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I have started to add new pages again, for the things that I feel merit a page!



To make it less cumbersome to manage this site, I have a new way for you to search this site and find what you are looking for.

How? With a special Google search phrase!

Use the search phrase ( to tell Google to search ONLY this web site, followed by a keyword.

That keyword can be any word, but use one that is related to what you want to find.

For example, if you wanted to search for information on the Artisan's Prize, you could type --> prize

If you wanted to search for the Paladin Epic, you might search for ---> 2.0



I am not and have never have been a GM, a Guide, a Dev or a Darkpaw / Daybreak / Sony / Verant) employee that can resolve things for you.

While I do appreciate the in-game tells, please understand that I do not have a photographic memory of every single step of every single quest.

And lastly, please don't expect me to help you in-game with raids, kills or walking (or talking) you through something in person.

For in-game help, direct any comments and questions to the PALADIN in-game channel (/join Paladin) or the GENERAL in-game channel (/join General).

Other useful channels can be the EQ traders and EQ Resource channels, not to mention EQ's Discord channel and the Darkpaw (Everquest) Forums.


Please be aware that many of these pages written long ago from the prospective of the original player levels, original strategies and so forth. This does not mean they are no longer accurate.

It simply means the old references, strategies and game functions may be moot issues with current game levels, gear, spells and so forth.

In short, it is possible a single player can easily defeat a target that once took a raid force to beat, and/or you may sometimes be able to overpower the old strategies by sheer force. Be warned, however, that some game mechanics are set in stone and you can't avoid them. For instance, if mechanics call for Target #1 must be killed before Target #2, then you must abide by that, or the event can fail or bug out, otherwise.

By the same token, some old game mechanics might not apply any more. For instance, I may warn you to have a bag slot open, because... in the past... bags could not be placed in bags (not even empty ones). Now they can. However, a free bag slot is still required if a combine is required in said container.

In short, old strategies may no longer be of great relevance, with current player levels and gear you can potentially "power" through barring certain game mechanics.


If you note any errors, misspellings, item name errors, misinformation or anything that needs addressing on this page -- PLEASE let me know via an in-game EQ Message (Bonzz on the Bertoxxulous server)!


This Page Last updated June 30, 2020