is to keep the MOB's that spawn outside this room away from A Tortured Prisoner inside the room. It appears that as long as one is alive, you may continue.

There will be four (4) waves of four (4) MOB's (Wraith of Agony, A Twisted Tormentor, Nemesis of Despair, Nemesis of Pain... all Level 51 to 59).

As you kill the 4th MOB of each wave, a Wraith of Agony (Level 59) will spawn. You need to kill it, ASAP.

In the fourth wave, after the last a Wraith of Agony dies, Punisher Veshtaq (Level 55) will appear. You need to kill him to win the trial.

He will drop six (6) Mark of Torture (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.3). You need to loot one.



6) TRIAL OF HANGING: This trial would be more accurately called the Trail of Suffocation in my opinion, as you need to keep A Sentenced Prisoner from suffocating (not hanging).

You will be a square room with three gallows (side by side), with A Sentenced Prisoner (Level 1) at each one.

There will be four (4) waves of four (4) MOB's (A Breathless Void, A Smothering Nemesis, A Timeless Void, A Stifling Nemesis... all Level 60).

Among them will also be a Spirit of Suffocation (Level 60). At least one (1) Spirit of Suffocation will appear at a time and it must be killed ASAP, as they are able to suffocate A Sentenced Prisoner from a distance.

The good thing is that there is an AoE Heal after each wave.

In the fourth wave, after the last Spirit of Suffocation dies, Gallows Master Teion (Level 60) will appear. You need to kill him to win the trial.

He will drop six (6) Mark of Suffocation (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.3). You need to loot one.



7) TRIAL OF FLAME: This is commonly recognized as the hardest trial.

You will be in a round room that has a post in the middle.

There will be four (4) waves of four (4) MOB's (Spirit of Flame, Fiend of Flame... all Level 60). There will also be some AoE's that hit your group (a 400DD with 1-slot dispel, a 200HP DoT and a fire debuff).

Aggro or control of the MOB's must be attained before they reach the center pillar. If any MOB reaches the center pillar and goes inside it, you will have about 60-seconds to kill it or you will loose the trial.

They can be stun-pushed out of the pillar (knock back stun).

After the fourth wave, the Punisher of Flame (Level 65) will appear. You need to kill him to win the trial.

He will drop six (6) Mark of Flame (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.3). You need to loot one.


8) Now that you have all six (6) Marks, go up to any The Tribunal.

Say to him, "I seek knowledge."

He will give you The Mark of Justice!

You can destroy the other Marks, now (they will not poof on their own).


NOTE: To use The Mark of Justice to get into the Seventh Hammer area, put it on your cursor, stand near one of the portals (outer edge) and hit the letter "U" on your keyboard. This will not go on your key ring, so do not destroy it!


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