This quest allows you to by-pass the flag obtained for killing The Keeper of Sorrows, which is part of Planar Progression involved in the Saryrn sequence.

This will not count as "proper" flagging (for proper progression).


STATUS: Researched only!



1) PLANE OF TRANQUILITY: You are here looking for Veriok Dreik (Level 70).

NOTE: In order to do this quest, you must all ready have the flag for Saryrn.

Hail him and follow along (to make sure flagging is updated properly). The phrases are "What illness?" "Me?" and "I will help you."

WARNING: There has been a report that if you do NOT do this step first, this will bug and you cannot repeat it.


2) PLANE OF TORMENT: You are here to obtain Brains of the Tormentor (Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 5.0):

These drop off of the Crazed Mind Tormentor (Level: 71), who is located on the first floor inside Saryrn's tower (thus, you may need the key).


3) PLANE OF TRANQUILITY: Head back to Veriok.

Give him the Brains of the Tormentor and he will grant you the by-pass flag for The Keeper of Sorrows.


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