aka Depths of Darkhollow Progression

This task gains you access to a locked area of Dreadspire Keep, wherein resides Master Vule the Silent Tear.

This is not a separate zone, but a lower section of the zone, much like in the Ruins of Lxanvom (Crypt of Decay).

You must all ready have access to Dreadspire Keep in order to participate in this task.

This task is known as "Memories Lost."

Even better, while doing this task, there is a chance you can get a drop that allows you to zone into Dreadspire from Stoneroot (a short cut)!

While this is a group task, it can be done in raid format. This is done by your group getting the task and then joining the raid. The catch is only one group can do the task at a time.


STATUS: Completed and Verified!



1) DREADSPIRE KEEP: You are looking for the Doorman (Level 70).

He is located in the rear section of the main castle area (top of the spire, across the bridge into castle).

Hail him and follow along, or just try saying, "I will help."


2) Now head down the spire, thru a secret passage.

Go back to the main entrance of the castle (where you first came in). Go up the ramp on the east side and then left. You will find a door in the far right room. Click it to get into a spire leading down.

There are two named MOB's on the ramp down -- but they are non-KoS, so ignore them.

Just before the bottom of the ramp will be some red con Orcs.

Kill them and go through the door they guard.

Your camp will be in that corner just past the door.


3) Now have a puller pull MOB's and slowly clear the area.

Your target is Keleborn Redwave (Level 76), is in the next room.

He is normally non-KoS, until you aggro him, so it isn't too hard to clear the good number of MOB's wondering about in his room and nearby.

In clearing MOB's, be sure to pull and kill the various forms of An Aid to Seneschal (Level 70).

This is because they can drop a Formal Dinner Invitation (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.1). In fact, it can drop off most any MOB in the zone.


4) Once it is safe enough to pull him alone, do so and kill him.

He can hit as hard as 5K and has a 5.5K Harm Touch, so you will need a good tank and some good healing.

Killing him will accomplish the first step of the task.


5) Now loot the Daily Log (Lore, No Trade, Weight 1.0), to accomplish the send step.


6) Now head back up to the Doorman and give him the Daily Log for the win!

Everyone in the group/task will get the credit, flag and a new key on their key ring!

NOTE: Players can be gimped into the task before the turn in, even players who do not have DS access!


7) STONEROOT FALLS: But wait! Along the way the "trash" MOB's have a chance to drop another item!

If you were lucky enough to get a Formal Dinner Invitation, you can now zone into Dreadspire Keep from Stoneroot Falls, rather than having to go all the way through The Hive!

In Stoneroot, in the east section (circle) of the zone (where the spire is), there is a statue on the northern wall (about mid-way).

Have the Formal Dinner Invitation on your person, click the statue and you will now get yet another key on your key ring!


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