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Persona's (aka Alternate Persona's) were added to EverQuest with the Laurion's Song expansion, in December of 2023.

The Persona Feature also necessitated the need to change how Character UI Files were named in your EQ Directory, by adding a three letter reference to the class of each Persona. Example... UI_Bonzz_Bertox_PAL vs. UI_Bonzz_Bertox_NEC and Bonzz_Bertox_PAL vs. Bonzz_Bertox_NEC.

The Persona feature has been compared to a pre-existing Final Fantasy / Diablo feature. Within EverQuest, they have been compared to a variant form of Spirit ShroudsMonster Mission transformations, Alternate Characters and / or Illusions. They aren't Illusions, becuase it is not a magical masquerade in appearance only; it is not a Monster Mission transformation, because you are not being transformed into some other NPC; it is not an Alternate Character, because you are not swapping Characters; and it is not a Spirit Shroud, as you can equip gear and can't be a non-Player Race. It does have similarity to all of those things, but what is happening is literally a change of your Class and / or sex and / or race, while retaining many things about your Character, to include your Inventory... and don't worry, if you create / start an Alternative Persona, your Original Persona (Original Character), is still intact. You can swap back and forth.

Some may wonder how a Persona is any different or more advantageous that simply having an Alternate Character (aka Alt), which is a VERY good question, since existing Alts can NOT be merged (absorbed?) into a Persona. After all, most Players all ready have Alts that they have built up with Levels, Gear and so forth. So, essentially starting from scratch with a Persona seems redundant, not to mention time consuming and even annoying. After all, Persona's start at Level 1 and you will have to Level & Gear them up (even if this can be mitigated with Auto Grant and / or Heroics). However, if you there is a Class you are considering making an Alt for, you can now just create them as a Persona, instead.

The advantage to using the Persona Option, instead of actually making an Alternate Character, is due the limited, but quick changeover (no camping required) as well as the elements that are retained by the Persona and / or 'gained' by your Character (noted below).

However, there are also set backs. You can only change Persona's in certain zones, meaning it may often be faster to camp over to an actual Alternate (Alt) Character. This is because instead of going to a zone where you can change your Persona, and then going back to where you need to go.... which may be slower than just camping over to an Alt and then heading over to where you need to be. Another set back is the idea that you can change over to a Wizard or Druid to teleport, a Bard or Rogue for traveling on foot; or a Mage to utilize Call of the Hero... but you will not necessarily be able to swap back over oat your destination (most Zones do not allow Persona changes)! Then of course there is the whole 'starting over' thing (Gear, AA's, Spells / Discs, etc.)... but this part is also true of newly created Alts.


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!!!!! QUICK LINKS !!!!!

PERSONA TAB                    GEAR SETS                    PERSONA CREATION

APPLYING HEROICS                    COPY UI LAY OUT                    WHAT IS, OR IS NOT, RETAINED (OR GAINED)?




Refer to this image for the numbered references, below.

A) PERSONA TAB: The Persona Tab replaced the Shroud Tab in your Character Window (I) (see image below).

Don't worry, Spirit Shrouds are still in place... they were not removed. If you want to see your Spirit Shrouds, simply go talk to a Shroud NPC in the Plane of Knowledge to bring up the Shroud Window (see image below).

Looking at your Persona Tab, you will see there are sixteen (16) slots, with one (1) marked for each Class type (#2, in above image).

Your original Character (or Persona) should all ready occupy one (1) of those slots.


B) GEAR SETSOn the upper left side of the Persona Tab, you will see the Gear that you currently have equipped (#3, in above image), for the 'Persona' that you are currently using.

Just below that is a 'Save Set' button (#4, in the image above) that is used to save the set of Gear in the window above it (#3), so that it can be re-equipped quickly whenever you swap to the Persona in question. This is done by way of the 'Load Set' (#5, in the image above) button, right beside the 'Save Set' Button.

(??Only save while in the Persona that applies and only load AFTER swapping to the Persona that applies??) (Storage space for Gear Sets x 18???)

As you may all ready suspect by these options, the items you all ready have do not somehow magically 'change' into class related items for the Persona you create. So no, your Epic will not magically change into the counterpart Epic of the new Persona and so forth. You will have go acquire that Epic! In short, the items and Gear you are have can not necessarily be used, worn or equipped by each and every Persona. This is because Gear has Class and Level restrictions. As a result, you will need to acquire and swap out Gear for each individual Persona, which can be alleviated to some degree, by applying Heroics to a Persona (see below).

However, there is an 'Auto load saved equipment set' (#8, in above image), as well as an 'Auto save current equipment set' option (#9, in the image above). Simply check these two (2) boxes to auto load and auto save, and you will not have to do it it manually.



C) PERSONA CREATION: To create a new Persona, you need to all ready have a Persona slot available, to do so. If not you can purchase one via the Marketplace (or use the button in the Person Window,  #??? in the image above).

???Persona slot are priced at (??? DBC, or $???).

??One purchased, you do not get an actual item, you simply activate a slot.??

Once that is done, highlight a Class, from the list on your Persona Tab, then click the 'Create Class' button (#7, in the image above) to start making a Persona.

Making a Persona, at this point, is, essentially, just like creating a new Character (select race, select class, etc.).

You will be camped out to a variant of the Create Character screen. Make your selections for race, deity and city. You can also adjust (appearance)....

You can not chose to enter the Tutorial. You will enter the game in the starting city (home town) you selected when creating the Persona. However, once the Persona is created, you can get into the Tutorial by.....



D) APPLYING HEROICS: Heroics (Level 85 or Level 100) can be applied to a Persona, but only AFTER the Persona has been created.

You must also have a Heroic boost to utilize. If not, you can buy one from the Marketplace.

You can see if you all ready have a Heroic Character available below the 'Upgrade Character' button, at the bottom middle of your Character Inventory Window.

Applying a Heroic Upgrade, to an existing Persona can be done, but only after the Persona has all ready been created.

You will need to switch to the Persona that you want to apply Heroics to and......

Once the Heroic is applied, the Character should get all of the related Heroic Gear and so forth, as per normal.

If you want to read more about Heroic Characters, click here.



E) COPY UI LAY OUT: In that different classes may or may not have spells, disciplines or song... or have different abilities like Tracking and special attacks... the User Interface Lay Out (what your EQ Screen looks like, where you have all Windows positioned, Hot Buttons, Socials...) may not apply or be useful on another Persona of another Class.

Thus, on each Persona, you will naturally have to vary the User Interface to accommodate the Class of each Persona.

In fact, the 'Copy Layout' Window pops up automatically after you create a new Persona, for this reason.

This will allow you to copy the Lay Out of an existing Character / Persona, to at least start the process of tailoring the Lay Out to the class of the related Persona. As a note, 'Loadouts' will definitely not apply to the new Persona (the Persona will not have the same spells / disciplines), 'Socials' can apply (if they are universal / generic enough) and Hot Buttons will not be overly useful (unless they are universal non-Class specific type Hot Buttons, such as for a Click item, Origin AA, etc.).



F) WHAT IS, OR IS NOT, RETAINED (OR IS GAINED): It should be understood from the start, that each new Persona you take on, does start over at Level 1.

You can, however, apply a Heroic boost to it (see above).

You 100% do NOT retain everything, as everything is not shared across all Persona's... but in some cases you do 'gain' some things, albeit indirectly.


(Shared by All Personas.)


(Not shared by All Personas.)


(* = Your Choice.)

Character Name Level


(You can only make a Persona for a Class you do not all ready have a Persona for.)


(Dragon Hoard; Bank; Shared Bank; Equipped Items; Carried Items; Real Estate; Placed or Stored items; Tradeskill Depot; Key Ring Items; Items in Parcels; Currency (Specialty Coin, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper...), et cetera.

Everything you own!

(This does not mean you will be able to utilize all items, as class / deity / level restrictions still apply.)

UI (User Interface) Layout

(The 'Copy Layout' Window automatically appears when you create a Persona, so you can copy the Layout of an existing Character... if you want to.)


Flagging (Keys)

(These are Achievement Based.)


(You can only make a Persona for a Class you do not all ready have a Persona for.)


???Tradeskills & Learned Recipes

(This does not mean you will be able to utilize all Tradeskills with every Persona, as Level, Race and / or Class restrictions still apply.)

NOTE: So far, Skill Levels are not carried over.

Defensive & Offensive Skills

(Defense, Offense, 1H, 2H, H2H, Taunt, Bash, Kick...)

Home City*

Quests, Tasks, Missions, Raids

(Active Tasks / Quests, as well as your Quest History and unclaimed Quest Rewards, remain in place. You will also remain in any Instanced event (Raid, Mission...) that you may be part of. Even so, Level restrictions do apply and you may not be able to pursue them on the Persona.)

Magic Skills

(Abjuration, Alteration, Channeling, Conjuration, Divination, Evocation, Specializations...)



(Personal, Trophy & Tribute Points aka 'Favor,' are retained)

Utilitarian Skills

(Meditate, Bind Wound, Alcohol Tolerance. Foraging, Begging...)

Bind Point(s)*
Guild Membership & Rank


(Faction begins anew, for each persona, based on your Persona's Class, Deity, and so forth.).

Language Skills

(If you do not all ready have maxed Language Skills, your Persona will gain / increase their Language skill based on their Class / Race. For example, an Ogre will necessarily speak Ogrish!)

Fellowship Membership

(If you are the Fellowship Leader, you retain Leadership. You also retain your Vitality aka 'Shared Experience' settings.)

Alternate Advancement

(You start over with Alternate Advancement, with each new Persona. However, you can use the Auto-Grant feature. You can also apply Level 85 or Level 100 Heroics to Persona's. Either of which will Grant you free pre-determined AA's.)

New Tradeskills

(If you make a Shaman, Rogue or Gnome, they will necessarily be able to do Alchemy, Poison and Tinkering.)

(You will, however, need to skill them up, quest the related trophies and learn the related recipes, and will only be able to use them on the appropriate Persona.)

Language Skills

Spells & Disciplines

(You will have to acquire the spells and disciplines related the class of each new Persona. You can also apply Level 85 or Level 100 Heroics to Persona's, which will give you all Class related spells / disciplines, up to Rank II.)

Class Related Achievements

(You gain access to the Class Achievements, related to your Persona's Class, under the General Category (Epics, Skill and Vanity categories). Even better, you retain this access and can see them from any other Persona, thereafter.)

(Any Achievements you complete on any Persona are retained and add to your Achievement Point totals.)


(Your retain any and all Achievements that you have completed, to include your Achievement Point Totals.)



(Cool Down / Re-Use Timers carry over, such as for click items.)

Entitled Skills

(Swimming, Sense Heading...)

Specialized Pet Names

Specialized Familiar Names

(Personalized Pets or Familiars names are retained, which are accomplished via the Potion of Companion's Amnesia or the Potion of Familiar's Amnesia via Marketplace.)


(Prefixes & Suffixes, to include special / temporary Guide awarded titles, are retained.)

Spirit Shrouds

(Just remember, you can only 'Shroud Down' to equal or lower levels... you can not 'Shroud Up' to higher Levels.)


(Agents, Progress, etc. are all retained.)


(Auto Consent, Advanced Loot, Graphics, etc., are retained.)

LDoN & PVP Rankings / Stats

(You retain the stats and rankings from LDoN adventures and / or your PVP battles, if you are PVP.)

???Mercs, ???Merc Slots, Merc AA's & Merc Gear

(While you retain your Merc Gear & AA's, it does not mean it will necessarily be fully utilized, due level restrictions.)

NOTE: So far, Hired Mercs re not carried over and it appears all Merc Slots, beyond 7, are not carried over either. 



G) OTHER OPTIONS: You may also notice other buttons in the Persona Tab.

MOVE to creation, above?

They are:



H) CHANGING PERSONAS: Changing from one Persona to another, can not be done 'on the fly,' so to speak.

There is no time limit o how often you can change from one Persona to another. When changing Persona's, there is no camping involved. It is just a slight delay as the change takes effect... much like what happens when you use Spirit Shrouds.

While there is no actual limitations on how or where you play a Persona (play them as you would any Character), there are restrictions on where you can change Persona's.

To change from one Persona to another:



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