aka Thelin's Torment

This flag is required in order to get into the Lair of Terris Thule and is necessary for Planar Progression! Doing this quest can also result in some nice loots!

This flag does not get you a free AA!

The by-pass quest is also outlined below.

NOTE: The alternate by-pass quest is also outline below, at the end of the actual quest.


STATUS: Completed and confirmed!



1) PLANE OF TRANQUILITY: First find Adroha Jezith (Level 50) and Elder Poxbourne (Level 55) in Plane of Tranquility.

Hail Poxbourne and then hail Adroha and say, "Tortured by Nightmares?"

You will get a character flag notation.

NOTE: If that doesn't work, simply hail Adroha and follow along.

NOTE: You can speak to Adroha before or after, it doesn't matter, so long as all of the group leaders have done it before hand.


2) PLANE OF NIGHTMARE: This is a raid encounter for 3 full groups (and no more -- only 18 or less, can go in). If you have more than one group, each group leader needs to have done Step 1, above.

Now go find Thelin Poxbourne (Level 35-ish while in the Plane of Nightmare and Level 55-ish when in the maze) in PoN.

He is standing inside the Hedge.


3) When you are ready to start, the group leader(s) (only) should say to Thelin, "I am ready."

This is why the Group Leaders need the pre-flag (see #1).

This will transport the raid parties into the hedge maze sequence (this is not an instanced zone, it is just an area off the map).

Thelin will also appear inside with you.


5) Now you must follow (escort) Thelin as he walks (he is slow  - be patient) through the maze.

You should encounter about seven waves of increasingly numerous MOB's (Level 50 to 61). You need to kill them all.

An important control will come from the Enchanter(s) and the Druid(s).

The Druid's job will be to root Thelin and the Enchanters job will be to mind wipe Thelin -- to remove the aggro off the druid. This is for two reasons, Thelin will get himself killed trying to fight along side the raid, or he will just wander off. This way he stays alive and you always know where he is. Thelin can also break mezzes, it seems.

Of course, if DPS is good enough, this will not matter.

Thelin will traverse the maze looking for pieces of a dagger. Normally you will encounter one or two MOB's just before one of the locations where he finds one of the pieces.

Once he collects a piece, MOB's will spawn and attack. Each time, the spawn will be larger (1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, etc.).

The final MOB will be A Construct of Nightmares (Level 65). He is essentially magic resistant and you will have to beat him down. He is not a caster.


4) Once you have finished off the MOB's, Terris Thule will make a brief appearance, disappoint Thelin and then leave (no battle will ensue, so don't worry).

After she leaves, hail Thelin and you will be transported out of the maze and receive your character flag.



1) PLANE OF TRANQUILITY: You are here looking for Veriok Dreik (Level 70).

NOTE: In order to do this quest, you must all ready have the flag for Saryrn.

Hail him and follow along (to make sure flagging is updated properly). The phrases are "I believe" "What nightmares?" "What jeweled dagger?" and "I will find her."


2) PLANE OF NIGHTMARE: You need to obtain some drops, as follows (all are groupable, if not soloable):


3) You are looking for Kellitia (Level 70).

She is all the way through the hobgoblin caves (stay right), in the open area at the end.

You will have to fight your way to her.

Once there, for flagging reasons, hail her and follow along (key phrases are, "They?" "What work?" "What nightmares?" and "I will help").


4) Now give her the Heart of the Tyrant and say to her, "What three items?"


5) Now give her the two (2) Silky Cloth and the Secured Wooden Case.


6) PLANE OF TRANQUILITY: Head back to Veriok.

Hail him and he will grant you the by-pass flag for the Hedge Maze and Terris Thule.

NOTE: This does not count as the real flag (re: AA and charm updates). 


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