The Paladin Epic 1.0: Part One

The undead will think you insane, as you slay them with Ghoulbane! -- Bonzz


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This quest is also known as the Sword of Nobility.

The Ghoulbane sword is the first step in a series of quests towards the Paladin epic (or as I call it, Epic 0.25)!

The Ghoulbane should be quested, even if with assistance, as soon as possible (surely by Level 20).

This is a very good Paladin sword for low level Paladin's, even if the effect does not work until level 20.

GHOULBANE: No Drop, Lore, Magic, Weight 9.5, Paladin Only, Damage 15, Delay 34, Effect: Dismiss Undead (Level 20); Type 4 Slot.


STATUS: Verified and completed (Quest 1, 2 & 3)!

. . .


There are three (3) ways to get this sword -- two as a dropped item and one as a quest (commonly known as the Sword of Nobility).



1) Go to Upper Guk and camp the Froglok Shin Lord (Level 30).

He is a Paladin. This means he has Lay on Hands and you will essentially have to kill him twice!

He drops the Ghoulbane, but it is said to be a rare drop.

Be prepared to camp him and have to kill him more than once. This can get you bad faction in Upper Guk (the good part of Guk), so this is not the option I recommend.

NOTE: The Fabled Ghoulbane (Magic, Lore, No Trade; 1HS, 25 DMG, 16 Bonus, 34 Delay; 6 Dex, 4 Wis, 20 HP, 10 Mana, 5 DIS, 5 POISON; Weight 9.5, Type 4 Slot; Proc = Expel Undead, required Level 20) drops off The Fabled Froglok Shin Lord (Level 45) when such MOB's are enabled at each years anniversary. This sword, however, is not used in the Paladin epic.



1) Go to Southern Felwithe and kill Joren Nobleheart (Level 60).

He is a Paladin, so he can use Lay on Hands and you have to essentially kill him twice!

Oddly enough, he is found in the Magician guild area. Luckily, he gives no faction hits and nearby NPC's will not come to his aide.

He drops the Ghoulbane every time.

As a Paladin, I do recommend this option, to save time and effort.



NOTE: All MOB's below are Level 25 to Level 35, unless otherwise noted.

1) To save time, start in High Keep.

Kill A Crazed Goblin (Level 22) and A Goblin Thief (Level 23) on the bottom floor until you find Amstaf's Scroll (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.0).


2) In Western Plains of Karana, standing by the river near the Northern Plains of Karana zone line, is an NPC named Ryshon Hunsti.

Hail him and follow along, or just try saying, "I seek the sword of nobility."

He will give you a Note to Kanthuk (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.0).


3) Kanthuk Ogrebane can be found standing along the ocean side just north of the dock area in Butcherblock Mountains.

Give him the Note to Kanthuk and he will go into a long story.

You can follow along and respond accordingly, or jump to the end by saying, "What strange image?"

He will give you A Pendant (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Paladin only, CHA 1).


4) While you are here, head just south and east from Kaladim.

East of the road are some stone ruins where Crazed Goblins spawn.

Kill a Crazed Goblin (Level 25 to 32) until you get a Blade of Nobility (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.2).


5) Now head south to Dagnor's Cauldron.

Run around the lake to the left (east) and you should run into Llara standing on a ledge, near Unrest.

Give her the A Pendant and she goes into a story that you can follow along with, or you can jump to the end by saying, "Who is Ruathey."

She will give you a Note to Ruathey (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.0).


6) Now head down to the Estate of Unrest.

Inside the Unrest house go to the center area and up one flight to find A Crazed Ghoul (Level 22 to 25).

Kill them until you find A Ghoul's Heart (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1, CHA -10).


7) Now get over to Najena, just off Lavastorm.

Fight A Skeleton (Level 21) near the water (to where Najena's room is) until you find a Hilt of the Nobleman (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1).


8) Now go back out into Lavastorm Mountains.

There is a NPC just inside the zone (from Nektulos Forest) named Ruathey.

NOTE: Make sure you have a bag slot open!

Give her the Note to Ruathey, then follow along with the conversation or just say to her, "What bag?"

She will give you a Nobleman's Bag (Lore, Weight 0.1, 4-slot, large, 0% Weight Reduction).


9) Put A Ghoul's Heart, Hilt of the Nobleman, Amstaf's Scroll and the Blade of Nobility into the Nobleman's Bag and combine them for the Ghoulbane!


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