aka Xanamech Nezmirthafen Raid

Where to find them and how to do them!

Nitram thought he could fix Xanamech, but now the dragon's all a wreck! -- Bonzz


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This event is not only a Raid, but it is part of Planar Progression that allows proper access to the Plane of Innovation "Factory" area.



1) PLANE OF INNOVATION: You are here looking for Nitram Anizok. You will find him down the right hand path from the zone in, either wondering about or in a building in that direction.

Nitram Anizok is also a Vendor, but you are here for his Quest / Raid.

Hail and follow along, to start the Quest known as "Nitram's Collection."


2) ACQUIRE ITEMS: You now need to acquire the items Nitram Anizok wants.

They drop from assorted trash MOB's in the zone, with some being more common than others.

You need:


3) RAID ESCORT: While, in modern times, you don't actually need a raid, it is at this point that you need to form and have a raid in place, if that is what you want to do.

When ready, give the (3) items you collected (above) to Nitram Anizok.

Nitram Anizok will then begin a meandering slow path towards the raid spot.

You need to kill everything along the way to protect him. In fact, kill ahead of him to be sure, so he doesn't get close to any MOB at all (there have been reports that if he goes aggro along the way, later steps can fail). Also, don't aggro or attack Nitram. 

If he dies, you will have to start over and try again after he respawns.


4) XANAMECH NEZMIRTHFEN: Time to kill a mechanical dragon!

When Nitram Anizok finally gets to the raid spot, he will will finish making his contraption and activate the the dragon, Xanamech Nezmirthafen.

Of course, things go awry and you need to protect Nitram Anizok (he needs to survive the battle) from Xanamech Nezmirthafen!

Kill the Dragon!


5) FLAGGING: Once Xanamech Nezmirthafen is dead, talk to Nitram Anizok.

You should get text about receiving a flag (everyone should be able to do this).


6) FINALIZE YOUR KEY: Now head to the Factory doors (they are down the left path, from the zone in).

Click on the Factory door (you may have to click the bottom of the door, it can be tricky sometimes) to finalize your key and open the door!

You should get Achievement: Factory Code.


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