aka Halloween: Toadstool Surprise

This quest is for a useful little earring, that you can summon a familiar with!

It was introduced as one of the Halloween tasks of 2006. You will only be able to do this task if they bring it back on another Halloween.


Freemind Spore Earring: Magic, Lore, No Trade; All/All; 10 HP, 5 MANA, 5 END; 5 AC, 3 DEX, 4 CHA, 3 AGI; 3 FORE, 3 DIS, 3 COLD, Type 7 Slot; Triggered effect: Sporali Advisor (summons a familiar that increases disease and poison resists by 15 each, and adds 5 Regen per tic); Required Level 8, Level 15 to use the effect.


STATUS: Completed and Verified!



1) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: You are looking for A Wizened Hermit (Level 50).

You will find him near the main bank, by a tree on the hillside.

Hail him and follow along, or just try saying, "Toadstool?" to get this task.


2) TOXXULIA FOREST: You are looking for A Toxxulia Toadstool (Level 1).

You need to find ten of them, open them (/open) and loot ten total Toxxulia Toadstool (No Trade, Weight 0.0).

These are not ground spawns as some other sites indicate.

NOTE: This task is bugged in a good way. Once you loot the 10th Toxxulia Toadstool, you will find that you mysteriously have 11 of them.


3) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: Head back to A Wizened Hermit.

Give him the ten Toxxulia Toadstool (unstacked) and he will give you the Freemind Spore Earring!


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