This gains you a short key that will allow you to obtain this instanced zone without having to fight all the way through Txevu.

This key is only needed by one person to obtain the raid zone event for everyone.

While you can get into Tacvi from the "Zun" area, this key allows the possessor to obtain the Tacvi instance by clicking a golem statue located just inside Txevu.

This statue is just to the left down the hallway. Even though it isn't far, the raid will have to clear about ten MOB's in the area, to make it in safely.

On a side note, Tacvi is not a zone that actually requires flagging, so will-ins are not a concern inside Tacvi.

However, will-ins are an issue to get here, to start with. This is because Qvic and Txevu are both flagged zones.

There is a trick to getting as many people to Tacvi as you wish (limited to 54 Players, total).

The trick is to will-in as many as you can through Qvic, through Txevu and then into Tacvi. Once in Tacvi, they simply leave the raid, others are added to the raid and make the same trip. Once everyone is actually in Tacvi, you simply re-invite everyone to the raid.

NOTE: Txevu, on the other hand, is not an instanced zone. Therefore, you can have a full raid of 72 people and as much "side" help as you can muster.

NOTE: You can get into Tacvi at Level 65, but I am unclear if you can get in via the "short cut" unless you have this key. Logic would dictate that you cannot. If you know different, please let me know. 


Zun'Muram's Signet of Command: Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.1


STATUS: Completed & confirmed!



1) TXEVU, LAIR OF THE ELITE: You are here to complete three (3) raid events.

First up is the "Runt Event."

This event is in a small arena like area. As you zone in, the wall straight ahead of you is actually the back wall to this event area. However, because of the zone lay-out, you have to wend your way around (use your map) to get there.

Once you get there, have the raid stop in the hall way before the room where this event is and pull the area clear (except for MOB's in the arena itself). Do NOT pull from the arena itself! This is because if anyone goes onto the steps down into the arena, they might activate the sequence.

When ready, someone needs to take put The Runt (Level XX). He cons dark blue at Level 75, doesn't hit that hard and is not too hard to kill. This is best done by a Shadowknight, so they can Feign Death after they win.

Basically, here is what to expect and do:


2) Now you have access to do the "High Priest" event.

High Priest Nkosi Bakari (Level 75) must be spawned, so to speak.

Bakari is located at the dead of the caves to the south of the arena (see #1 above).

In order to get into this area, you will need someone with the Polished Stone Key to unlock the door (obtained in Step One, above).

Here is what to expect and do:


3) Finally, you have access to do the "Zun event."

Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk (Level 80), is located in the far upper west end of the zone, in a locked area.

In order to get into this area, someone in your raid needs to have the Jade Inlaid Key (see Step 2).

Before you can do this event, you need to make sure that Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk is actually up. Some say he is on a 3-day spawn, while others say he is on a  5-day spawn.

Here is what to expect and do:


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