Getting to Xegony... now that is agony... -- Bonzz

This quest will allow you to transport yourself and your group to the final island in the "plane of Air" (Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind). There is no way to get to this final section of the zone, otherwise.

It is in this area you will find Xegony, herself.

A reasonably geared Level 90 Paladin with mercenary can solo this process (I did).

This quest, at least when I did it, was one of the most lacking in on-line information, I have ever encountered. However, no worries! Details are below!

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WIND ETCHED KEY: Lore, Magic, No Trade, Weight 0.3


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1) PLANE OF TRANQUILITY: You are looking for Sarhya the Dawnbreeze (Level 60). a drake at the entrance to the "Plane of Air."

NOTE: You do need "proper" access (progression) to this zone to get this quest. I do not know if this was changed when Sony later allowed free access.

Hail and follow along, or just try saying, "Plane of Air." You should get  a container called, Pouch of Swirling Winds (Lore, No Trade, weight 1.0, 5% Weight Reduction, 6-Slot Medium).


2) ERYSLAI, THE KINGDOM OF WIND: The rest of the quest takes place in this zone, also know as the "Plane of Air," not to be confused with the "Plane of Sky."

This zone has a confusing layout for some, so I will give you "generic" directions from one location to the next.

You zone in by clicking the lip of the giant bowl in Plane of Tranquility, by  Sarhya the Dawnbreeze

When you zone in, the floating book you see is the zone out. This is what I call "Armor" island as it is populated by MOB's that look like suits of armor. You need to get across this island into the far tunnel, which will require you to kill a few MOB's (and they do split, as you kill them). Stick to one wall to inch round killing any aggro you get.

Once in the tunnel, go on up until you get to an intersection. At this intersection you need to go straight across. There may be a named in the way along with other trash, so be ready to kill them.

Through the next tunnel is what I call "Bee" island. This is your first target area.

Rather than get convoluted with kill this, then that, than that.... the process here is straight forward... Kill everything on this island!

This is what is sometimes called a "circle" or "cycle" event (kill MOB's to spawn MOB's to spawn MOB's...). Just remember to have a little patience, as there is sometimes a lull between waves. Lastly, be aware that the MOB's will root you... a lot.

Use the strategy of killing along the wall and then tagging MOB's towards the middle. As you do this, it will cause more MOB's to spawn in a sequence.

Eventually, you should spawn five (5) Pherlondian Clawpike (Level 68). These are your ultimate targets. You need to kill at least one of to spawn the Avatar of Wind (Level 72). It appears that perhaps only one of them is the "real" target (killing it will despawn the rest of them). So, just kill them until the are all dead or despawned!


3) Now head back through that same tunnel and back to the intersection. At the intersection take a right. Kill any aggro as you go.

You will come to a building. In the building, you want to stay right, but avoid the side rooms.

You will find the Avatar of Wind (he has an annoying spin stun) in the last room.

Kill it and loot one of the Mystical Essence of Wind (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.0) (he drops six of them).


4) Now head back up through "Bee Island." Go through the other tunnel to get to "Elemental" island.

Once again, you need to complete a circle event. Use the same strategy to kill around the the outer edge and then pull from the middle.

Eventually, you should spawn An Elemental Masterpiece (Level 72).

This is your target. Kill it to spawn the Avatar of Smoke (Level 73 to 75).


4) Now head back the way you came, all the way past Bee Island to the intersection.

At the intersection, this time, go left. When you get to the building, you want to stay generally to the right.

You will find the Avatar of Smoke in the last room.

Kill it and loot one of the Mystical Essence of Smoke (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.0) (he drops six of them).


5) Now head back to Elemental Island and through the other tunnel.

Here you will find what I call "Bird" island, for your next circle event.

Use the same strategy (kill around the edge and then pull from middle) and you will eventually spawn your target, Melernil Faal`Armanna (Level 73).

Kill it to spawn the Avatar of Mist (Level 70).


6) Now head on through the next tunnel to another intersection.

At the intersection, go right. when you get into the building, go right.

In the last room of this area you will find the Avatar of Mist.

Kill it and loot one of the Mystical Essence of Mist (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.0) (he drops six of them).


7) Now head back out to the previous intersection.

Once there head right to find "Spider" island.

Once again, you face a circle event, but with a slight variation.

As you kill spiders this time, you may soon feel overwhelmed with nonstop respawning adds called, An Erratic Arachnid (Level 55). There will be a load (think 45-plus) of these MOB's. If you kill them, they will simply respawn, so focus on the other MOB's and ignore these. If you have help, kite them.

Once the all MOB's besides An Erratic Arachnid are dead, you should spawn Sigismond Windwalker (Level 75), your true target.

Killing it will despawn all An Erratic Arachnid and also cause the Avatar of Dust (Level 70), to spawn.


8) Now head back to the previous intersection and then go right,

In the next building. again head right, up steps, down steps and in the last room you will find the Avatar of Dust.

Kill it and loot one of the Mystical Essence of Dust (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.0) (he drops six of them).


9) Now take the four (4) Essence items you looted and combine them inside the Pouch of Swirling Winds to make your Wind Etched Key! Gratz!

NOTE: To use this key, stand under the rainbow on spider island, with any group members, put it on your cursor, and hit the "U" (for "use") key on your keyboard.

NOTE: This key will disappear once used and / or interacted with, and you will be awarded the Achievement: Wind Etched Key, which will act as your key from that point forward.


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