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There is a tradeskill trophy for each tradeskill, except Fishing.

Across Top: Fletcher's Arrow; Bottom, Left to Right: Denmother's Rolling Pin; Clay Flinger's Loop; Blacksmith's Adamantine Hammer; Intricate Jeweler's Glass; Ethereal Quill & Mystical Bolt.

There are two types of trade skill trophies... the original crafted trophies and the new quested trophies

The original tradeskill trophies (5% Modifiers) are part of the Expert and Master tasks / quests for the new trophies. There are tinkered Geerlok items that are also tradeskill modifiers (5%), as well some dropped items that work as tradeskill modifiers (5%), but they aren't commonly referred to as "trophies." 

Be aware, however, that tradeskill modifiers do not "stack" -- you will only benefit by whichever one is highest.

Each of these tasks for the "new" trophies are given to you at a level that is compatible with your current skill level (you can't do a lesser or higher versions of the task), as follows

You need a skill of at least 50, before you get any of these tasks.

You can get to a skill of 54 -- in any skill -- for free (nothing to buy or farm or forage), by way of the "Freebie" Quests in Abysmal Sea and / or Crescent Reach.

Just locate the related trade skill vendor, hail, follow along and get to crafting. This process, in Abysmal Sea, will also flag you to be able to refine Gates of Discord raw materials... for this reason, you do not want to do the similar freebie tasks in Crescent Reachunless it's Research (which is not offered in Abysmal Sea)!

The various quested trophies offer different skill modifying percentages based on their level (1%, 2%, 4%, 5%, 8% and 12%, respectively). The final trophy is a 15% modifier.

All the trophy tasks are the same basic set-up... make / craft the required items and then turn in most of those items.

Most of the components are vendor sold and can be found in zones like the Plane of Knowledge or Crescent Reach, but some of items are only sold in certain zones. The rest of your needs are items that you will have to acquire by farming, foraging or via other players.

In that there are six (6) different possible tasks for each trophy type, this outline is very generic.

What you need to make is clearly stated in your task window. 

The related recipes are not included below.


Things to know about Tradeskill Trophies:

!!! WARNING !!! Combines, for Tradeskill Trophy skill ups, must be at least one (1) above you actual base skill (not modified skill) and no more than 100 (one-hundred) above your actual base skill. Doing combines that are not in that range will result in NO (Zero) Trophy Experience whatsoever!


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1) WEST FREEPORT: You are looking for Event Coordinator Baublie Diggs (Level 70).

Hail and follow along, or just just say Alchemy, Baking, Brewing, Fletching, Jewelry, Poison, Pottery, Smithing, Research, Tailoring or Tinkering to her -- for which ever trade skill trophy you want to pursue.

NOTE: Alchemy, Poison & Tinkering can only be undertaken by Shamans. Rogues or Gnomes, respectively.

Since you will need to do them all anyway, why not save a little time and go ahead and get them all?

You will be assigned "Test" task(s) equivalent to your current skill level (Beginner to Master).


2) CRAFTING THE ITEMSAcquire all the components that you need (this may require visiting multiple zones to farm, forage or locate a certain vendors) and /or acquire / buy them from other Players, in order to make the items listed in your task window.

You can make the items in any zone you see fit.


3) WEST FREEPORT: You are looking for Judge Marion Teld'Mare (Level 70), who is right there with Event Coordinator Baublie Diggs.

Give Judge Marion one, or more, of each of the the items that you had to make (as noted in your task window).

You should get a Scorecard (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.1), that is relevant to the applicable skill and your current level in that skill (Beginner to Master).


4) Now give the Scorecard to Event Coordinator Baublie Diggs.

You will be given the 'Beginner' Trophy for the applicable (related) skill.

If your current skill level in the related skill is above 99, you will also get a skill related 'Certificate' that is equivalent to your current level in that same skill (Apprentice to Master).


5) If you got a 'Certificate' of any kind, you can now combine it, along with the related 'Beginner' Trophy in a skill-related combine device / container (Trivial 0).

You will then get the related trade skill Trophy that is equivalent to your current level in the same skill (Apprentice to Master).


6) SKILL IT UP: Now that you have a Trophy, you need to skill it up to it's final level (7 of 7).

This is accomplished by equipping it (Primary, Secondary, Range or Ammo) while doing combines -- in the related skill -- that are at least one (1) to one-hundred (100) above your actual trivial level (not the modified level).

Expect as many as one thousand successful (1,000) combines, per level, to evolve it into the  final (Level 7) trophy.

The maximized Tradeskill Trophies are:


7) TROPHY BAGS: Every tradeskill trophy has a click effect, to summon variant 'Artisan' Satchels of different sizes (slots), depending on the Level of the Trophy.

WARNING: The variant Artisan Satchels are Temporary! Do not camp with anything inside them, or you will lose it all!

These temporary Satchels are:


8) PERMANENT TRADESKILL CARRY-ALLS: The variant 'Artisan' Satchels can be made in to permanent 'Carry-All' bags (two for each skill). 

Simply summon a Temporary Artisan Satchel see #7, above).

Head to The Bazaar and give Jolum the Temporary Satchel you just summoned and he will give back to you an level related 'Essence,' as follows (all of the hand-ins will give you the same level-related Essence, no matter which Trophy you used to summon the Satchel):

Next, take that Essence and combine it in any Tradeskill Device (it does not matter which Trophy was used to summon the Satchel you handed in), and combine it to make (2) Lore Bags, as follows:


9) TRADESKILL TROPHIES AND TRIBUTE: All Tradeskill Trophies are Placeable and they are, in fact, Trophies.

What this means is that you can place Tradeskill Trophies at your house / property, and then activate them as personal Tribute.

WARNING: Do not place at Trophy at your house / property unless it is a maximized Trophy (7/7). This is because you can only skill-up Trophies if they are in your actual possession and equipped while doing Tradeskill combines.

As a bonus, you can activate as many as (8) at the same time (depending on how many Trophy Slots you have acquired)!

And even better, they cost (0) (Zero!) Tribute Points to activate!

NOTE: Don't forget to put your everyday Stat / Bonus Trophies back in place, after you are done using Tradeskill Trophies in this manner.

For a list of all of the Tradeskill Trophies, click here.


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