The Paladin Epic 1.0: Part Two

The Soulfire is the second step of the Paladin Epic Quest. You should probably start this quest by Level 40.

The Sword comes with five charges of Complete Heal that you can use on yourself or someone else.

There is no way to recharge the Sword once you have used up the five Complete Heals. If you want a charged Soulfire, you will have to quest it again. This can be done by following the same steps as below and then destroying the Soulfire that you all ready have just before the last step (they are Lore... you can't have two).

The set-back to this Sword is that it really isn't a good weapon. It is slow and low damage for a 2HS. By the time I originally quested it, I had no less than two Swords that I considered to be much better (both with better damage and speed). It does look really cool, however, as the Sword is a flaming sword.

As a Paladin, it is a Sword you MUST quest if you want your Epic 1.0 sword.

If you decide to follow this quest as designed, know that the quest is very involved. It involves trade skills, faction and a lot of travel.


SOULFIRE: 2HS, 23 Damage, 45 Delay, 7 Wisdom, 7 Strength, 5 Charges of Complete Heal, No Drop, Paladin Only, Weight 5.0


STATUS: Completed and verified!


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There are actually side-quests involved and tied in with this one.

Despite what you read on-line or hear from others, the below process will work and shortcut the entire process.

NOTE: Parts of the Messenger Quest (aka Paladin Message --  note to the spy in the Freeport Militia); the Test of Truth Quest (message delivery); and the Zimel's Blades Quest (meeting Groflah Steadirt in the bar) -- are not covered here. They were not necessary to complete the quest.


This step is the most important.

You MUST build faction with the Temple of Life (aka the Priests of Life) in North Qeynos.

The final NPC (Brother Hayle) will not give you the Soulfire unless you have at least WARMLY FACTION. If you do the final step with less faction you will prolong the quest. If you don't get this faction up, you can and will have trouble in later steps, especially with the NPC's you deal with.

I will not go into how the quest is prolonged. If you follow this guide, it will not be necessary to accomplish additional steps.

There are several ways to increase this faction. The easiest and safest way (but time consuming and semi-expensive) is to go to North Qeynos and find the NPC named Lashun Novashine (Level 5).

He walks about preaching, but he is normally found at the Temple of Life. Simply give him 2 gold (or 20 silver) at a time and gain faction each time. To see what your faction is, simply "con" (consider) Lashun Novashine (or check your Faction Window... EQ Button --> Character --> Faction Standings).

Keep doing this until you have the right faction!

Once you have sufficient faction, you are ready to move to step two.

UPDATE: I have received e-mails telling me that they have done this with Kindly faction.


2) MISTMOORE CASTLE (aka Castle Mistmoore): You need to find a Troll named Xicotl (Level 41).

He spawns in the "hot tub" room inside the castle (go in the secret entrance by the graveyard, then through the next secret wall, then up and then basically stay left through another secret wall).

You need to kill him to loot the Glowing Sword Hilt (Magic, Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.2 -- aka Hilt of Soulfire).

If he isn't up, you will have to camp that room.

NOTE: Xicotl was moved to Lesser Faydark in 2005. However, he was moved back via a patch in October 2005.


3) NORTH DESERT OF RO: Kill A Dune Tarantula (Level 11 to 13) until you get a A Spider Venom Sac (Weight 0.2).


4) COMMONLANDS: There are two things to get here.


5) Now you need to find Altunic Jartin (Level 20).

He walks about the zone as he is a traveling Merchant, making him hard to find at times. A tracker can help, but if you hang out south of the "Orc 2" camp and Altunic's hut (south of there), you should see him eventually. Or you can just run the main road looking for him.

NOTE: The Squire Narl sequence is not necessary.

Give Altunic the Cloth Shirt and he will give you a Token of Generosity (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1).

NOTE: It has been advised that Amiable Faction with the Knights of Truth is required for this hand in. Check your faction window and if you need Faction. The easy way is to do this kill Freeport Militia guards (you are likely to ruin your faction with them anyway, later... see Step 14), or kill a lot of Orcs in the Commonlands.


6) WEST FREEPORT: Kill A Large Rat (Level 1) for a few Rat Ears (Weight 0.1) and A Snake (Level 1) for a few Snake Scales (Weight 0.1), outside the city gates. You might want to acquire more than one of each, just in case.


7) ANYWHERE: Find a merchant who sells Bottles (Weight 0.1) and buy one. Make sure you have a Water Flask (Weight 0.4). If not, buy one of those as well.

At a brew barrel, combine a Water Flask, a Bottle and a Snake Scales (see #5) to make some Bog Juice (Weight 0.4). This should be trivial with a Brew Skill of 21.


8) ANYWHERE: At an oven, combine a Fire Beetle Eye with a Rat Ear to make an Edible Goo (Weight 0.0).

This should be trivial with a Baking skill of 21.


9)  WEST FREEPORT: You are looking for Merko Quetalis (Level 61). He is in the Hall of Truth (basically, go as for north as you can, turn left (west) and you will find him in a  room in that direction/area).

It appears you will need at least Warmly faction (Knights of Truth) with him (which, hopefully, you all ready have, see Step 5).

Give him a Spider Venom Sac.

He will give you a Token of Bravery (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1).


10) Now give him the Token of Bravery and the Token of Generosity.

This will spawn a Guard Willia (Level 6), in the area of p855, n215 (he... err she... is in the Hall of Truth basement, in a cell).

Guard Willia is actually a girl disguised as a male guard. Don't worry about talking to her as you have to kill her (she will try to convince you to help her).

Before you attack, root her so she cannot run away and then kill her. She is an easy kill.

Loot the Token of Truth (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1) from her corpse.


11) Give the Token of Truth to Merko and he will give you the Testimony (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.0) (Identifies as "Testimony of Truth").


12) EAST FREEPORT: Go to the bar on the south side of the docks (Seafarers Roost).

Buy four (4) bottles of Drom's Champagne (Weight 0.4) (from Gregor Nasin, Level 20).

Hang out until you see the beggar Tykar Renlin (Level 10).

When he shows up, give him one (1) Drom Champagne at a time.

After you give him all four (4), he will give you a blanket called Bunker Cell #1 (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.2).


13) Head to the "arena"(north part of zone) and go down into the bottom (large circular area in mid-west area of lower arena).

Here you will find a prison area. In one of the cells (first room on right/north) you will see A Prisoner (Level 6 to 15), in the area of p785, n280.

This is actually Ariska Zimel himself. Give him the Bog Juice, Edible Goo and Bunker Cell #1.

He will give you a key marked H.K. 102 (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1).


14) EAST FREEPORT: You are here after the Testimony of Truth that drops from Sir Lucan D'Lere (Level 48, leader of the Freeport Militia and located in the Militia House, 2nd floor).

NOTE: Killing Sir Lucan WILL cause a serious faction hit with the Freeport Militia! You will become instantly KoS (kill on sight) with the Freeport Militia! However, if you do not want this to happen, perhaps you can get someone else to kill him for you, that does not mind the faction hit.

NOTE: If he isn't up, his respawn timer is 4-hours.

Sir Lucan is a Paladin. If he uses Lay on Hands you will essentially have to kill him twice... and then you will have to kill him a third time when his undead version arises and attacks you as well.

Once he is dead, loot the Testimony of Truth (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.0) (identifies as "Sir Lucan's Testimony").


15) WEST FREEPORT: Head to the Paladin Guild (Hall of Truth).

NOTE: The Prophecy of Ro expansion did away with North Freeport (the original zone where this was located).

Find Valeron Dushire (Level 61, he is at the far north back wall) and give him the Testimony.

He will give you the Brilliant Sword of Faith (Magic, Lore, No Drop, 2HS, 20 Damage, 44 Delay, 50 Mana, Weight 10.0, Paladin only).


16) HIGH KEEP. Go to Assistant Kiolna (Level 25) (near the Bankers) and give her the H.K. 102 Key.

She will give you a A Sealed Note (Lore, Weight 0.0) to deliver.

NOTE: Faction can be an issue. If you are KoS (Kill on Sight), you will not be able to compete this hand-in. If this is the case, the easy resolution is to shroud as a rogue, then hide/sneak behind Kiolna and then do the hand-in.



You need to find an NPC named Brother Hayle, near the spires standing by a tree (area of n1509, p2247), surrounded by some Gnolls (you may have to kill the Gnolls).

NOTE: He was formerly located in the Liar of Splitpaw, but was moved in 2005 when that zone was revamped.

Give him the A Sealed Note.

He should give you A Note (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.0), which basically tells you what items he needs / wants.

NOTE: You have to turn in all the items yourself (MQ'ing or Master Questing was eliminated for most things long ago).


18) Now give him the Glowing Sword Hilt, the Brilliant Sword of Faith, the Testimony and return A Note to him.

He will then give you the Soulfire!


If you note any errors, misspellings, item name errors, misinformation or anything that needs addressing on this page -- PLEASE let me know via an in-game EQ Message (Bonzz on the Bertoxxulous server), or post on Bonzz's Discord Server!


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