The Paladin Epic 1.0: Part Three

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This is part of the Paladin 1.0 epic (I call it the Epic 0.75).

You must have completed Ghoulbane and the Soulfire quests in order to complete this one.

This quest also includes all, or part of, two other quests, commonly called the "Tome of Ages" and the "Plane of Sky Keys" quests.


FIERY AVENGER: 2HS; Weight 0.1; DMG 33; DLY 44; 15 STR; 15 WIS; 10 CHA; 5 MAGIC; 5 FIRE; 5 COLD; 5 POISON; 5 DISEASE; 25 HP; 25 MANA; Lore; Magic; No Drop; Paladin Only; Effect of Flame Shock (110 DD).


STATUS: Completed and confirmed!




1) THE WARRENS: You need Ally faction with the Deepwater Knights (if you have such faction all ready, skip to step 3).

The easiest way to do this is in the Warrens. At Level 52 I was a one-man raid there.

Basically go here with empty bags and kill, kill and kill! The only things you want to loot are the Kobold Molar (No Drop, Weight 0.1). Fill your bags with them. They do not stack, thus the need for empty bags.


2) ERUDIN: Had to the Deepwater Knights (second Building on the right, as you zone in from Toxxulia Forest).

Find Tiam Khonsir (Level 50), located in the backyard of the building. Give him the Kobold Molar (four at a time).

He will reward you with XP, various armor items (sell them), faction with the Deepwater Knights and maybe some coin.

Once done, consider (/con) him to check your faction.

If he does not consider you an ally, repeat steps 1 and 2 until he does!

It took me only four (4) rounds to do this.


3) TORN, BURNT BOOK: This may require a raid or a high-end group, as you have to kill a Dragon! At Level 90, you could easily solo the dragon, but some dragons are off limits at that level (see below).

NOTE: This book can be MQ'ed (Master or Multi Quested).... see #5, below.

You need the Torn, Burnt Book (Lore, No Trade, Weight 1.0).

 It can be looted off of Lord Nagafen (Level 55, found in Nagafen's Lair), Talendor (Level 60, found in Skyfire Mountains) or Severilous (Level 60, found in the Emerald Jungle).

NOTE: If you have progressed beyond Level 52, you will not be allowed to engage Lord Nagafen. This is because when you enter his room, while he is alive, you will be instantly transported away.

Lord Nagafen is a Level 55 Dragon. He will casts AoE spells to dispell the raid party and to fear them as well (turn on walk to help counter this). Fire Resist and Magic Resist are key. The key to Lord Nagafen is having a person tank Lord Nagafen to the back wall, followed by a wave of melee's and then nukers. Nukers need to get under his belly (or the nukes will not land). The point of getting Lord Nagafen to the back wall is to keep him away from the nearby Lava. If he gets in the Lava he will regenerate... fast.

Talendor is very similar to Lord Nagafen, except he is Level 60.

Severilous, however, is a bit different. Severilous (Level 60) actually has a pet, casts AoE stuns and disease spells. Severilous also seems to have a much larger variety of drops as well.

I got my book off Nagafen when I was Level 65. I did this by assisting a raid. I led them in and then buffed them at the "buff hall." I was allowed to roll on the book and won (I could loot it because you can go in after Nagafen is dead).

All of these dragons are said to have a respawn of three (3) days... and for some reason people camp them. Go figure. So, good luck finding them up.


4) TORN, FROST COVERED BOOK: This may require a raid or a high-end group, as you have to kill a Dragon! At Level 90 you can easily solo the dragon, but some dragons are off limits at that level (see below).

NOTE: This book can be MQ'ed (Master or Multi Quested).... see #5, below.

You need the Torn, Frost Covered Book (Lore, No Trade, Weight 1.0). It can be looted off Lady Vox (Level 55, found in Permafrost Keep), Faydedar (Level 55, found in Timorous Deep) or Gorenaire (Level 60, found in The Dreadlands).

NOTE: Lady Vox is Lord Nagafen's beloved. She is a Level 55 ice dragon. She also casts dispell. Like Nagafen, you cannot actively engage Lady Vox if you are over Level 52, as you will be transported away when you enter her lair, while she is alive.

Gorenaire is a Level 60 Dragon. She is also an ice dragon. She can complete heal and summon. I got my book off of Gorenaire.

As for Faydedar, there are rumored to be two (2) different versions of this Dragon, with the Paladin version being Level 60 and spawning near the underwater spires. I have only seen this version of this dragon once, other than the spawned epic version. It is said that if the real Faydedar is not killed by players, an Iksar Master (Level 61) will kill it within two hours, so get him/her while you can!

All of these dragons are said to have a respawn of three (3) days... and for some reason people camp them. Go figure. So, good luck finding them up.


5) NORTH QEYNOS: Find Rineval Talyas (Level 39).

NOTE: If necessary, due to faction, you can also find Rysva To`Biath (Level 40) in Neriak Commons for the same turn in, listed below.

She used to be outside the gates, but I found her near the Paladin guild, up in the "flying saucer."

Give her the Torn, Burnt Book, Torn, Frost Covered Book and 1,000 Platinum. She will give you the Book of Scale (Lore, Weight 0.1).

This book is NOT No Trade! Therefore, it is possible someone could obtain this book for you and/or you can buy it from other players (and skip Steps 3 and 4).

NOTE: If you have one of the noted books and you have a friend who has the other book, you can MQ this step. First, you need to be grouped with your friend. Have your friend hand in their book first. Then you hand in your book and the 1K Platinum.


6) OCEAN OF TEARS: Find the Oracle of K'Arnon (Level 40) (island across from the "sisters" isle where the dock is).

Give him the Book of Scale and he will give you Miragul's Philactery (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.5).

This step actually finishes a sub-quest commonly called the "Tome of Ages."

NOTE: If you have faction issues with the Oracle, there is a way around this. Open a trade window with the Oracle, then click a Cloudy Potion from your potion belt and then complete the trade.


7) EVERFROST: In Everfrost there is a frozen river.

On the north side it splits into a "Y" shape. At the north end of the west branch is an underwater entrance into a cave. If you are a good swimmer, you can jump in the nearest ice hole (they can be a little hard to see) and make it. If not, best have enduring breath or the like.

This part may take a decent group at lower levels. I did it with myself (Paladin), an Enchanter and a Druid (at Level 65). In any case, you can use the aid of an Enchanter.

In this cave you will find the Lich of Miragul (Level 45) (as of the February 2021 patch, he will spawn between 5 to 14 hours after a zone re-set or server downtime; hje will also respawn 35 hours after being killed).

An Enchanter is needed to charm him. Once charmed (NOT MEZZED -- CHARMED), hand the Miragul's Philactery to Lich of Miragul. This will spawn the real Miragul, at which time you need to attack and kill him (he is Level 53).

NOTE: To do this alone, use invisible versus undead, sneak up behind Miragul and do the turn in that way.

Once dead, you need to loot Miragul's Robe (Magic, Lore, No Drop, AC 11, DEX 5, STA 5, INT 5, MANA 20, DISEASE 10, POISON 10, Weight 1.0, NEC WIZ MAG ENC, All races) and Miragul's Head (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.5).


8) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: This sub-step is not part of the actual quest but it may help you get along faster, if you are not in a guild.

The only way into the Plane of Sky is via a Wizard teleport or via the Guild Hall portal.

You need to find the merchant Channeler Keatrem (Level 60) in the Library, to buy an item.

The Wizard method is a Level 46 Wizard spell and requires a component. The spell (Spell: Alter Plane: Sky, Weight 0.1) costs about 18 Platinum and the component (Cloudy Stone of Veeshan, Weight 0.1) costs about 215 Platinum.

A Wizard can translocate a full group.

NOTE: If you all ready have the PoS keys, you really only need to get there.

NOTE: If you are in a guild, use the Guild Portal.


9) PLANE OF SKY: I find many references to this zone as the Plane of Air, which is WRONG.

The "Plane of Air" is the alternate name of the PoP Zone, Eryslai the Kingdom of Wind, so don't let other web sites confuse you!

Before you go to the Plane of Sky, you will need your Soulfire, your Ghoulbane, 500 Platinum, 1 Copper, Miragul's Robe and Miragul's Head.

You will appear on the first floating island, aka " Faerie Island."

UPDATE: Players are no longer debuffed when teleporting into the Plane of Sky, at least not when using the Guild Portal. It does appear, however, that being teleported there via the Wizard spell, will still debuff you!

UPDATE: These days you don't need a raid, but you will need one helper to do the first hand in for you.

Don't worry; there will not be any aggro here. A word of caution... unless someone all ready has keys, you will only be able to obtain enough keys for about 21 people.

Thus, if you have more than 22 un-keyed people with you, you may not be able to obtain enough keys for everyone.

Also, one of your co-players needs to act as your "assistant" and will not be tagging along with the rest of the raid (22nd person, who needs but one key).

A few other things to note about this zone are that certain pets are not allowed (but air pets look really cool here). Gate doesn't work, you cannot bind here, AoE spells are a very bad idea, the respawn time on all MOB's is generally eight (8) hours, the spell "Call of the Hero" does not work and you must have the right key to progress from one floating island to the next.

There is a quest (commonly called, "Plane of Sky Keys") involved with obtaining the keys, but I will fill in what you need to know, here.


10) There is an NPC called the Key Master (Level 53) on the first Island. He sells keys, among other things.

Your "player assistant" will need to buy a Veeshan's Key (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1) for 1 Copper.

You need to also give your "player assistant" 500 Platinum, to use later.

Your "player assistant" needs to use Veeshan's Key to teleport "inside" the first island, to an area that is commonly called the "Test Hall" or the "Quest Hall."

Tell your "player assistant" to look for Dason Goldblade (Level 55) (but not to speak to him… yet).

NOTE: If Dason is not there, you cannot continue. Try again in 8-hours!

Around the edge of the island are roundish platforms that serve as portals. All of the keys are no drop. To use them, put the key on your cursor and click a portal (or hit the “U” key).

These keys will only work on the correct portal.


11) Now you must consider your options and/or your strategy.

If you all ready have the first three keys (see below), you do NOT need much help! You simply need the ability to make yourself invisible and have someone act as your assistant in the Test Hall. This option is quick and easy.

If this is not the case, you may need the assistance of a raid force (or a good group), depending on your level.

Again, you can only take up to 21 un-keyed people island to island. This involves killing MOB's on each island, to include the named, for the keys turn-ins.

If people are willing to spend around 315 Platinum, they can buy the first two (2) keys from the Key Master, saving time by allowing you to skip on up to the third island (where the killing of MOB's and a named comes back into play for that last (fourth) key you will need).

Other strategies you may consider, involve:

·         Posting a Necromancer on the first island to summon corpses, in case of a wipe. The Necromancer will need the ability to rez a cleric and enough Tiny Jade Inlaid Coffin's (Weight 0.0) as necessary for the summons. These are sold by the Key Master, as well. This will allow you to easily rez, re-group and go again in short fashion, after people port back in.

·         You can purposely by-pass a need for keys by way of intentional suicide (attack the Key Master and suicide). This will take a Cleric and a Necromancer (who would all ready need to have keys) that go on over to the fifth Island. After you suicide, the Necromancer will need to summon your corpse there. Then the Cleric can rez you. This suicide process can be used to summon and rez players to any island, so long as you have enough Coffin's and both the Necromancer and the Cleric all ready have the necessary keys!


12) On Fairy Island (the first Island), you need to kill A Thunder Spirit (Level 50).

Kill all of them or just enough for everyone to have been able to loot one Lost Rabbit's Foot (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1). Other in-zone quest items drop as well, but you will only be concerned with this one.

Once everyone has this item, kill A Thunder Spirit Princess (Level 53). Killing her will spawn Sirran, the Lunatic (Level 65).

IMPORTANT: Do NOT attack anything else at this point. If you get any aggro, Sirran will aggro (assist) and he can wipe a lower end raid. Also important, at NO TIME is ANYONE to HAIL Sirran! Ever!

NOTE: If Sirran does aggro and you manage to kill him, it will ruin your faction in this zone (making you KoS on all islands). So, it is probably a good idea to wipe on purpose if this happens.

Simply hand the Lost Rabbit's Foot to Sirran and he will give you a Key of the Misplaced (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1) (looks like an animal horn).


13) Your forces may want to make themselves invisible at this point, as there will be aggro on the next island.

Use the Key of the Misplaced on the correct portal (it only works on one of them) to arrive at the third island, also known as " Azarack Island."

Yes, this is technically the third island (you can skip the second one).

Once everyone is there, you will need to kill An Azarack (Level 53). You will need to kill all of them, because they aggro and you do not want any aggro once Sirran appears.

Everyone will need to loot a Broken Mirror (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1). After all of them are dead, and everyone has looted a Broken Mirror, then, and only then, kill the Protector of the Sky (Level 53) to cause Sirran to appear. Everyone then needs to give Sirran a Broken Mirror to get a Key of Misfortune (Lore, No Drop, weight 1.0) (looks like a shell).

No hailing!


14) Use the Key of Misfortune on the portal to get to the fourth island, also known as " Harpy Island" or "Gorgalosk Island."

There is no aggro here.

Once here, the only person that really needs a key is you, so you make the call if you want to help everyone get keys, or just get one for yourself.

There are a few different MOB's on this island. The most common is A Gorgalask (Level 54 to Level 56). Whatever you choose to kill, you (and/or the others) will need to loot an Animal Figurine (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1). Once you have as many of these as you want, you then need to kill Gorgalosk (Level 55) (not to be confused with the common A Gorgalosk) to spawn Sirran.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT attack anything else at this point. If you get any aggro, Sirran will aggro as well and he can wipe the raid.

Now give Sirran the Animal Figurine to get a Key of Beasts (Lore, No Drop, Weight 1.0) (it looks like a card). At this point, the people with you are no longer needed, except for your helper. They can leave by jumping off the island, to safely splash down in the Freeport harbor.


15) Use the Key of Beasts on the portal to get to the fifth island, aka " Harvester Island" or " Pegasus Island."

There is no aggro here. Run over to the windmill and stand in the doorway, looking in.


16) Now your "player assistant" comes into play again.

Your "player assistant" will need to speak to Dason Goldblade (Level 55).

Your "player assistant" will need to hail him and follow along or just try saying, "I wish to be tested by Dirkog."

Your assistant should get a book called Walk with Evil (Weight 0.1).


17) Have that player give the book back to Dason.

This should spawn Dirkog Steelhand (Level 60), in the place of Dason.


18) Your "player assistant" will then need to give Dirkog 500 Platinum.

This should spawn Inte Akera (Level 53), inside the windmill... right in front of you.

At this point, your "player assistant" may leave as well (jump out of the cave mouth).


19) Now give Inte Akera your Ghoulbane.

He will give you Inte's Second Blessing (Lore, Weight 0.0), also known as the "Blessing of Sacrifice."


20) Then give Inte Akera your Soulfire.

He will give you Inte's First Blessing (Lore, Weight 0.0), also known as the "Blessing of Nobility."


21) Now give Inte Akera the Inte's Second Blessing, the Inte's First Blessing, Miragul's Robe and Miragul's Head all at once.

He will give you the Fiery Avenger! Woot!


If you note any errors, misspellings, item name errors, misinformation or anything that needs addressing on this page -- PLEASE let me know via an in-game EQ Message (Bonzz on the Bertoxxulous server), or post on Bonzz's Discord Server!


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