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This ring is actually a key.

In order to get into the upper towers in the Torden, Bastion of Thunder, you must either be in a group where someone has this ring, or you have this ring yourself.

The quest is handed out by Askr the Lost -- but you don't need to interact with him, at all, to accomplish this quest.

This is part of Planar Progression.

ENCHANTED RING OF TORDEN: Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.1, All Races and All Classes.

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1) BASTION OF THUNDER: This entire quest takes place in Bastion of Thunder.

First you must acquire the Ring of Torden (Lore, No Drop, Weight 1.0, All/All). This ring is actually a 4-slot container (no weight reduction).

It drops off one of four (4) named MOB's -- Gaukr SandstormHreidar LynhilligLaef Windfall or Oreen Wavecrasher (all Level 65), each of which can be found/spawned in one of the wings from the center.


2) Now you need to collect four gems. They are random drops in the four lower "wings" of Bastion of Thunder.

You will need the Blizzard Gem (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.1) that drops in the east wing; the Lightning Gem (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.0) that drops in the west wing; the Sandstorm Gem (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.1) that drops in the south wing; and the Tornado Gem (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.0) that drops in the north wing.


3) Once you have all four (4) gems, simply place them into the Ring of Torden and combine them to get your Enchanted Ring of Torden!

NOTE: Once you use your ring it should disappear and you should get Achievement: Enchanted Ring of Torden.


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