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With the Empires of Kunark expansion, AA's were added to the Tradeskill Mastery lines.

These AA's, while progressively very expensive, allow you to get your trade skills up to an unmodified skill level of 350. They essentially extend your maximum skill by 5, per level.

You will notice that when you buy one of these AA's, you may automatically gain at least one (1) and as many as five (5) new skill levels, with no combines required. There is a reason for this!

Unlike the path from 0 to 300, the path 301 to 350 is achieved in a different way.

As you may know, the path from 0 to 300 involves doing redundant combines of recipes that are above your current unmodified skill level.

This is NOT the case with the skill path from 301 to 350!

The path to 350 is based solely -- 100% -- on how many recipes you know... no matter the trivial level (they can have a trivial of just 20 and count), To put it bluntly, trivial level does not matter. What does matter is learning new recipes. 

So, if you "learned" a lot of recipes in the past, you will see automatic skill ups granted when you purchase the new AA's.

However, a few AA's into the process, you may soon notice that you did not receive credit for the full 5 levels, or any at all.

It is at this point that your "recipe collection" has fell short, so to speak, and the arduous work begins.

You now have to learn LOADS of new recipes (the recipes that do not appear in your tradeskill recipe window, as you have not learned them)!

"Learning" a recipe is accomplished in one of two ways... scribing a recipe book or successfully making an item (you only have to make the item once to "learn" a recipe).

The question then becomes, how do you figure out what recipes to learn?

Well, this page is all about that tedious process!

Fair warning to the more recent EQ players who are so accustomed to the easy button -- and a shout out to the old school veterans -- this process will be a lot like original trade skill days! In that you are learning new recipes, you will have to add the ingredients manually. There will also be a lot of research, back and forth trading between alts/boxes, farming and so forth -- in order to acquire all the ingredients and maintain the extra's somewhere, until you are done!




1) The path to 350 involves buying all of the Mastery AA's. You can follow the below process before you buy the AA's -- just be aware that you will not see any actual skill increases (progress) until you buy the AA's.

2) The path to 350 involves "learning recipes" -- NOT redundant over trivial combines. This means you may need to find and scribe any tradeskill books you may have missed; and/or acquire the raw materials (ingredients) to make just one (1) of any items (recipes) that you do not see in your tradeskill recipe window (list). The good news here is that you do not need stacks and stacks of raw materials (but you may still need a number of certain raw materials simply because they are used in so many recipes).

3) To be perfectly clear -- this process is all about learning new recipes and has NOTHING to do with repeated combines or the trivial levels of those combines.

4) There is an associated hidden achievement for every 10 levels of each tradeskill.

5) It appears that in order to reach a skill of 350, you will need to have learned upwards of 98% of the applicable recipes in each skill.

NOTE / UPDATE: This 98% appears to actually have been a reference to the recipes in the game at the time Artisan prize was released. It now appears that the basis was actually a set number of recipes ("count"). Subsequent expansions have added to the total number of recipes for each skill, and the new recipes do count. In short, it appears once you hit the number of needed recipes (not a percentage), you can attain 350.

6) Many skills are intertwined. That is, you need to make things with one skill to use in another skill, so be prepared for that.

7) This overall process will need to be repeated for each skill!

8) And the best news of all? This process increases the stats on The Artisan's Prize!

9) To max out the stats of The Artisan's Prize, you must increase the nine (9) basic tradeskills to a cumulative total of 3,020. That is 30 short of having a 350 skill in every skill (250 for Fishing).

10) Alchemy, Poisonmaking & Tinkering are the only three (3) skills that are not required, but reports are that skill ups with those skills also apply towards maximizing the stats of the Artisan's Prize.



1) This process will require some off-line set up and preparation.

2) The preparation can be accomplished in three basic ways...

3) The complete recipe lists can be acquired from the EQ Traders web site. From the EQ Traders recipe page, click on any recipe (i.e. Brewing) and it will take you to a page specifically about that trade skill. Once on that page, you should see a link that says, "COMPLETE RECIPE LIST" (or in the case of Fishing, the link will take you directly to a full list to start with). This is the list you want, as it includes the name of the recipe, the recipe itself, and the trivial level... not to mention individual listings for alternative recipes (some items can be made with alternative ingredients and each of those alternatives are a stand-alone recipe to learn).

4) In January 2018, Daybreak added an in-game recipe command. The patch read as follows: "Added an /outputfile recipes command. It will output the names of tradeskill recipes you know if they qualify you for additional skill points past the 300 cap."  The resulting recipe list will include ONLY the recipes that YOU ALREADY KNOW that apply towards the 350 skill.

However, one of the Dev's was more specific and posted what does NOT count towards this process, namely:

* Recipes that have a trivial level below 16;

* Recipe that are not "auto-learned;"

* Recipes that do not require the player to all ready know the recipe to attempt the combine;

* And Recipes that use quest containers for the combine.



1) The first step is to get the "complete" list from EQ Traders (see above). Understand that the EQ Traders list can (and will) include a host of recipes that do not apply towards this process, as well as recipes listed under a different name than you may see in the game itself. 

2) Next, individually pull your recipe lists from EQ using the command: /outputfile recipes XXXXX

XXXX would be the related name of one of the skills as follows: Alchemy, Baking, Blacksmithing, Brewing, Fishing, Fletching, Jewelcrafting, Poisonmaking, Pottery, Research, Tailoring or Tinkering.

Example: /outputfile recipes baking

The list(s) from EQ only include a a number and an item name (I assume the number is an internal item reference number). It does NOT include the recipes or the trivial levels.

3) Now it is a matter of eliminating items on the EQ Traders list versus the EQ output list. If it's on the EQ List, eliminate it from your EQ Traders list.

4) Once that is done, your EQ Traders list should now be much smaller. 

However, there is still more to do. You can eliminate even more from this list using the following as a basis:

5) SPECIAL NOTE: There are some recipes that actually produce more than one DIFFERENT item in the combine. I do not mean two (2) or more of the same item, but (2) or more entirely different items. Because of this, you may see the same recipe listed in your EQ Traders more than once, but listed under the name of each of the different items produced. Meanwhile, you will only see the recipe listed once in the in-game recipe window. Fortunately, the EQ Traders list usually tells you what is made with each recipe. While it may involve a little more effort on the top end, it can and will save you time later to just go ahead and eliminate all but one (1) of the duplicated recipes in advance. EXAMPLE: Prepared Fish & Fish Bones (Fishing) -- delete the Fish Bone recipes, as they go by "Prepared Fish" in the game recipe window (you will NOT find Fish Bones in the in-game list).

6) SPECIAL NOTE: Keep in mind that there is -- and will be -- some variation of recipe names between what you find on EQ Traders and what you see on the EQ list. It may sometimes require going back to EQ Traders to verify and/or just figuring it out. EXAMPLE: "NOCK" arrow recipes (EQ Traders) versus "GROOVE" arrow recipes (EQ) (Fletching).

7) SPECIAL NOTE: There are some items that show up in the EQ recipe lists with a different name than the item made. As of this typing, for instance, a "Small Bottle of Soy Sauce" shows up as simply "Soy Sauce" in the EQ recipe list. There are also variant spellings... such as some of the "KABOBS" show up in as "KA-BOBS." Keep this in mind when eliminating recipes, because such concerns can and will lead you to believe that you need to learn a recipe, when you do not!



1) You should now be left with an EQ Traders  "short list" of recipes to work on.

2) Acquire the ingredients and accomplish one (1) -- and only one (1) -- successful combine for each item on the list, to learn the recipe. Then move on to the next one. Repeat until you get to 350!

3) SPECIAL NOTE: As you go along you may come across a recipe that will not combine and you should get a message indicating the recipe seems right, but something is missing. What is missing is likely a required scribed scroll/book (some of which are quested or dropped by MOB's, as opposed to being Vendor sold)! Simply go find scribe the book/scroll in question, scribe it and no combine will be needed at all

4) SPECIAL NOTE: You may or may not have done the Gates of Discord tradeskill freebie quests in Abysmal Sea (which allow the refining of Gates of Discord Raw Materials), or the alternative ones in Crescent Reach. It is possible these recipes may not apply towards this process, as they are "quest only" items using "quest only" ingredients. So, if a skill of 350 is evading you, you can revisit this issue. You do not have to do the freebie quests (in fact, you may not be able to, once you are above a 54 skill level). Instead, you can simply go to each quest giver, in both zones, and say, "Recipes." This will instantly teach you the recipes that are derived from that NPC's quest. (Your chat window will be spammed with the recipes they teach you.)



1) Don't forget to equip your tradeskill trophies, no matter the trivial level of any recipe! Many of these recipes may have low trivial levels, but the trophy can further help reduce failures and the potential need to acquire replacement raw materials, due to failures.

2) Take notice of items you make. They may, in turn, also be used in a recipe themselves (aka a sub-combine ingredient). Save these items, as you may need them later, rather than having to make them again! Or go make the item they are used in, now, to free up space and eliminate that recipe as well!

3) Learning a recipe is straight forward. Acquire the ingredients and successfully make the item. You only need to do this once. Once done, eliminate that recipe from your list and then move on to the next recipe.

4) If you are a habitual tradeskiller, it is likely that the majority of recipes you do not know involve one or more non-Vendor items... more specifically, foraged, fished or dropped items.

5) It is also likely that many of those same foraged, fished or dropped items are used in multiple recipes.

6) For those reasons, it is a good idea to use the recipes on your list to develop a shopping list, so you don't have to keep going back and forth to farm the same zones and/or having to acquire the same item(s)... again and again.

7) I also recommend, for those items (ingredients) that are used in multiple recipes (no matter the skill involved), to go ahead and make all the recipes they are used in while you still have that particular ingredient in your inventory (no matter the skill). This can save time, effort and especially inventory space later on, since it eliminates all recipes that use that particular raw material (ingredient).

8) The number of new recipes needed to see a skill increase varies by skill. The skill ups are based on a percentage of the total applicable recipes you know versus the  total count of applicable recipes in a given skill. So, you will see quick skill ups with Fishing (limited number of recipes), but slow skill ups with Research (a veritable host of recipes). In fact, it appears that percentage was used to decide a static number of recipes, as recipes from the a later expansions have been reported to also count towards this process.

9) TIP: In that you do not need to learn 100% of the possible recipes, the recipes that require the truly rare ingredients might also be ones that you can ignore... at least initially. For instance, it may be possible to fully ignore Baking recipes that use Nest Dragon Meat (it is used in 9 basic recipes, and those, in turn, are used in about 20-ish more recipes). So, ignore those recipes until the end.

10) Once you begin to run out of recipes and still haven't made 350, I suggest you start to review the recipes that were previously ignored. Start with the rare ingredient recipes (noted above); the freebie quest recipes; quest recipes; and then the below 16 trivial recipes; etc..

11) If you have somehow eliminated every recipe on the list, I can promise you that there is something you missed... somewhere! The only resolution to this is to re-do the entire process of elimination!  I had a similar issue with Baking. I was at 349 and down to nothing but the recipes that used the ever-so-rare Nest Dragon Meat. Impatient, I went ahead and reviewed my recipe list. Lo and behold, I found that there were two (2) different recipes for Salted Fish -- and I had learned only one (1) of them! I accomplished the missing recipe and 350 happened! I also had this issue with Pottery, and sure enough, I had missed a couple of scribed books!

12) ROOM TO PLAY WITH: Remember, if you are doing this for the sole purpose of maxing out the Artisan's Prize, you do have about 60 Skill Levels to play with. It appears every 7+ skill levels will gain you an increase in the Artisan's Prize. So, if you are stuck at 345, 346, 347, 348 or 349... you can still max out the augmentation and forget getting that skill all the way to 350 (supposedly a cumulative skill of 3,020 in the common skills will do it)!



1) It is said that there are recipes that have never been "discovered." That is, no player has figured out the recipe or made the recipe in game. The evidence of this can be seen in a number of items that are marked as trade skill items, but no known recipes are listed on Allakhazam or EQ Traders. I call them the "Mystery Items." A fun angle you can add to this process, is trying to discover a use for such items! For example, I had a few Necromantic Chokai Bass, which are (were) marked as tradeskill items. Considering that many trade skill raw materials have a notable pattern to their uses, I tried assorted ways to use it in variant Fishing, Baking & Brewing recipes, to no avail. The effort was a fun side distraction, but it did delay the process a bit. Anyway, it seems pretty clear getting to 350 can be done with known recipes. (UPDATE: GM Ngreth has now indicated that the Necromantic Chokai Bass has no actual recipe use, but the gist of the example is still valid.)

2) Access to a maxed out forager (Ranger) would be extremely helpful.

3) Developing and/or following a logical protocol, can help tremendously towards reducing back-and-forth to a Banker/Vendor/Alts, repeated farming of needs, reduce bag space limitations and so forth.

I do not, however, recommend a protocol of doing combines by trivial spans, as it will hamper your bag space.

I recommend, instead, other options such as following a pattern based on an ingredient... meaning learning all the recipes that a certain raw material is used in, while you have it in your inventory; Work on only one skill at a time; Work on the cheaper skills first (i.e. NOT Jewelry Making or Research); Work on the skills with the least recipes first (i.e. Fishing); Work on recipes where you already have the ingredients stored up in your bank or on a mule (alt); Initially avoid recipes that include hard-to-get or rare items; Give priority to recipes that only involve vendor sold items; Give priority to recipes that use only one (1) easily acquired non-vendor item; Give priority to recipes that do not include sub-combines.

4) TIP: You may see Jewelry recipes that call for a "Pale Nihilite." These recipes were changed and now use a "Crimson Nihilite."

5) Originally, when Research was opened up to all classes, it was restricted to basic recipes and spells/tomes related to your class. In 2016, those restrictions were also removed. Now, every class can accomplish all the research recipes. Also, if you see a Research recipe that calls for a certain device to accomplish the combine in, you can generally ignore that and use your classes combine device. NOTE: There is now a Research Table in the Plane of Knowledge.

6) TIP: You may notice recipes that include either a Rock Hopper Egg (three words) or a Rockhopper Egg (2 words). The Rock Hopper Egg (three words) was removed from the game back in 2005 via a patch. So, delete those recipes, as they are not possible.



1) ALCHEMY: I have not done 350 Alchemy on my Shaman toon. Just for fun, I did the output command on Bonzz, a Paladin, and 10 recipes showed up! I suspect I scribed an Alchemy book and they "learned" -- even if I can't make them as a Paladin.


2) BAKING: I found that I was missing most of the recipes in the Ice Cream Churn. I was also missing many of the "base" Mixing Bowl recipes for the various "meat" types (i.e. Prepared, Dried, Smoked, Buttered, etc....). Oddly enough, I knew all the Oven recipes that used those same sub-combine items, even though I had never learned the recipe for the sub-combine item, itself! I was also missing many of the Omelette recipes. As a note, I believe you can fully skip all recipes that use Nest Dragon Meat and still get to 350. This was a hard skill to max out, due the many recipes combined with a host of not-so-common ingredients.

When I finished I had 708 recipes on my /outputfile list.


3) BLACKSMITHING: When you get to the "Velium" recipes, be wary. There are a lot of them, but most of them you very likely already know (or have learned) except, perhaps, for the standard basic velium recipes. To avoid wasting effort making items you don't need to, be sure to search and compare each type of velium recipe individually (pale, velium gemmed, velium inlaid, etc.). The harder to get ingredients often involved tempers, particularly the LDoN tempers (each LDoN theme had regular large & small armor sets that all use a temper made from foraged/dropped items of those same themes). I got down to a few recipes, that required the rarest-of-all lightning cores and / or the rare Pyrilen Flames. As I made efforts to farm my needs, I decided to go back and review things and discovered that I had missed some Crude & Beaten Energeiac armor recipes, which finished it off for me.

When I finished I had 1,956 recipes on my /outputfile list.


4) BREWING: I found I was missing a lot of recipes that utilized the Omens of War & Lost Dungeon of Norrath dropped, foraged and / or fished items. This one was not as hard as Baking, since Brewing using only one device... but it does still require not-so-common ingredients, as well.

When I finished, I had 310 recipes on my /outputfile list, even if it seemed like I did a LOT more recipe learning than that!


5) FISHING: I found I was missing pretty much every "Fly" recipe, as well as most of the prepared fish variations. This one is easy, but you will have to obtain fish from all over, as well as farm up needs for the flys. Keep in mind that when making the variant Prepared Fish recipes, they also make a type of Fish Bones... so eliminate both recipes from your list, when you learn one (on-line resources will list each item as a separate recipe, but in-game it is actually just one recipe that has two results).

When I finished I had only 131 recipes on my /outputfile list. Seems like I did more than that!


6) FLETCHING: I found I was missing pretty much every "furniture" recipe and had not made every variation of the "Class" arrows.

Speaking of the Class Arrows sets, the Class 1 to Class 7 arrows follow a consistent ingredient progression, which, if understood, can make it easier and faster to make the entire Class 1 to Class 7 sets.

When I finished, I had 883 recipes on my /outputfile list.


7) JEWELRY CRAFTING: I found I was missing a lot of recipes that involved cut gems & mountings. Expect a slow and yes, EXPENSIVE process, on this one! Your hard-to-get items will be the gems from the Lost Dungeons of Norrath (Amethyst, Taaffeite, Prestidigitase, Staurolite, Harmonagate) and the Omens of War rare gems (Apatite, Titanite, Celestine, Sodalite, etc.).

When I finished, I had 1,301 recipes on my /outputfile list.


8) POISON MAKING: I have not done 350 Poison Making on my Rogue toon. Just for fun, I did the output command on Bonzz, a Paladin, and 6 recipes showed up! I suspect I scribed an poison book and they "learned" -- even if I can't make them as a Paladin.


9) POTTERY: I was missing a load of the Unfired & Fired recipes that use vendor sold molds & sketches. I was also missing most of the assorted poison vial recipes that use various animal hides. Additionally, I was missing a load of the power source recipes. Towards the end I was literally running out of recipes and discovered I had actually missed three scribed books, which capped off the last 8 levels for me.

When I finished, I had 2,051 recipes on my /outputfile list!


10) RESEARCH: I found I was missing most all of the Ink, Thickener, Quill, Swatch and Hide recipes. I was also missing the recipes that use Binding Powders and the Essences (temporary item cast up by casters). Outside that, there are literally a ton of spells and it becomes a game of bag space (inks, additives, thickeners, quills, scrolls...) and making a good portion of the spells & tomes for every class in the game! This one takes a while and will be EXPENSIVE! 

When I finished, I had 2,587 recipes on my /outputfile list!


11) TAILORING: Tailoring, in a way, was similar to Smithing, except you use tannins instead of tempers for some recipes. As with Smithing, there were a lot of the Planes of Power armor recipes that required not-so-common drops. Such things made it slow going having to farm or buy what you could. Another was the Ice Burrower Silk and Spinechill Silk. I did not have to get into the recipes that required the really rare stuff like Gelidran Ice or Essence of Discord, but I did have to make all the Feran and Murkglider armor.

When I finished, I had 2,090 recipes on my /outputfile list!


12) TINKERING: I have not done 350 Tinkering on my Gnome toon. Just for fun, I did the output command on Bonzz, a Paladin, and 7 recipes showed up! I suspect I scribed an tinkering book and they "learned" -- even if I can't make them as a non-Gnome.

If you note any errors, misspellings, item name errors, misinformation or anything that needs addressing on this page -- PLEASE let me know via an in-game EQ Message (Bonzz on the Bertoxxulous server), or post on Bonzz's Discord Server!


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