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This quest will gain you access to the 3rd Tier Plane, the Hall of Honor!

You can get into HoH at level 57 without a flag.

However, doing this quest can gain you a free AA point and increase the stats on your Intricate Wooden Totem.

In order to successfully complete the quest, you must also have completed a trial in the Plane of Justice (you may not be able to zone on the last step if you have not).

It will also help if you have all ready done the Key to Aerin`Dar's Lair quest (or be with someone who has), as you may not be able to get in, otherwise.

There is also an alternate quest that will not get you the free AA, but it will give you access to HoH. This quest is commonly called the "Box of Souls" -- outlined on this page after the main quest.


STATUS: Progression Quest (only) Completed and Verified!


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1) PLANE OF VALOR: This entire quest is done in Plane of Valor.

You is a raid event for up to 72 Players. 

The raid will need to make its way to the lair of Aerin'Dar (Level 70), which requires a flag/key to gain access to. Fortunately, only one person needs it, to open the door for everyone else.

Once in the lair, buff up, med up and everyone click the portal stone (center of the room there) to get teleported into the main part of the lair.

Aerin'Dar is in the center of a platform surrounded by various guards, mostly Mindless Minions (Level 63) and Rahlgon (Level 65).

The key here is to take the dragon, Aerin'Dar alone, by pulling him off the platform. He has a 500 HP DoT, a 3K DD with a 45% slow.

It may be necessary that a couple of players attain aggro on one (or more) of the Mindless Minions and Rahlgon, and kite them around in circles as the main battle takes place. 

(UPDATE: These days, you can just kill it all, pretty easily.)


2) After Aerin'Dar is dead, A Planar Projection (Level 1) will spawn on the platform.

You need to hail A Planar Projection to get your character flag.

WARNING: Clicking on the platform where it is standing, will cause the platform to tilt! This will kill A Planar Projection. If this happens, no one will be able to get a flag.

I was able to target A Planar Projection by standing a distance off the platform and targeting long distance. Then I ran up and hailed it.

You can also use the F8 key or type "/tar a_planar."


3) To complete the process from here, you must have all ready completed the Plane of Justice flagging process (won a trial), or you will not be able to zone (sure death may await you, if you can't gate out or zone out).

After everyone has hailed A Planar Projection, it is now time to click the platform and fall into the water below.

From there everyone needs to run along the tunnels (aggro can be ignored, normally) to the Halls of Honor portal.

You will see a building with electrical arcs going across the face. This is the portal.

Click it to complete the flagging process and zone into the Halls of Honor!



aka The Box of Souls

1) PLANE OF NIGHTMARE: You need to obtain a Nightmare Mephit Heart (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 2.0).

It drops of off A Misery Mephit (Level 59).


2) PLANE OF INNOVATION: You need to obtain a Solid Block of Perilium (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 20.0).

It drops off of A Corroded Prototype (Level 54) and A Rust Covered Model (Level 55).


3) PLANE OF VALOR: You need to obtain a Crystal Spider Brain (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 2.0).

It drops off of A Lucid Arachnae and A Luminii Crawler (both Level 62).


4) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: You will now need a Blacksmithing skill of at least 139… or 3,000 Platinum... your choice.

Either way, there is a chance the combine will fail! 

Either option will net you the Box of Souls, if successful!


**** BLACKSMITHING OPTION: You will need to make the Box of Souls (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 10.0).

You will need a Water Flask and a Smithy Hammer.

Find a New Tanaan Forge (Plane of Knowledge) and combine the items from the first three steps with the Water Flask (Weight 0.4) and the Smithy Hammer (Weight 18.0), both of which can be purchased/obtained from merchants or other players.


***** PLATINUM OPTION: Find Borik Darkanvil (Level 60) (smithing area).

Hail him and follow along (if you desire, it isn't required), saying "Special recipes," and "Will you make me a box of souls?"

Or, just try saying, "Will you forge them for me?"

Give him the three items from the first three steps and the 3,000 Platinum (no hammer or water needed) and hope he succeeds with the combine.


5) PLANE OF JUSTICE: You need to find and kill Tormented Wraith (Level 45) until you get three (3) MOB's to spawn.

They are the Exiled Officer of Marr, the Exiled Soldier of Marr and the Exiled Trooper of Marr.

They are targetable but cannot be attacked and there will be no battle.

Simply give each one of them the Box of Souls.

Each will return it along with an item, namely a Soul Sphere (angry) (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.5); a Soul Sphere (calm) (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.5); and a Soul Sphere (resisting) (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.5).

NOTE: They may not spawn on the same cycle, so you may have to stay there and while.


6) PLANE OF VALOR: Now find Grenic Drere (Level 67).

He is up near the entrance to the Aerin'Dar chamber, in the north east corner.

But wait! Share the wealth with some friends! Bring a full group with you, as everyone will get the alternative flag/key!

Hail Grenic and follow along if you desire (this is not required).

Give him the box and the three (3) spheres and he will give you the Ring of Marr (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.2)!

NOTE: Once you use this item, it should disappear and you should get Achievement: Ring of Marr.

The other members of your group will not get the actual ring, but it will (or should) show up on their key ring!

NOTE: Other group members may need to be in the same zone, if not in close proximity to get credit.

NOTE: This does not count as proper flagging.


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