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This is a solo task for an item that will summon a swarm pet.

The good thing about this pet is the 6 Regen, 6% Double Attack bonus and the fact that the pet fights with you.

Don't get too excited, however… he isn't on par with a Mage pet or anything like that!

Despite being a solo task, it may be best done with a group.


Direwolf Totem of Battle: Lore, No Trade, Magic; Weight 0.5, Ammo Slot; Required Level 70;Clicky Effect: Stoic Wolf Familiar (6 Regen, Double Attack 6% and the pet will fight with you)


STATUS: Verified!



1) ICEFALL GLACIER: The entire task takes place in this zone.

You are looking for Pack Leader Orgak (Level 75). He is inside the Orc Fort in the northeast section of the zone, near the Valdeholm zone line.

Hail him and follow along, or just try saying, "What meat?"

You should have received three (3) Meat for Orgak's Wolves (No Trade, Weight 1.5).

!!! NOTE !!!  If you are not at least indifferent to him, you may have to shroud up (Rogue) to speak to him. If you need to shroud up into a rogue, let’s make sure you understand why. As a rogue, you can "hide" and "sneak." Sneaking up behind a NPC/MOB renders you indifferent. Keep in mind this only works with "sneak" and from behind. Thus, when you "speak" to an NPC, don't hail them, as this will make then turn to face you. In fact, speak only the key phrase (above) and nothing else. You can also "hide" as rogue, while sneaking, but this is only good for running place to place.


2) Now head for the Kobold caves on the other side (west) of the zone (near Wizard Spires).

In the caves on the western wall, you will find three cages in the northern section. Each cage has A Captured Dire Wolf Pup (Level 65) inside. You need to open the cage, to feed (trade) a Meat for Orgak's Wolves to it. To open the cage, you have to break it open (attack), thus the danger.

Once you feed all three A Captured Dire Wolf Pup, they will "escape."


3) Now you need to kill ten (10) "Nightmoon" Kobolds of any kind (Level 67 to 75).


4) Now head back to Pack Leader Orgak.

Contrary to what I said above about sneaking, the required step is to now hail him to finish the task.

You should get your Direwolf Totem of Battle!


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