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In the old days, you had to click on each corpse to see what they dropped and / or loot the item(s) they dropped (if you wanted them).

This often meant right clicking each item to evaluate if you wanted it, or not.

Further, if you were in a group, there would be a process, such as rolling (/ran) for each item, individually.

This all took time (after each kill) and truly slowed down active game time.

Now, with the Advanced Looting (/advloot) system, you don't have to do ever do that again (except maybe in raid settings, where DKP is usually put into play).

Advanced Looting can significantly speed up game play. Even so, I know Players who refuse to use it and learn to use it (/boggle). Don't be one of those players! Advanced Looting will change your EQ experience for the better!

It may seem complicated on the surface, but it really isn't. Once you start to use it, it becomes pretty much intuitive.

With that said, however, initially, it does require a level of attention, but not as much attention than when you manually loot corpses.

In fact, as you use Advanced looting, the less and less time / effort it takes. Once you set / make decisions for each 'new' item that drops off of a MOB, you never have to do so again, unless you want to change it.

Once you select an option, you never have to do it again for that same item (unless you want to change it). Thus, as selections are set, better the experience gets, as you will have less and less 'new' items to select a setting for. The long term result is more time actively adventuring and less things left to rot (items left unlooted), which translates to more (free) Tradeskill supplies and even a fatter bank (from selling looted vendor items).


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!!!!! QUICK LINKS !!!!!





To open your Advanced Loot Window, simply type /advloot (or EQ Button -> Actions -> Advanced Loot).

Using the image above, here is what all the buttons mean...

(#1) The 'Loot All' button means to loot everything you see in then top 'Personal Loot' window (#2). Click it and they will all drop into your bags in one swoop. There is also a similar (noted later) 'Loot All' selection in your Options Window (Alt O).

(#2) The top 'Personal Loot' section is where your loot items will appear. Items will appear here based on several factors that include your settings, selections and if you are in a group or a raid, and or if you are awarded (win) or given the item(s).

(#3) This selection box applies whichever selection you make, to all of the items in the window / section ('Personal Loot') above it. You can select 'Loot All' (immediately sends it the items into your inventory), 'Leave All' (immediately leaves it all on the corpse(s)), 'Always Need,' 'Always Greed' or 'Never' (any of which will be a permanent selection for you). See below image.

(#4) The lower window / section ('Shared Loot') of the Advanced Loot Window displays a list of items that have dropped, but not have yet been awarded to anyone. This column ('Item') is a graphic of the item(s), the 'Action' status of the items (explained later), a Manage Button (explained later), and a number of labeled columns (also explained below). An item that has a 'Padlock' symbol on it (see image below) can be awarded to you, nut the Loot is locked (you can't loot it). This is because you were not present when the MoB was killed.. such as being too far away (basically, not in experience range), not in zone, dead and similar reasons. However, you can click the corpse to unlock the item and you will then be able to loot it.

(#5) This column is a 'Status' window of a pending action with a given item (see image below). A red octagon ('stop sign') means that the Master Looter has stopped any action on the item, until they decide what to do with it (this prevents an accidental roll and / or looting of such items). A question mark with dice symbol means the item is set to ask and then roll. A dice symbol indicates an item that is set to roll. A question mark means the item is set to roll. A hand symbol means the item is set as 'Free Grab' (any Player can click the hand and loot the item).

(#6) This column labeled 'Action', if you are the 'Master Looter' (you have control of the Advanced Loot window in a group or raid), allows you to right click and decide an action with the item on that row.. Free Grab (anyone can grab it from the Advanced loot Window), Give to a specific Player, Leave on Corpse...). The symbols in this columns mean the same thing as the symbols in the 'Action' column (see #5, above).

(#7) This column, labeled 'Manage' allows different options related to the item on that line. Right click for a menu or direct click for a pop-up window (see image below).

(#8) This column merely shows if, as Master Looter, you have items set to automatically to 'ask' if any one has it set to 'need,' and if none are, then ask if anyone has it set to 'greed.' If only one Player is set to Need, or Greed, the item will be awarded to them. If more than one Player has the same setting, then the item will go to 'Roll.'

NOTE: When items in Advanced Loot are 'rolled,' the Advanced Loot System will automatically create a roll for each Player (/ran 1,000) and then award the item to the winner. This requires no effort on the part of the Players, it happens automatically. I have never seen a tie roll, but I assume if there is one, the system does a roll off. Loot is awarded as 'Need' before 'Greed' in the following fashion / sequence:

(#9 & #12) These columns, labeled 'ND' & 'AN,' short for 'NEED' / 'ALWAYS NEED' -- use this for items you always want.

(#10 & #13) These columns, labeled  'GD' & 'AG,' short for 'GREED' / 'ALWAYS GREED,' -- use this for items you want, but don't actually need, to allow anyone who may actually need it to have it.

(#11 & #14) These columns, labeled 'NO' & 'NV,' short for 'NO' / 'NEVER,' -- use this for items you never want, all all.

NOTE: In the above three (3) lines, paired columns appear to be the essentially the same, as if you select one, it auto selects the other. Keep it simple and always make sure the matching sets are clicked, and not mismatched. The difference between them is that one ties into your Loot Filters, so that your Loot setting automatically apply (see below).

NOTE: If you are completely Solo (no Merc), you will not see all the Loot Setting Categories (see below image), as the ones you don't see primarily apply to Group / Raid settings, related to Master Looter controls.

(#15) This column is the name of the MOB that dropped the item listed on the same line. This is useful when you may have not been in zone, waiting on a rez, or too far away from a MoB when it was killed. When that happens, the items that MoB dropped are 'greyed' out with 'Lock' symbol on them (noted later) and you are not able to loot them. To remedy this, you can see the name of the MoB in question and then right click the corpse to 'unlock' the loot in the Advanced loot Window. Luckily, especially when there are a lot of corpses, you can target the needed corpse in the Advanced Loot Window! To do this, right click on the name of the MoB that has the locked loot, and then choose 'Select Corpse.' The corpse will then appear in your Target Window (see image below), making the corpse even easier to find. Even better, if you have corpses hidden (/hidecorpse alwaysnpc), it will make the corpse visible to you, as well! There is also the option to use the /hidecorpse listedunlocked command, to hide all but the corpses that have locked loot on them. There is also the command to /hidecorpse listed.

NOTE: As you can see in the image above, there is also a 'Link All' option. This option is deceptive. it does not link all Loot that is current showing in the 'Shared Loot' window. Instead, it will link all loot from that one MoB, or MoB's of the same name, to your Chat Window (the settings in your active Chat window, determines where you link them). Keep in mind that Players in your Group and / or Raid can all ready see them.

(#16) If you are the Master Looter, the 'Set All To' drop down menu allows you instantly set everything in the window above, to whichever setting or Player you choose on the list. See Master Looter section for more.

(#17) The 'Apply Filters' box has to do with saving and remembering and then applying your preferences to every item that drops. You should always have this box checked, in my opinion. This way, once you make a selection on a given item, you will not have to do it again. Slowly but surely, you will build up a library (of sorts) on if you want certain loot, or not. As a result, you will have to make such selections less and less often (only on new items).

(#18) The 'Group by NPC's' box means that loot that drops from the same MoB, will be listed together (in sequence) in the 'Shared Loot' (bottom) window, rather as hodgepodge jumbled up list.

(#19) The 'Master Looter' will reveal the name of the Player who is currently in control of the Advanced Loot Window. By default, this is also the Group or Raid Leader. However, this can be changed by the Group Leader (right click the players name in the Group window, to see a list of selectable assignment options) or the Raid Leader (via the options at the bottom of the Raid Window... Alt R).

(#20) The 'Edit Filters' button allows you to modify your Advanced Loot Filters (explained below).

(#21) The 'Loot Settings' button, allows you other options, such as using or not using Advanced Loot (explained below).

NOTE: Most columns can be sorted by clicking the Column Header (name).




Click the 'Loot Settings' button and you will get another pop up window.

Using the above image...

(#1) 'Auto Split Coin' means that any coin that drops is split among your group / raid. Otherwise, the Master Looter gets all the Coin. I think the days of someone looting all the coin and then using the /split command, is a thing of the past. A similar / same option is also in your Options (Alt O) window.

(#2) 'Use Advanced Looting' is straight forward... check the box to use Advanced Looting. Don't check the box, and you are left to use the old school bend-over and check every corpse method, which take so much more play time and effort than you may realize. I strongly recommend to always use Advanced Looting to streamline gameplay, except in a raid setting. Turning off Advanced Loot is in the a Raid Setting (for which you also need to be the Master Looter), since things are 'automatic' for the most part, prevents accidental / unintended rolls and accidental looting (based on the settings of the Players). HOWEVER -- if chose to not use Advanced loot, and join a group where the group leader is using Advance Loot, then, by default, you will necessarily also be using Advanced Loot (at least, while in that group). 

(#3) 'Confirm Remove Item Filter' provides a pop-up 'Are you sure?' window when you try remove and item from your Advanced Loot Filters (to make sure it was not accidental). This is a good idea! You should leave / keep everything in your filters and never remove anything, in my opinion. If it is an item you have no interest in, simply select 'NO' / 'NV.'

(#4) 'Auto Remove Looted Lore Items,' if selected, with automatically remove any Lore item from your filters once you loot it. This is NOT a good idea. You would be amazed at how many items are Lore. So, if you loot items for tribute, to send to Alts, to sell in Bazaar and whatever other reasons... you can see why this is a bad idea. I suggest to never select this option.

(#5) 'Auto Show Loot Window' will automatically pop up your Advanced Loot Window, when MoB's are killed and loot drops. It will automatically close, as well, when all loot has been dispersed (awarded). Most people prefer this option, as they can see what drops at a glance.

(#6) 'Show on new items only' will allow you make it so that your Advanced Loot Window will never pop up, unless a 'new' item that drops for which you have not yet made a selection for ('ND,' 'GD,' 'NO' and so forth). However, when anything pops int your 'Personal Loot,' the Advanced loot Window will still pop up.

(#7) 'Auto Loot All,' if selected, will automatically loot all items that appear in the 'Person Loot' (top window) list. I have never found a need to select this option, as the the 'ND' / 'AN' and 'GD' / 'AG" items seem to auto loot, anyway. Additionally, you do not want to automatically loot items that you have not yet made a selection on. However, you will not loot 'No Trade' items if your settings are to ask first. Change the setting to 'Never' and you will not have to confirm each item, every time (Alt O -- bottom right side, 'No Drop Item' menu).

(#8) 'Master Looter Candidate' toggles if you want to be eligible to be the Master Looter (control Advanced Loot), or not. Being Master Looter does require at least a small level of attentiveness and effort.




Click the 'Edit Filters' Button (#1, in the image below) and you will get another pop up window. This window can be used to modify loot (item) settings and / or merge / replace loot Filters from other Characters.

Using the above image...

(#2) The 'Merge / Replace Filters' button will pop open another window called 'Copy Loot Filters.'

(#3) In the 'Copy Loot Filters' window, you will see a list of 'Source Loot Filters' (named for the Characters they apply to) that are in the EQ Directory on your computer (Advanced Loot settings for your Characters are saved on your computer, not the EQ Servers, in the 'userdata' folder... while you an manually modify these, I strongly recommend that you do NOT even try!).

(#4) The 'Merge' button to merge the Loot Filters that you have highlighted (in 'Source Loot Filters' section) with the Filters of the Character that you are currently using. Using this option 'should' simply merge the filters of the other Character into the filters of the Character you are on (add items you don't have and merge the ones you do have). Nothing 'should' be deleted. This process is great for new Characters and / or Characters who have done little to nothing with Advanced Looting, as it can immediately give them a 'library' of loot (item) settings (rather than having to build them up, along the way).

NOTE: Before using this option, it would be a good idea to back up your EQ Files, so that you can simply add them back if things go awry. In fact, you should always keep (and regularly update) a back-up of folders / settings of your EQ files, just in case.

(#5) The 'Replace' button acts exactly as noted above (see #4), EXCEPT (!!!WARING!!!) IT WILL REPLACE ALL FILTERS ON THE CHARACTER YOU ARE ON! For this reason, I recommend that you never use this option.

(#6) The 'Search for item' box in the 'Edit Loot Filters' window, is just that. A Search Box. Type in a partial name, or full name, of an item and click the 'Search' button to get a list of results. A list of possible matches will appear in the window below. As many possible matches that apply will appear in the results, limited by how many items you have typed in the 'Max search results' box (see #7).

(#7) The 'Max search results' box is set to a default of '10.' However, you can manually change this number to show even more results. I am not sure what the maximum is, but going beyond 25 is likely not necessary, to find the item you seek (and the bigger the number you type, the longer it takes the results to populate).

(#8) The 'Item' column shows a graphic of each item.

(#9) The 'Item name' column shows the name of each item.

(#10, #11 & #12) The 'AN,' 'AG' & 'NV' columns show if which option you have selected. You can change this selection by clicking whichever category you wish. This part if the primary need / purpose of the 'Edit Filter's section, really.

(#13) This column merely shows if, as Master Looter, you have items set to automatically to 'ask' if any one has it set to 'need,' and if none are, then ask if anyone has it set to 'greed.'

(#14) This column provides an 'X' ('Remove') Button, that will fully remove the item (that is on the same line) from your Advanced Loot Filters. I do not recommend this, as you should leave / keep everything in your filters and never remove anything, in my opinion. If it is an item you have no interest in, simply select 'NO' / 'NV.'



CHARACTER OPTIONS (Related to Advanced Loot)

As previously noted, there are selections in your Options Window, that can relate to Advance Loot.

Using the above image...

(#1) Setting the 'No Drop Item' menu to 'Never' prevents having to confirm looting a No trade item, every time one is awarded to you.

(#2) The 'Loot All' selection determines if you want to see a  confirmation window every time you 'loot all.' I recommend that you do not check this box (unlike the image shown), so you don't have to confirm this every time.




Master Looter, by default is the Group Leader and / or the Raid Leader.

The Advanced Loot Window is is the same in Raid as it is in Group.

The Group can change (designate) who is Master looter (right click the players name in the Group window, to see a list of selectable assignment options). The Raid Leader can also change (designate) who is Master Looter (via the options at the bottom of the Raid Window... Alt R).

As the Master Looter, you basically have authority over what happens to any and all Loot in the Loot Window ('Shared Loot' section, see image below).

The Advanced loot Window will always pop up for the Master Looter, even if they have their 'Loot Settings' for it not to pop up (explained above). That is, unless all of the items are all ready marked as 'Ask/Roll.'

In the above Image, you can see that there is a 'Set All to' (#1) menu button below the 'Shared Loot' window. This button allows the Looter to manipulate all items (at the same time) via a drop down menu (#2).

The 'Need,' 'Greed,' 'No,' 'Always Need,' 'Always Greed,' & 'Never' options will set all the loot as selected, but it will only apply to the Master Looter (it will add it (or change it) to the Mater Looter's personal Advance Loot Filters (see above). It will not make any changes to other Players in the Group or Raid. The rest of the options, however, do apply to the Group / Raid.

The 'Ask' Option will set the current Loot to 'Ask' who wants to item based on the settings of the Players in the Group or Raid. The Ask will look for Players who have the item set to 'Need,' and if none, look for any Players who have the item set to 'Greed.' If only one Player has such a selection, the item will be awarded to them. If more than one Player has the same selection, then the item will roll off between those Players. If no Player has 'Need' or 'Greed' selected, the item will be give to or rolled on by any Players who have not any selection at all, on the item. Otherwise, the item will be left on the MoB's corpse.

The 'Roll' Option will do exactly as above, except it will not ask first, it will simply roll off to any Players who have 'Need,', if none then 'Greed,' if none then any Players who made selection on the item at all. Otherwise, the item will be left on the MoB's corpse.

The 'Ask / Roll' is a combination of the two above, except it asks and goes to roll faster (this is speculation / unverified, there has been no clear answer for this one).

The 'Auto Ask / Roll' option is the same as the 'Ask / Roll,' except all Loot get set to this option, henceforth (this is speculation / unverified, there has been no clear answer for this one).

'Enable Free Grab' sets all current loot so that anyone can take loot directly from the 'Shared Loot' window by clicking the 'Hand' icon.

'Leave on Corpse' will leave all the current loot on the MoB corpses.

Next, there will be listed every Player in your Group or Raid, which you can select and send all Loot directly to them, one one swoop! This is NOT recommended by any means, particularly in a Raid setting or where No Trade items are involved!

NOTE: Some settings take priority over other settings and cannot be changed. Thus, when you try to set all loot to a certain thing, but some don't change, this is why. Once an item is set to 'Free Grab,' it can not be changed to 'Ask,' for instance.

In Raid situations, the Master Looter doesn't actually do anything different than if they were in a Group.

However, there are Raid settings that relate to Advanced Looting, but controlled by the Raid Leader.

Using the above image...

The 'MstrLooter' button (#1) will make whatever Player is highlighted in the top window (#2) the Master Looter and place a '*L*' by their name (#3).

Clicking the 'Options' Button will bring up a 'Raid Options Window' (#4). In that window is a 'Set the loot type' menu, where the Loot can be set to Leader Only (fully controlled by the Raid Leader); Leader and Group Leader (controlled by the Raid Leader and Group Leaders); Leader Selected (controlled by a designated Player); and 'Entire Raid' (essentially, 'Free Grab').

NOTE: An interesting thing with Advanced Loot, is the situation where you are not in the same zone as your Group or Raid. In that situation, you are the default Master Looter in that zone! If there is more than one Group / Raid member in the zone with you, then it appears the Master Looter status defaults to the Player who joined the Group / Raid first. However, once you enter the same zone as your Group / Raid (or the zone where the actual Master Looter is located) the real Master Looter is back in control.




If you like it basic and simple, here are some very basic, keep-it-simple notes on using Advanced Loot. I'll leave it to you to figure out more (or you can find it elsewhere on this page).

That's it. That will get you up and running with Advanced Loot. If you come across a need for other options / needs, the answers can likely be found on this page.


If you note any errors, misspellings, item name errors, misinformation or anything that needs addressing on this page -- PLEASE let me know via an in-game EQ Message (Bonzz on the Bertoxxulous server), or post on Bonzz's Discord Server!


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