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The EverQuest Test Sever should not be confused with the Beta Server, as they are two (2) entirely different things.

One is a temporary server to 'Beta Test' the new expansion before it comes out, while the other (Test) is a year round (permanent) server, where you can 'test' things (explained more, below) at least one weeks before they go live.

The Test Server is not a TLP server.

The Test server is a special 'Live' server.

NOTE: Normally, you CAN play on Live & Test at the same time, under certain conditions (see #2, below).

NOTE: It does not appear that cross server tells are allowed to / from Test.

NOTE: You can send in-game e-mails.

NOTE: You can join serverwide channels.

NOTE: You can send / post item links serverwide channels, but those one Live Servers may not be able to click it and see the item details, if the item is not yet been patched into Live servers.


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1) LOGGING INTO EQ TEST: All you need to log into and play on the Test Server, is the current install / version of EverQuest that you use all ready.

However, it is strongly recommended to use a separate install of EverQuest, instead (jump to #3 for details).

Here's how...

Next, launch EverQuest. You will notice that in the 'Launch Pad' window, in the top left corner, it tells you which version of EverQuest you are running.

At this point, it should say, 'Version: Live" (see image below).

Next, in the lower right, is a button called 'Advanced Tools' (#1 in below image). Click that and some options will pop up, above it.

One of those options is 'Select Game Version' (#2 in below image).

Click that and a new option will appear to the right, to 'Select Game Version,' along with a drop down select menu (#3 in below image).

Select 'Test' and then click the 'Apply' button (#4 in below image).

Once done, a file check will run and replace and / or add files that are unique to, or needed for, the Test Server (see below image, 'UPDATED FILE LIST').

In the top left corner, it should now say 'Version: Test' (see below image).

If it does, you are set!

Just hit the 'Play' button to log  into the Test Server!

NOTE: Because files have been added and / or modified, your EQ Install is now, technically, a 'Test' install. When you run the Launch Pad, it will now take you to the Test server.


2) GETTING BACK TO LIVE SERVERS: If you want to get back live servers, you will have to log out of Test.

Once done repeat the process noted above (see #1), and select 'Live,' instead of 'Test.'

Once done, a file check will run again to remove files related to the Test Server and / or replace files needed for the Live server.

Afterwards, when you run the Launchpad, it will take you to the Live Servers.

If you want to play on both the Test Server and the Live server at the same time -- or not have to do this process every time -- see below (#3).


3) OPTIONAL TEST SERVER INSTALL (RECOMMENDED): Rather than have to go through the above processes to swap back and forth between Test and Live servers (see #1 & #2 above), I recommend having another installation of EverQuest.

!!! WARNING !!! First off, ALWAYS back up your EQ Files... just in case... BEFORE making any changes to your EQ Directory and / or files! If you are not confident in your ability to do the below, then don't!

To do this, you can do it in one of two ways.

The first way is to do a brand new install of EQ, in your EQ Directory, but name the Sub-Directory as 'EverQuest Test' (that is, when the install asks you where to put the install).

However, I actually recommend another way, as all of your files will be included (as in UI settings, Maps, etc.), saving you a lot of effort later on.

To do this, it means copying your existing EQ Directory:

After following the above steps to create an 'EverQuest - Copy' Folder in your Daybreak Games directory.

After renaming the 'EverQuest - Copy' Folder to 'EverQuest Test' in your Daybreak Games directory.

This process does not create a Short Cut Icon on your desktop, like a regular install does, so you will have to create one!

To do this:

You now have a Desk Top Icon you can click to directly log into and play on the Test Server with.

Click on it and follow the steps above (see #1), to finish setting it up so that it always goes directly to the Test Server, from now on.

You can also rename your old EQ Icon to 'EQ Live,' in the same way noted.

Now, you should have two (2) icons on your Desktop click and Play either on EQ Live (or TLP), on EQ Test... or both!


4) HOW TO COPY YOUR LIVE SERVER CHARACTER(S) TO THE TEST SERVER:  Next, you can either copy over any of your existing Character(s) (from other servers), or create a brand new Character on the Test Server.

If you copy existing Characters over, they will start as is... for the most part (see below).

If you used the 'Copy' (see step 2, above) method to create your EverQuest Test folder, your character files will all be inside that folder. Otherwise, you will have to copy (not cut, not move) them over from your EQ Live folder to your EQ Test folder.

NOTE! Before you copy a Character to Test, make sure any items you want to take with your character, are either on the Character or in the Characters primary bank (explained below). This includes Coin! I suggest you take ALL of your coin!

As a note, all Characters copied over from the same Account, despite the server they are on, will appear together on the Test server. However, if you have more than one account, you can copy over Characters from both accounts and play both accounts on Test, just like you can on Live Servers.

To copy a Character over, you will need to log on that Character (on the Live server) and then use the /testcopy command.

You can use this Command for up to (14) Characters on the same account (14 is the Character Limit on Test) (from any server).

Within about a day, the Character(s) should show up on the Test server. 

When you use the /testcopy command, a 'warning' window will pop up (see below image), for which you need to click 'Yes' or 'No.'

What this warning is telling you, basically, is that if you have used /testcopy on the same character before, choosing 'Yes' will overwrite the current test version of that Character.

In short, it will basically erase the Character that is all ready on the Test Server (items and all) and replace it with a new version of the Character.

On a side note, if your Character gets better gear on the Live server, this allows you to update the Test Server version of that Character to have that same gear and so on.

The message you should see in your chat window, after click yes on the 'warning' (see above) typing the command, is 'Test Copy: Copy Success.'

You will not be allowed to /testcopy that same Character again, for 8 Hours.

As a note, that Character may not show up on the Test Server until the next day, so be patient.

Once done, the next thing you want to do, will depend on how you decided to Play on the Test Server...

Next up, wait until your Character shows up on the Test server (which can be next day). You need to do this because your Character may not show up with exactly the same name. Example, 'Bonzz' may show up as 'Bonzze.'

Once your Character shows up on Test server, you can now rename any files -- in the EverQuest Test directory -- that show your character name and server name.

You need to replace the Character name (if your Character showed up with a spelling variant on the Test Server), as well server name (change that to 'Test').

Example, with files that look something like 'Bonzz_bertox' -- you want to change them all to 'Bonzze_test' -- and leave the rest of the file name intact (as is).


5) CREATING A BRAND NEW CHARACTERS ON THE TEST SERVER: Making a brand new Character on the Test server is no different than making a brand new Character on the Live server.

Just be aware, there is a fourteen (14) Character slots on the Test Server, and this 'new' Character will take one of those spots.


6) SETTING UP YOUR CHARACTER / USER INTERFACE (UI): You may notice, once you are on Beta, that any Characters that you copied over are 'generally' intact.

Don't freak out... everything is still there for your real Character (on the live Server) is still there and are all fully intact! 

However, you will also notice that there is a lot that is missing, as well.

Here is a quick run down of a few such things / settings....

-> YES <- -> NO <-
AA's Audio Triggers*
Active Quests Advanced Looting*
Achievements Bind Point(s)

Alternate Advancement

(Character & Mercenary)

Character Bandolier Set-Up*

Alternative Coin

Fellowship Membership
Character Achievements

Guild Hall

(and anything you had in it)

Character Inventory

(Bags, items in the Bags & Coin)

Guild Membership
Character Levels Guild Tribute & Guild Trophy Tribute
Character Skills Hot Bar Set-Up*

Claim Items

Hot Key Set-Up*


(and all you had in it)

Marketplace Funds Shared Bank / Shared Coin Slot (Items & Coin)
Mercs (Types, Names, AA's)
Owned Expansions


(You start over with Overseer.)

Parcels Spell Bar Set-Up

Personal Tribute & Personal Trophy Tribute

(However, items in your House do not transfer, so you will have no Trophy's for Trophy Tribute.)

Tradeskill Depot (Items)
Quest Rewards (Unclaimed)

User Interface

(On-Screen Window Set-Up)*

Shroud Progression
Spells / Discs (Scribed)
Specialty Coin
Tradeskill Depot Slots
Worn Gear / Weapons / Augs

The items in the 'No' column that have an asterisk (*), cab be set-up ('restored') by renaming files (as noted above) and / or using the 'Copy Lay Out' and / or 'Load UI Skin' buttons in your Options Window (Alt O on your keyboard).

Otherwise, the first thing you need to do is set up your UI to a degree of satisfaction for Test purposes (Windows, Hot Keys, etc.).



7) PLAYING ON THE TEST SERVER: The Test Server is essentially exactly like the Live server, with some exception.


If you note any errors, misspellings, item name errors, misinformation or anything that needs addressing on this page -- PLEASE let me know via an in-game EQ Message (Bonzz on the Bertoxxulous server), or post on Bonzz's Discord Server!


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