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This quest will gain you access to Drunder, Fortress of Zek (aka the Plane of Tactics)!

You will need to be with a raid party where at least one person has completed the (factory flag) quest.

There is also an alternate quest (also noted below) that will allow you access, but it will not give you credit towards "planar progression" (no flag, no AA).

You will gain access to this zone at Level 57, even without a flag.

This quest is commonly known as "Assist Wembly."

NOTE: An alternate access quest is also outlined below, after the real quest.


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1) PLANE OF INNOVATION: This entire quest take place in Plane of Innovation.

This is a raid event for up to 72 people. Even at higher levels, because of the mechanics, some help (group) may be needed.

First you need to go into the factory (someone that has been flagged to open the door can open it for the raid).

Just inside, you should find a gnome named Giwin Mirakon (Level 46 to Level 60).

Hail him (everyone needs to do this) and say, "I will test the machine."

You should get the first part of your character flag.


2) The raid will need to make it's way to the hall where the Manaetic Behemoth (Level 70) is located. He will NOT be targetable, for the moment.

Make sure your raid does NOT attack and kill any of the spider MOB's called A Clockwork Device (Level 53 to Level 55), until the raid is set-up and ready. They should be indifferent to everyone.

You will notice that Manaetic Behemoth is in a room that has exits on two sides.

Each exit leads to a hallway that goes left and right to a bend (I will call these corners).

You should also notice that a continuous flow of Manaetic Behemoth's come around those corners and go into the room with Manaetic Behemoth.

This an important thing to pay attention to, as they are feeding power to Manaetic Behemoth. Stopping this process will cause the Manaetic Behemoth to become targetable/active.

When everyone is ready and in position, kill all of the A Clockwork Device's in sight. After the Behemoth takes notice that he is not being fed with power, he will activate and can then be targeted. Kill him.

NOTE: A Clockwork Device will continue to spawn and come into the room. They will help him and they have a 4K AoE.

The battle should really take no more than 90 seconds. Seriously.


3) After the Behemoth is dead, kill all the A Clockwork Device's that anyone still has aggro on and then stop killing them.

They should no longer aggro unless attacked.

Giwin Mirakon will show up as well.

Hail him to complete your flag!

NOTE: Giwin can be killed by MOB's in the area and it seems some players often manage to aggro him, as well. Kill any MOB's on him and kite him if aggroed by a player. In either situation, he can still be hailed for the flag (before he dies).



1) PLANE OF STORMS: This entire quest takes place in this zone.

Find your way to the desert area of the zone.

You need to hunt A Diaku Raider (Level 60).

You will need to kill them and loot four (4) different Quarter of a Diaku Emblem (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.1).

They identify differently as bottom left, bottom right, top left and top right.

You really don't have to identify them, since they are lore... if you all ready have it, you can't loot it.


2) Once you have all four (4) Quarter of a Diaku Emblem, find Wembly the Forlorn (Level 50).

He is in the cave (near the graveyard) (n1140, n2450).

Hail him and follow along, or just give him all four (4) of the Emblems.

He will then give you Completed Diaku Medallion (Lore, magic, No Drop, Weight 0.3)!

You now have alternate access to Drunder, Fortress of Zek. This does not count as proper flagging.

NOTE: It is my understanding that you can take a full group with you when doing the turn in. Everyone will get this item on their key ring, while only you will get the actual item (key). UPDATE: This key will now disappear in favorite of the Key Achievements (that act as a key) added with the Terror of Luclin expansion.


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