...what they are and how to participate!

(Also, what Guides are, what they do and how you can be one too!)

For a little fun... on the side, go to events... from a Guide! - Bonzz

It came to my attention that many players were either not aware of Guide Events, did not know how to participate in Guide Events and / or have just never participated in Guide Events for what ever reasons.

Thus, the reason I made this page about Guide Events and Guides, and added a little lore to it as well.

I find that Guide Events are a fun aside to normal Game Play, with some unique and fun Guide-only rewards.


CAVEAT: Be aware that I am -- and never have been -- a Dev, GM, Customer Service Representative, Guide or Sony / Darkpaw / EG7 employee! Information on this page was gleaned from internet research, first hand observations and deductions on my part. While I did have some very minor feedback (read that clarification) for this page (accordingly approved by the Guide Elders / Darkpaw, or openly shared at a 2023 Guide Event that was, in fact, all about the Guide Program, complete with Q&A).

Four Guides (Lissandraa, Lunalea, Myjohn & Matille) on Bertoxxulous server, during the 2022 Festival of Might.


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In the old days, Devs (Developers) could actually be seen on servers doing things. There was also a time when GM's (Game Masters), who were not necessarily Devs, were on each server monitoring things, responding to Players and addressing petitions.

These days, Devs are rarely seen anywhere except on the Beta server, and GM's are a thing of the past, per se.

GM's, I suppose, are now CSR (Customer Service Representatives)... Darkpaw employees that respond to petitions... but they rarely appear in-game unless it is necessary in order to respond to and / or address a petition.

And then there are Guides. Guides are neither DevsGM's or CSR's. They are not even Darkpaw employees!

They are, in fact, Players... just like you... who have applied and volunteered to be Guides.

Guides have no ability to address petitions, bugs or other game concerns, of any kind. So don't expect or ask them to!

Guides can only do the limited things that Darkpaw allows them to do (clarified below).

Guides, basically, are able to 'run' temporary and basic dynamic events. They can also conduct wedding ceremonies (when requested and scheduled in advance), as well as other 'player run events.' To request Guide assistance, the command is /guidehelp. In fact, that same command can be used to inquire about a Guide presence or assistance for Player ran events (their assistance or presence will necessarily require approval, due to limitations on what Guides can, and cannot do, for Player Events).

As a note, there are Guides for both EverQuest and EverQuest II.




Mostly.... no.

Guides are given a free account that is flagged with Guide 'privileges.' This is the account they use to conduct Guide activities and only Guide activities. Guides are given everything they need to be a Guide. There is no actual need for AA's, Levels, Gear Upgrades and so forth. This is why, when you see a Guide, they are often less than maximum game Level.

However, Guides can request a name for their Guide Character and, perhaps, their Guide Characters Class, Sex and so forth.

They also appear to have their own Guild, 'Norrath's Chosen Guides.'

This Guide account is in addition to their 'real' account.

Their 'real' account, after a certain point (i.e. Guide status and service time) might be given 'free play time' or even 'comped' (slang for 'complimentary,' or free). Guides are, otherwise, given no special advantages or allowances of any kind on their 'real' account.

Guides also have access to Sunset Home, a zone only accessible to a GM, a Dev, a CSR and / or a Guide. This zone can serve as their base of operations. It also includes special vendors that have Guide-only type items, which can help them do certain things (usually by way of a click effect); an Arena; and other special features and decor. For instance, it is rumored that there is at least one (1) NPC that walks around espousing / lauding the stories and tales of past Dev's, GM's and Guides. From the images I have seen of it, Sunset Home has a Plane of Valor look / feel to it (at least it does to me).

An interesting note... in days gone by, it appears Guides used the Plane of Sky for training and hanging out (in an area Players could not get to), until their activities actually affected Players (deaths, etc.). This reportedly led to the creation of Sunset Home, for which the Guides can travel to with a Guide Only command (/goto sunset).

Guides are able to do Server notifications / messages (such as when announcing an impending Guide Event to players), but they can not set a server MOTD (Message of the Day) (they have to request the MOTD if they want one, in advance).

Guides are not allowed to participate in normal game activities on their Guide Account / Character. However, on their 'real' account they can, and do, play just as any other Player does.

Guides will be assigned at least one (1) Server to conduct their Guide activities on. However, as a general rule, Guides will NOT be allowed to act as a Guide on their actual 'Play Server' (aka where they normally play on their 'real' account), with little exception.

After certain points in time (such as years of service as a Guide), Guides are given special recognitions such as Promotions (i.e. 'Senior Guide') and Level Upgrades; special Guide items; and the like... as a form of appreciation. Due this, the higher the Character Level of a Guide, the higher their rank (usually... Apprentice = Level 50, Guide = Level 70, Senior Guide = Level 90 & Elder Guide = Level 100) (I suspect these Levels will increase as game Levels also increase).

Guides have access to certain abilities (or items), despite their actual Character Class or Level, which are necessary and / or beneficial to conducting Guide Events. For example, summoning Players to their current location; debuffing or buffing Players; rezzing Players; granting certain pre-approved items to Players; activating special instanced zones; temporarily activating (or actually Playing) special MOB's; adding one-time special drops ('seeding items') to MoB's; and so forth.

Remember, Guides conduct Guide Events out of the goodness of their hearts! For that reason, and that reason alone, always be respectful and understanding with Guides! Always!




Technically the answer is 'Yes,' but more accurately it is 'Maybe!'

There are, of course, requirements and qualifications to meet, as well as a process to follow... and a bit of a test!

If you are interested in being a Guide, you can click here to start the process.

Just keep in mind, this process can take time and you may, or may not, be accepted into the Guide Program.

Also, understand that if accepted, you will start out as a Level 50 'Apprentice Guide,' which means you will not have full Guide Abilities, Privileges and similar, until you achieve actual / full 'Guide' status.




There are, necessarily and understandably, requirements to be a Guide.

These include:

While it isn't specifically mentioned, I suspect that a certain level of EverQuest knowledge and experience, as well as your account being in good standing (they reportedly keep tabs on your past infractions, such as suspensions, complaints, etc.).

Guides can reveal to anyone, that they are, in fact, Guides (while playing their 'real' account), so long as they are not doing so to gain a level of influence or favor. However, they can not reveal what server they operate on, as a Guide, nor their Guide character name.

Initially, you will be expected to show up and participate in 'Guide Training' from an full-fledged Guide (likely on Friday nights and / or Saturday afternoons).

As a Guide, you will be expected to participate in one (1) event or three (3) 'interactive sessions' per week, year round, for the most part... all though this condition seems to have been relaxed a bit.

Most (not all) Guide Events are started and completed within a 2-hour time frame, more or less. This time frame includes spamming the server about the event and giving Players a little time to show up, but it can be longer when certain events also require advance Guide preparations (i.e. seeding items, etc.).

On a positive note, other than training sessions, the days and times that you act as a Guide are generally flexible to your schedule.

None the less, there are Guide Events that do require more than one (1) Guide to be present and / or to conduct said Event. In those cases, the dates and times are worked out and scheduled in advance, so that the necessary number of Guides can be present.

What you can and cannot do as a Guide, and / or at the Event you are conducting, is pretty strict (no bending the rules, so to speak... even if you could do so with your Guide abilities).

While there are outlined Guide Events that Guides have access to and can conduct, Guides are also allowed to script their own Event(s) and submit them for approval by Darkpaw and / or Guide Elders. If they are approved, the newly scripted Event(s) can then be conducted as a live Guide Event.




A Guide Event is a live in-game scenario conducted by one (1) or more Guides.

These events are technically not raids, not tasks (no task window) and are not quests, per se... even though, on the surface, they may seem similar to one or the other.

They are called 'events' because they can only be participated in, by Players, when Guides log on to a server and conduct them (live).

Generally speaking, Guide Events happen somewhat randomly on various days and times. After all, Guides are volunteers and running such events is subject to when Guides are available to conduct them.

Guide Events are not necessarily designed for low level Characters, but they are definitely not designed for max level Characters, either. Thus, you are not going to see a Guide event in a top / max Level zone!

Let's face it, a Guide Event in high level zones would make it too hard and take too long to make it of interest to a wide selection of Players, anyway!

There are a lot of events you can do even at Level 1 (Fishing, Trivia...), but for other events that require killing MoB's, so you may need to be Level 50 or Higher.

Some Guide Events are contests (bonus awards to the winner), some are like a quest (complete it for the reward), some are a learning experience (i.e. EQ Lore related) and so on.

See below for more on participating in Guide Events and Event types.




Yes, there can be.

Guides simply could not conduct reasonably 'fair' Events unless special rules are stated and enforced!

Even so, the rules can vary, event to event to event.

If there are any special event rules or requirements, other than common courtesy / common sense, they will be stated up front by the Guide before they start the event.

Such rules may, or may not, include:

In general, the idea is that all Player Participants are on a generally 'fair' non-disruptive playing field, despite their Level, Class or Gear.

If you are found violating the rules (or the 'intent' of the rules), Guides can disqualify you and / or otherwise penalize you.

In the past, it was sometimes required that Players create a brand new Level 1 Character (often of a specific race and / or class) to participate in certain Guide Events. Luckily, they seem to have moved away from that and opted to require Shrouds instead (after all, to make a new Level 1 character, some Players might have to delete an existing Character and then figure our how to by-pass the Tutorial).

Tradeable and otherwise very basic and generic items (as in not magical, not lore, not temporary, no stats...) can sometimes be used in Guide events (i.e. 'seeded' items). These items are all most always Guide specific items. In other words, the items are not every day items you can find or acquire. They are 100% unique to Guides / Guide Events, even if they may have similar / same names as every day existing items.

Examples of Guide 'Seed' items.




The short answer is... just show up!

However, that is not as simple as it sounds, since Guide Events do not appear on the in-game calendar (/cale).

For the most part, Guide Events, from a Players point of view, seem to be spur of the moment random Events.

First off, you need to be logged into the game when Guide Event happens, since it is advance notice that a Guide Event will take place is relatively uncommon.

Also, since Guides are volunteers, Guide Events can not be scheduled too far in advance, if at all... so there is no solid way to know when Guide Events will happen in advance (this is tricky to do, even for the Guides, themselves).

However, certain 'annual' Events conducted by Guides are scheduled, to some degree.

For example the Guide Event series known as the 'Festival of Might,' is normally conducted every July. Even so, specific dates and times for each event in the series, is still subject to Guide availability.

So, the question for a Player, is, how to better know when a Guide Event is going on or when a Guide Event will happen?

The answer for when one is 'going on' (happening now), is attentiveness while playing. Guides always announce via a Server-Wide Message, in General Chat, in /shout and even /ooc -- that a Guide Event is about to be conducted, where to go and how soon it will start. It is not unusual for them to delay a minute or two when they know more Players are on the way, so don't let that worry you. If you were on the way, you would appreciate the slight delay, after all.

In order to avoid missing Guide Event notices, you may want to a set up an Audio Trigger on the words:

Fair warning, however, these key words can be triggered by any Player using one or more of the same words, but this shouldn't happen all that often. It will, at least, make you look to see if an Event is actually being advertised by a Guide, or not.

Also, using the Guides name as a trigger, will cause this trigger to go off every time the Guide says something during the event (so you may want to turn Audio Triggers off during the event, and then turn them back on afterwards).

Another way, is to check the Guide Forums (each Server has it's own Forum section) on a regular basis. Sometimes (not always), particularly with Annual Events, Guides will post a little in advance of an impending Guide Event, or same day, with a date and time. You can see those posts, if any, here.

UPDATE: As of 2023, Guides now have a Discord Forum in the Official EverQuest Discord server. This is another location, and perhaps the best, to look and see if any Events are coming up soon on your Server.

Guides often use an in-game channel, and particularly one called 'fomight' (or 'fmight' -- it can vary). So join that channel as well (/j fomight or /j fmight), to help you keep on top of Guide Events.

Lastly, you can use the command /who all GM to see if there is a Guide presently logged in on the server. While a Guide is not technically a GM, they will show up using this command, if there are any logged in and not in NPC form. If any do show up, it 'suggests' there may be a pending Guide Event.

Once a Guide Event is started, simply head to the location stated in the spam from the Guide. Usually, Guides will hand out Stat Food & Stat Drink as you standby for other Players and / or wait for the 'official' the cited start time.

Once the event starts, the Guide, in whatever form they may be in (as themselves, or as a Event related NPC), will reveal what the Event entails and any special rules and requirements. The Event will then start on the Guides say so. The Guide will also notify Players when the Event is about to end (such as with timed Events). Once the Event is completed, pre-ordained Awards will be handed out (you do not get to ask for specific items).

Generally speaking, Guide Events, at least for a Player, take no more than an hour of Game time, with little exception (such as Carnival or Raid type Events, that can last a few hours).

So, as a recap, most Guide Events will follow this process:





Just don't expect major life-changing spectacular awards.

Most awards are given out simply for participating in, or completing, Guide Events.

Some are given as a 'Bonus' award for finishing first, second and / or third, or just for completing the Event (quest).

And there are also so-called 'secret' or bonus awards given out to Players (at a Guide's discretion), for entertaining the Guides... such as for making the Event more fun for the Guides themselves (as in non-disruptive funny, clever and entertaining banter and puns, etc.).

Guide award items are No Trade, but they can also be Heirloom and they can only be acquired from Guide Events.

Keep in mind, with little exception, that the awards that Guides can hand out are restricted to what is approved / allowed (by Darkpaw and / or Guide Elders).

Such Awards can include one, or more, of the following, at each Guide Event:​​​​​

Guide award window to choose one (1) Illusion Potion.

Guide award window to choose one (1) colored 14-Slot Bag.

Four of the many variant Weapon Ornaments you can get from Guide Events.

Three of the many variant Shield Ornaments you can get from Guide Events.

LEFT: One of the temporary 'Suffixes' you can get from a Guide Event;  MIDDLE: Three (3) temporary Dragon Illusions from the 'Festival of Might' Guide event; RIGHT: Ticket that can be handed out by Guides at certain Events and then traded back in for items of the Players choice (see image below).





There are a few things to know here:

Here is a list of Suffixes known to be awarded by Guides...







the Ale Runner Unknown There is a known item, 'Title Suffix Wand: the Ale Runner' - which is a Guide / GM item. It appears it is used to 'grant' this suffix to a Player.
the Drunken Pirate

Arena Brawl

(Drunken Pirates Brawl)

This suffix is awarded to the winner (last 'Pirate' standing) in the Arena Brawl.
the High Diver Unknown There is a known item, 'Title Suffix Wand: the High Diver' - which is a Guide / GM item. It appears it is used to 'grant' this suffix to a Player.
the Lucky Survivor Unknown There is a known item, 'Title Suffix Wand: the Lucky Survivor' - which is a Guide / GM item. It appears it is used to 'grant' this suffix to a Player.
the Mighty Festival of Might This suffix is awarded to first time winners of the Festival of Might.

the Mighty XXXX

(XXXX = Level 1 Class Reference)

Festival of Might

This suffix is awarded to repeat winners of the Festival of Might.

This suffix can vary by class, as it includes a Class Reference in the suffix. Specifically, the Level 1 name of your class.

Example, for a Paladin, the suffix is 'the Mighty Paladin.' For a Ranger it would be, 'the Mighty Ranger,' and so on.

the Mighty XXXX

(XXXX  = Level 51 Class Reference)

Festival of Might

This suffix is awarded to 3rd time winners of the Festival of Might.

This suffix can vary by class, as it includes a Class Reference in the suffix. Specifically, the Level 51 name of your class.

Example, at level 51, a Paladin becomes a 'Cavalier,' which is what you see when you do a /who search. For example, you would see '[51 Cavalier (Paladin)] Bonzz' in the search results.

So, in the case of a Paladin, the suffix would be 'the Mighty Cavalier.'

These class references are actual in-game class references, not titles. They are sort of like class ranks, really. With that said, sometimes these class references are available as titles, even to more than one class... but not all of them are.

If you want to see what the suffix might be for your class, you might try reviewing my page of in-game Titles (Prefixes and Suffixes), here.

the Mighty XXXX

(XXXX = Level 55 Class Reference)

Festival of Might

This suffix is awarded to 4th time winners of the Festival of Might.

This suffix can vary by class, as it includes a Class Reference in the suffix. Specifically, the Level 55 name of your class.

Example, at level 55, a Paladin becomes an 'Avenger,' which is what you see when you do a /who search. For example, you would see '[55 Avenger (Paladin)] Bonzz' in the search results.

So, in the case of a Paladin, the suffix would be 'the Mighty Avenger.'

These class references are actual in-game class references, not titles. They are sort of like class ranks, really. With that said, sometimes these class references are available as titles, even to more than one class... but not all of them are.

If you want to see what the suffix might be for your class, you might try reviewing my page of in-game Titles (Prefixes and Suffixes), here.

NOTE: The suffix might also be 'the Mighty Knight' -- sources vary on the Level 55 Class reference.

the Mighty XXXX

(XXXX = Level 60 Class Reference)

Festival of Might

This suffix is awarded to 5th time winners of the Festival of Might.

This suffix can vary by class, as it includes a Class Reference in the suffix. Specifically, the Level 60 name of your class.

Example, at level 60, a Paladin becomes an 'Avenger,' which is what you see when you do a /who search. For example, you would see '[60 Crusader (Paladin)] Bonzz' in the search results.

So, in the case of a Paladin, the suffix would be 'the Mighty Crusader.'

These class references are actual in-game class references, not titles. They are sort of like class ranks, really. With that said, sometimes these class references are available as titles, even to more than one class... but not all of them are.

If you want to see what the suffix might be for your class, you might try reviewing my page of in-game Titles (Prefixes and Suffixes), here.

the Mighty XXXX

(XXXX = Level 65 Class Reference)

Festival of Might

This suffix is awarded to 6th time winners of the Festival of Might.

This suffix can vary by class, as it includes a Class Reference in the suffix. Specifically, the Level 65 name of your class.

Example, at level 65, a Paladin becomes a 'Lord Protector,' which is what you see when you do a /who search. For example, you would see '[65 Lord Protector (Paladin)] Bonzz' in the search results.

So, in the case of a Paladin, the suffix would be 'the Mighty Lord Protector.'

These class references are actual in-game class references, not titles. They are sort of like class ranks, really. With that said, sometimes these class references are available as titles, even to more than one class... but not all of them are.

If you want to see what the suffix might be for your class, you might try reviewing my page of in-game Titles (Prefixes and Suffixes), here.

the Mighty XXXX

(XXXX = Level 70 Class Reference)

Festival of Might

This suffix is awarded to 7th time winners of the Festival of Might.

This suffix can vary by class, as it includes a Class Reference in the suffix. Specifically, the Level 75 name of your class.

Example, at level 70, a Paladin becomes a 'Holy Defender,' which is what you see when you do a /who search. For example, you would see '[70 Holy Saint (Paladin)] Bonzz' in the search results.

So, in the case of a Paladin, the suffix would be 'the Mighty Saint.'

These class references are actual in-game class references, not titles. They are sort of like class ranks, really. With that said, sometimes these class references are available as titles, even to more than one class... but not all of them are.

NOTE: Upon an 8th win of the Festival of Might, Players are allowed to give 'the Mighty' suffix to one of their other characters (there are no more variances for this suffix after 7 wins). However, Classes do get another Title at Level 75 (in the case of a Paladin, they become 'Holy Defender').

If you want to see what the suffix might be for your class, you might try reviewing my page of in-game Titles (Prefixes and Suffixes), here.

the Pirate Pirate Themed Scavenger Hunt The event for which this suffix was awarded on Bertox, was a timed Pirate themed scavenger hunt, to acquire as many of the itemized items as possible, to include some special bonus items. The event was a sort of celebration of the new ship in Loping Plains (The Revival). Upon hand in, Players got points for each items and bonus points for the bonus item. This title was given to the winner.
the Pitiful Pirate

Arena Brawl

(Drunken Pirates Brawl)

This suffix is awarded to the loser (first 'Pirate' to fall... as in die) in the Arena Brawl.
the Salty Dog Pirate Themed Scavenger Hunt The event for which this suffix was awarded on Bertox, was a timed scavenger hunt to acquire as many of the itemized items as possible, to include some special bonus items. The event was a sort of celebration of the new ship in Loping Plains (The Revival). Upon hand in, Players got points for each items and bonus points for the bonus item. This title was given those who found the bonus item.
the Show Stopper Unknown There is a known item, 'Title Suffix Wand: the Show Stopper' - which is a Guide / GM item. It appears it is used to 'grant' this suffix to a Player.
Unknown 'Arena' Prefix(s) Unknown There is a known item, 'Title Wand: Arena Prefixes' - which is a Guide / GM item. It appears it is used to 'grant' one (1) or more Prefixes to a Player.
Unknown 'Arena' Suffix(s) Unknown There is a known item, 'Title Wand: Arena Suffixes' - which is a Guide / GM item. It appears it is used to 'grant' one (1) or more Suffixes to a Player.




You can contact a guide using the /guidehelp command, or by e-mail at

Guides, while they are not GM's, are tagged as a GM in game, thus the /who all GM command can reveal if a Guide is active on your server. If they are, they might answer a /tell, if they aren't otherwise busy. If they are in NPC form, this command will not reveal their presence, however.




Here are some of the known Guide Events, along with some basic details of what they entail.

Keep in mind that the 'same' Events can vary each time they are conducted (the Guides can vary them a bit, such as the zone they conduct them in and so forth).

If you know of any other Guide Events, not covered below, please feel free to send me details!

Arena Brawl

Arena battles are just what they sound like... last Player standing wins! Normally, these events involve Shrouding to a specific Race, Character Type and Level, no buffs, no mercs, no running away and so forth, to make it fair. Sometimes they involve staying on the middle circle / platform in the Arena. They can also involve Illusions (provided by the Guide as a buff or a potion) and getting drunk (i.e. such as from Valtron's Finest Brew' provided by Guides). In certain Arena Events, temporary Titles / Suffixes have been known to also be awarded (i.e. 'the Drunken Pirate,' & 'the Pitiful Pirate').

Carnival There are are at least four (4) seasonal 'Carnival' that can be held each year by Guides. They have called things like the 'Fall Carnival,' 'Spring Fling Carnival,' 'Summer Carnival' and 'Winter Funderland Carnival." They are all Events that include at least two (2) or more Guide Events, in one. Unlike the FoM Event, all of these Events are conducted back-to-back on the same day and session. During this, Tickets are awarded to Players, which can be traded back to the Guides at the end of the Event (5 to 15 at a time), in trade for Guide Items of the Player's choice.

Festival of Might (FoM)

(Formerly known as 'Days of Test')

This is an annual series of Guide Events, normally held during July of every year. The FoM includes an Opening Ceremony and a Closing Ceremony. 

In between the Opening Ceremony and the Closing Ceremony, a series of Guide Events (such as the other events listed on this page) are held on various days / times, primarily in July, where 'Points' are awarded to Players who finish 1st, 2nd & 3rd (in each Event). Those Point Totals are cumulatively maintained by the Guides and can be seen on the Guide Forums (here). Sometimes, events award 'bonus' points such as for finding a special / rare item and returning it to the Guide, as well.

After all the Events are done, based on the accumulated Point Totals of the participating Players, the overall Winner, Runner Up and Third Place Players are declared. Those Players are then given their awards during the Closing Ceremony, to include temporary Suffixes like, 'the Mighty.' Repeat winners get a Class reference added to that suffix, i.e. 'the Mighty Paladin.'

Fishing Contest With this Event, Players will are usually told to bring Fishing Poles and Bait. Normally, such events are about who can catch the most of a certain type of Fish (or items), in a set amount of time (usually 5 to 10 Minutes). Players will be told when to start fishing and when to stop. Some Fishing Contests may also include getting drunk. Players then give their catch to the Guide so that the winner can be decided.
Hoodie Hoo Parade

Hoodie Hoo is a fabricated real life 'holiday' (February 20th of each year), where people are to go outside at noon, wave their hands over their head and yell "Hoodie Hoo...' as a way to scare away Winter to make way for Spring. The Guide Event is similar, as Players are asked to show up in some sort of disguise (Illusion) and then follow the Guide for a short time, parade style, while shouting "Hoodie Hoo' (/shout Hoodie Hoo).

Level 1 Adventures

These type of adventures are, probably, now obsolete. After all, they required Players to created a brand new Level 1 Character to participate in the Event with. This was certainly unattractive to Players, as if all of their Character slots were used, it would mean deleting an existing Character to participate. Also, with the advent of the Tutorial, it was also much harder / trickier to create a Level 1 Character and by-pass Gloomingdeep (the Tutorial).

These events were 'silly-fun' things like a drunken race (the Anniversary Drunken Race probably originated from this), high diving and similar.

Crafting Help The one Event I did like this, was where an NPC (the Guide) wanted an item, that required crafting. The Guide reveals the recipe right up front, which is an existing in-game recipe, but it included ingredients that were somewhat old school (old world drops) and not necessarily easily acquired. Acquire / make the item and give it to the Guide for your reward. How & where you acquire them is up to you.
Items Needed

There are a myriad of variant but similar Events where an NPC (the Guide) is in 'need of items' of some kind (i.e. for a gift, a party, etc.). These Events normally start in the Plane of Knowledge, and are fairly straight forward. The NPC will ask for certain items and all you have to do is acquire the items and then give the items to the NPC (Guide). The items are existing in-game EQ items that can be acquired from Vendors and / or looted from MoB's. Sometimes one (1) of the items might be an easily Player crafted item. How & where you acquire them is up to you. In some situations, the reward may increase if you bring back a certain number of the required items, and / or the 'special' item.

Lost / Stolen Items

In this type of Guide Event, an NPC (the Guide) needs help recovering lost or stolen items. These items are unique Guide Event-only items (they are 'seeded' by the guide ahead of time) that drop (only once) from MoB's of various types in the cited zone. Recover the items, take them back to the Guide and get your reward.

In  some cases, one of the items to recover is a 'Bonus' item and the first Player to return it is awarded Bonus Points for events like the Festival of Might.

Fortune Telling

I did participate in one of these, but I don't recall exactly how it worked. I believe the Guide would /tell you some generic 'fortune' and then roll a die to see how many Tickets to give you.

Normally, this event is part of a Festival or Carnival type Event.

Pigeon Drop

With the Pigeon Drop, Players were required to have Levitation and were summoned to the top of a Building, across from another Building. Down below, between the buildings, there was a Guide standing still in one place. Players were given an item and had to run (no hesitation, no stopping) across to the next building and, along the way, drop that item as close as they could to the Guide down below. The closer the item was to the Guide, the better. A third Guide stood watch as Judge on how close the drop was, and then picked up the item, to clear the field for the next Player.

Normally, this event is part of a Festival or Carnival type Event.

Puzzle I have not been part of one of these Events, so I can only theorize as to what it entails. I only know that Players are asked to 'solve a puzzle.' It sounds like riddle-me-this event, where Players answer riddles.
Puzzle Adventure This event is a combination of Puzzle / Scavenger Hunt. Players are given a riddle / hint and then must bring back an item to give the Guide, as an answer the riddle with. A variation may be also the pursuit of the 'answer,' where the hint leads to NPC's (Guides) in different zones that would ask for something in trade (a MoB drop). Eventually, the Players would be give some key words, that are hints to the actual answer, which may not actually be EQ related (it may be words from a quote of wisdom, for example).
Race Race Events are just what they sound like. A Race! Normally races events involve no buffs and no mounts. They may, however, involve Shrouding (as a certain race, character type and / or Level), in order to level the playing field. In some cases, Players are also required to be completely intoxicated (can't drink any more) to race (thus the origin of the 'Drunken Gnome Race' that is now an Anniversary Event). Guides will advise Players of the race route, tell them when to start and then monitor the race as it progresses. Races can be on land (running), in water (swimming) or both. Some races can be to and from different points within a zone, but some races are actually across multiple zones. Races all most always involve finding and hailing a Guide at certain check points, along the way.
Raid On rare occasion, Guides will hold a raid event, where all participants work together, as a raid force, led by the Guide. These raids may require using a Shroud of a certain Level. The raid will have some underlying theme (story line, purpose, goal...) that the raid will set out to address.  The raid will usually take place in a standard zone(s), with special Guide spawned MoB's (that may, in fact, also be a Guide in disguise) to deal with.
Recruitment In this scenario, the Guide (as an NPC) is recruiting Players for their 'team' or 'crew.' Example, a Pirate can be recruiting for Players for their crew. This recruitment often includes offering Players an option of what type of role they would like to recruit for (swabby, deck hand, etc.). Once the Player makes a selection, the Player will be sent to acquire some items. The items are generally vendor sold with one exception, which is generally a crafted item.
Relay Race

With Relay Race Guide Events, they usually require no mounts, no buffs and similar, to level the playing field. Players are assigned to teams (of at least 2 Players each). Each team may then be Illusioned (by the Guides) into a certain type of creature (i.e. a Steamsuit or a Lightning Warrior...). The Players are then given a 'wand' item and told when to go. Players then run to another Guide at a pre-determined location and hand in the wand. The first team (all of them) to hand in their wands wins.

Normally, this event is part of a Festival or Carnival type Event.

Role Play This is when a Guide pops on, unannounced, and just generally interacts with random Players in the area. The Guide basically make comments in say, or compliments a Player on their sword, shield, mount, look or some similar. If the Player responds, the short interaction normally results in a stat food & drink award.
Scavenger Hunt With Guide Event Scavenger Hunts, Players will be either be told what to 'hunt' for -- or given 'clues' as to what to hunt for. How you acquire them is up to you, but normally the items are MoB drops, Vendor Items or special 'Event Only' items that Guides have temporarily activated (seeded) as MoB drops in certain zones. Acquire the items, give them to the Guide and get your reward.
Secret Shopper These guide events are just like they sound. The Guide needs Players to go shopping for them, and bring back a list of items sold by assorted vendors. normally in the same zone.
Story Time These Guide Events simply involve taking a seat and listening the the Guide, as they tell a EQ-related Story. Some of these stories can be read at the bottom of this page.
Talent Show The talents show, for the most part, is being creative with your Character and in-game emotes, abilities, illusions and so forth. it can also include personal EQ related creativity such as telling short story, EQ related Stand Up Comedy, reciting a poem (or 'singing' a song) and so on.
Talk Like a Pirate Day I have not been part of one of these, but I believe this is where every one comes and, well, talks like a Pirate (Pirate jokes, puns and cleverness are encouraged), dress as best as they can like a Pirate or even illusion as a Pirate. Drinking is usually part of the festivities, too.
Tour Guide In this scenario, The Guide(s) are tourists in a City (such as West Freeport) and would like someone to show them around (points of interest, such as in West Freeport it might be City Hall, the Hall of Truth, the Temple of Marr, the Academy of Arcane Sciences and finally, an Inn). The Guides walk, so it's a slow tour.

Trivia contests are generally just what they sound like, but strictly EQ related. I have seen one situation where a Trivia Contest was was conducted as a foot race was also in Progress. Trivia contests usually follow the protocol that a Guide asks a Question and tells Players how to make the Guide aware they want to answer, such as with an emote like /smile (the emote will vary with each question). Guides will then call on each Player to answer, in the order that the Guide saw the emote (lag can make the order appear different to you). If the first Player answers wrong, then the 2nd player will be given a chance to answer, and then a third Player, if necessary. After three (3) tries, the Guides will move on to the next question (they will not provide the answer to the missed Question). Sometimes the answer is multi-faceted, such as the name of an NPC and the Zone they are in, or some similar. Trivia contests usually involve 10 to 15 Questions. If there is a tie, a tie-breaker Question will be asked to break the tie. They are normally very tolerant on spelling and typos.

Trivia Contests are normally topic-related, but can be a potpourri of topics as well. Trivia Topics I have seen include: EQ Faction; EQ Dragons; Old World EQ Items; EQ Zones; EQ Tradeskills & EQ 'Knowledge of Norrath.'





These 5 Dose Potions are expendable, but they are Heirloom and placeable (the Potion bottles are of variant colors, too)!

There are twenty-one (21) of these 'NPC' Illusion Potions (Basilisk, Bear, Bixie, Chokidai, Earth Elemental, Fairy, Goblin, Hadal, Imp, Kobold, Orc, Bellikos, Ghost Froglok, Lightning Warrior, Nekhon, Nihil, Shiliskin, Shissar, Siren, Steam Suit & Telmira).

They named for the race they are for (i.e. 5 Dose Essence of Basilisk). The Guide Items are not to be confused with quested / dropped items of the same name.

Too see images and / or videos for these Illusions, click here.


These 5 Dose Potions are expendable, but they are Heirloom and placeable (the Potion bottles are of variant colors, too)!

There are eighteen (18) of these 'Player Race' Illusion Potions (Dark Elf, Drakkin, Dwarf, Erudite, Female Pirate, Gnome, Guktan (Froglok), Half Elf, Halfling, High Elf, Human, Iksar, Male Pirate, Ogre, Troll, Vah Shir & Wood Elf). 

They named for the race they are for (i.e. 5 Dose Essence of Half Elf). The Guide Items are not to be confused with quested / dropped items of the same name.

Too see images and / or videos for these Illusions, click here.


Ocean Mist Sword Ornament - Ocean Mist Hatchet Ornament - Ocean Mist Short Spear - Ocean Mist Ulak Ornament


This is the same item you can buy from the Loyalty Vendor.

It seems to be only awarded as a 'bonus' in certain situations, such as the Festival of Might, but you will get only one (1) of them.


Crossbow Ornamentation - Ocean Mist Bow Ornament Silver Spoon Ornamentation


At some events, Players can be illusioned by the Guides, but the Illusions are temporary. Zone or camp and they will go away.

Example, in the final ceremony for the particularly the Festival of Might, the top three (3) Players are Illusioned as three different giant sized dragons (click here to see).


(aka Crowns)

These are the specialty coin you earn each week for being a paid All Access Member (listed in your Alternate Currency tab as 'Loyalty Tokens,' but referred to as 'Crowns' by the Vendor they are used with).

These can be award at some higher level special events (such as Festival of Might). They are normally only awarded in a quantity of only five (5) Loyalty Tokens. They are placed directly into your alternate currency tab.



Bertoxxulous Shield OrnamentDain Shield OrnamentFennin Ro Shield OrnamentKarana Shield Ornament


Luclin Shield OrnamentMithaniel Marr Shield OrnamentRallos Zek Shield OrnamentSaryrn Council Shield Ornament - Ocean Mist Tower Shield Ornament


Shar Vahl Shield Ornament - Tallon Zek Shield Ornament - Tarew Marr Shield Ornament - Terris-Thule Shield Ornament


The Rathe Shield OrnamentTribunal Council Shield OrnamentVallon Zek Shield OrnamentXegony Shield OrnamentZebuxoruk Shield Ornament


There are two (2) known Stat Drinks. They are both No Trade.

These are normally handed out in stacks of five (5).

They are the 'Drink of Timeless Energy' (Heirloom, no Level restriction), and the 'Hero's Tonic' (not Heirloom and required Level 115). Hero's Tonic will scale, so the vary based on your Character Level.


There are two (2) known Stat Foods. They are both No Trade.

These are normally handed out in stacks of five (5).

They are the 'Decadent Jumjum Cake' (Heirloom, no Level restriction), and the 'Hero's Stew' (not Heirloom, required Level 115). Hero's Stew will scale, so the vary based on your Character Level.


(aka Title)

This is a temporary suffix (aka title) granted to players. This suffix is 100% temporary, so if you change it, it's gone (unless a Guide restores it for you). It is not added to your list of Suffix Window options.

There are at least seventeen known / suspected Suffix variants.

Click here for a list of known and suspected Suffixes, along with more details.


Variant colored 14-Slot No Trade (but they are Heirloom) bag.

There are nine (9) variant colors of this item, all of which include the color in their name (i.e. Tailored Legendary White Backpack): Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow & White.


Ocean Mist Trident Ornament



All-Purpose Sword OrnamentBroken Bottle OrnamentCoconut Husk OrnamentCreepy Doll Ornament


Dark Elf Bastard Sword OrnamentDark Elf Broadsword Ornament - Dead Tree Branch Ornament


Drumstick Ornament - Elven Broadsword OrnamentElven Longsword Ornament


Elven Scimitar OrnamentElven Spear Ornament


Elven Sword OrnamentGriffin Sword Ornament - Holy SwordSilver Fork Ornament


Silver Knife Ornament - Toothed Dirk OrnamentUnfinished Bo Staff OrnamentWildflower Bouquet Ornament




Some 'bonus' stuff from Guide Events...

Grimagus' Story (Frostfell)          How Lycans Came to Exist          History of the Ruins of Old Paineel

Story of the Legendary Artisan, Lebounde ab Dolmen          Story of the Volunteer Guide Program

Grimagus' Story

Grimagus says, 'Listen up - Here is my story!'

Grimagus says, 'The Goblins in Gibberville loved Frostfell a lot,'

Grimagus says, 'But cranky ol' Grimagus certainly did NOT!'

Grimagus says, 'Grimagus grew grumpy as Frostfell drew near'

Grimagus says, 'When gifting and gabbing and giggling gave cheer.'

Grimagus says, 'It could be he thought his own gifts weren't quite right.'

Grimagus says, 'It could be, mayhap, that his funds were too tight.'

Grimagus says, 'But the reason most likely - and let us be blunt -'

Grimagus says, 'Was the horrible youth he had spent as a runt'

Grimagus says, 'He thought of the times when he was so small'

Grimagus says, 'And other Gigglegibbers called him Goofball.'

Grimagus says, 'Grimagus glowered when they tossed him around'

Grimagus says, 'But he peeped not a word; he would not make a sound'

Grimagus says, 'His lunch coin would fall from his pockets with ease'

Grimagus says, 'As the other Gigglegibbers taunted and teased.'

Grimagus says, 'Though now he is rich and owns the whole town'

Grimagus says, 'Those were sad times when they called him a clown'

Grimagus says, 'Grimagus grew into a mischievous teener'

Grimagus says, 'And wilder and richer and quite a lot meaner'

Grimagus says, 'Over time, Grimagus outgrew being a chump'

Grimagus says, 'In fact, now the Gigglegibbers just call him The Grump'

Grimagus says, 'He was grumpy and snarly and bossy most days'

Grimagus says, 'Especially during the goblins' holidays'

Grimagus says, 'Holiday time always made The Grump bleak'

Grimagus says, 'He remembered those days when he was young and so weak'

Grimagus says, 'And the festive season he hated most of all'

Grimagus says, 'Was Frostfell time, when folks tall and small'

Grimagus says, 'Would exchange little presents and be of good cheer.'

Grimagus says, 'With folks young and old, and folks far and near'

Grimagus says, '"They're buying their presents," he said with a growl'

Grimagus says, '"Gifting Day is tomorrow! That day, oh, most foul!"'

Grimagus says, 'He pounded his fist and he cried with a sneer,'

Grimagus says, '"There will be NO Gifting Day! Shan't happen this year!"'

Grimagus says, 'He thought of the elves, with their boxes and bows'

Grimagus says, 'He thought of them singing and twinkling their toes'

Grimagus says, 'The thought of those elves made him quite sneery.'

Grimagus says, 'They were chipper and sparkly and impossibly cheery'

Grimagus says, '"They've never been sad, never gone without gifts..."'

Grimagus says, '"And that is something I simply must fix."'

Grimagus says, '"I'll stop Frostfell time!" his eyes glinted with glee'

Grimagus says, '"I'll start in the cities! I'll make them all flee!"'

Grimagus says, 'The Grump plotted how he would waylay the goods'

Grimagus says, 'That were intended to spread Frostfell cheer through the 'hoods'

Grimagus says, '"I'll take all the feasts and baubles and toys"'

Grimagus says, '"That were meant for all the good girls and boys!"'

Grimagus says, 'The Grump quickly gathered empty boxes and bags.'

Grimagus says, 'And then bundled himself in some tatters and rags'

Grimagus says, 'He raced through the villages. He raced through the 'hoods'

Grimagus says, 'He swiped and he stole and he took what he could'

Grimagus says, 'He took the wrapped presents. He took the cooked feasts.'

Grimagus says, 'Even the caroling jesters were fleeced.'

Grimagus says, 'And as he was leaving, his sack bulging with stuff,'

Grimagus says, 'The adventurers shouted, "Enough is enough!" '

Grimagus says, '"We know you're unhappy because of the past"'

Grimagus says, '"When you were outcast and teased and harassed'

Grimagus says, '"But don't be mad, we will put the past right."'

Grimagus says, 'They gathered around and he braced for a fight'

Grimagus says, '"Though you were put down and all your presents got broke,"'

Grimagus says, '"Is that a good reason to take from these folk?"'

Grimagus says, 'Snarled the Grump, "Do not judge my sad childhood."'

Grimagus says, '"But," said one tiny elf, "You used to be good."'

Grimagus says, 'And deep down inside, the Grump felt himself sway'

Grimagus says, 'He had once been good; what had made him this way?'

Grimagus says, 'The Grump stared at the group and then understood'

Grimagus says, 'That they weren't being mean; they were all very good'

Grimagus says, 'And he knew deep inside he was no Frostfell-hater!'

Grimagus says, 'He'd hidden his heart like a prestidigitator!'

Grimagus says, 'He'd give back the presents. He'd give back the feasts.'

Grimagus says, 'He'd even return all the pies of minced meats!'

Grimagus says, 'The littlest elf extended her hand,'

Grimagus says, 'And invited the goblin to visit her land'

Grimagus says, '"Come stay with us!" We'll welcome you here.'

Grimagus says, 'You'll come to love how we spread Frostfell cheer!"'

Grimagus says, 'No more Frostfell's spent in glum solitude'

Grimagus says, 'The Grump took her hand, his faith was renewed'

Grimagus says, 'Now The Grump finds he's welcome all around in the 'hood.'

Grimagus says, 'He celebrates Frostfell the way that he should!'

:Grimagus bows to the audience and beams a warm smile.

Grimagus says, 'I hope you all enjoyed my story. Please don’t leave yet, friends. I have participation gifts for you.'

How Lycans Came to Exist

Nacyl says, 'Greetings! Thank you for joining me today, please have a seat and enjoy these refreshments while we wait for others to arrive.'

Nacyl tells General: '[Guide Event] Fellow Norrathians! Have you ever wondered how Lycans came to exist? Seek me out in front of the Grand Library in the Plane of Knowledge.

Nacyl says, 'Okay, thank you all for your patience! We'll get started now )'

Nacyl says, 'Greeting friends! Please have a seat and I'll tell you a story about what can happen when you dabble in things you know nothing about! That Voodoo that you do . . . it can have dire consequences!'

Nacyl grins wickedly.

Nacyl clears her throat and begins to read from her scroll.

Nacyl says, 'After some investigation it has been discovered that the Froglok Oqoti is not the innocent shaman he was thought to be! '

Nacyl says, 'Turns out he is secretly interested in the occult and stumbled across a way to make his own zombies! Or so the story goes . . . '

Nacyl says, 'So how did this Lycanthropy problem get started anyway?'

Nacyl says, 'After some investigation it has been discovered that the Froglok Oqoti is not the innocent shaman he was thought to be! '

Nacyl says, 'Turns out he is secretly interested in the occult and stumbled across a way to make his own zombies! Or so the story goes . . . '

Nacyl looks up from him scroll at the surprised faces of him audience.

Nacyl says, 'Oqoti's curiosity found him wandering the streets of Neriak in the Foreign Quarter, looking for a building that remotely resembles a museum, for it s here he s been told, lies the secret to creating a zombie. '

Nacyl says, 'The first thing he saw upon entering was a wall of leering skulls with glowing green eyes that made him catch his breath. He almost lost his nerve right there and turned to flee. '

Nacyl says, 'But as if under a spell, all the chiseled stone store fronts of the Foreign Quarter began to beckon him. Oqoti stumbled through onward as if in a trance and found himself in the Neriak Common.'

Nacyl says, 'The Common is a hub of activities in the evening, with loud music blaring from pubs and dark elves traipsing in drunken glee along crowded streets. If you visit in the daytime, though, the area is eerily quiet.'

Nacyl shudders involuntarily.

Nacyl says, 'Just as he's about to turn around and grab some beignets at The Refined Palace for his trip back, a wooden signboard catches his eye. '

Nacyl says, 'The banner like the museum's building looks old and unassuming, but there's no mistaking the words on it. '

Nacyl says, 'Red paint that vaguely resembles dried blood spells out: "Neriak Down Under". He had finally found the Neriak Historic Voodoo Museum! '

Nacyl says, 'Here in Neriak voodoo is as big for its inhabitants as Brew Day is in Kaladim. Not many cities openly display their belief in the supernatural like they do in Neriak. '

Nacyl says, 'But that's probably because voodoo is deeply rooted in the city's history. Voodoo reportedly came to Neriak, brought by smuggled heretic slaves from Erudin during The Age of Turmoil. '

Nacyl says, 'Today, the craft is still practiced by a sliver of society in both cities.'

Nacyl says, 'With just a few minutes to spare before the museum closed, according to the sign on the door, Oqoti said a quick prayer and pushed open the heavy black doors. '

Nacyl says, 'The cramped interior was dark and stuffy with the scent of burning incense. From the corner at the reception desk, a mysterious looking dark elf woman in oversized glasses peered over from the newspaper she was reading.'

Nacyl says, '"Are you still taking visitors? Can I come in?" Oqoti asked timidly, perhaps a little too meekly, as nerves were choking his throat. '

Nacyl says, '"It's five gold pieces to enter", the woman answered grimly, "But I'll make it three since I'll have to kick you out soon."'

Nacyl says, 'To be fair, one doesn't need a long time to explore the venue. Despite its name, the museum is just made up of two rooms and a hallway.'

Nacyl says, 'Maybe it was his hyperactive imagination, but Oqoti could swear he heard quiet whispers. But with the exception of the woman at the reception, he was completely alone in the museum.'

Nacyl says, 'Packed within the small space were all kinds of voodoo exhibits. Some were bizarre, while others were downright disturbing. It was here that he discovered a book of spells and curses. '

Nacyl says, 'The curator would not allow him to remove the book or even copy the spells into the journal he carried with him so when he came across the recipe for creating zombies he was forced to commit it to memory.'

Nacyl smirks.

Nacyl says, 'Walking into one of the rooms, he was greeted by an array of altars. Some were dedicated to voodoo spirits, while others to deceased members of the faith. '

Nacyl says, 'On the altars are various offerings: beads, loose change, pipes and sketches.'

Nacyl says, 'There's also an extremely detailed depiction of how to make a zombie. '

Nacyl says, 'Apparently, all you need is poison extracted from green goblin skin. Then lace it on the shoes of your enemy before feeding him an antidote to produce a living dead effect. Hmmm . . . '

Nacyl says, 'In another room, dolls with pins stuck into them as well as paintings of seemingly demented devotees dancing under the moonlight gave him goosebumps. '

Nacyl says, 'Too engrossed, he suddenly tripped over an urn and sat down hard on a ceremonial stool with an ominous "DO NOT SIT" sign over it. '

Nacyl says, 'Another sign above the stool warned that if any visitors dare to touch the items, they will be cursed with bad juju. Uh oh, was he cursed for life?'

Nacyl says, 'Startled by this little accident, Oqoti immediately recited the names of all the deities his mother taught him as a child.'

Nacyl says, 'Within seconds, he was out of the museum and running for a safe corner where he could safely gate back to his lab in the Plane of Knowledge.'

Nacyl says, 'Once there he scurried off in search of salt to purify his soul. Salt does work, right?'

Nacyl can only imagine Oqoti's terror!

Nacyl says, 'Oqoti was eager to put his new knowledge to work and create his own zombie. He remembered that he would definitely need to concoct a poison from Green Goblin Skin but what was it he needed for the antidote? '

Nacyl says, 'He muttered to himself, " I think it said I would need to wear Orc Prayer Beads, or was it a Cutthroat Insignia Ring?" He decided to wear both, just in case. '

Nacyl says, 'And then he was supposed to grind an Opal inside a Brittle Iksar Skull. But then he couldn't remember if he was supposed to add water or just sprinkle the resulting powder on his would be zombie's feet. '

Nacyl says, 'He guessed if one way didn't work he'd try the other. What harm would it do? '

Nacyl smirks knowingly at Oqoti's foolishness.

Nacyl says, 'Oqoti wanted to create a human zombie, but he didn't know of any humans willing to participate in such an experiment. "Well, its probably best to try this out on an animal first anyway," he thought aloud. '

Nacyl says, 'He then traveled to North Ro near the city gates where some of the local coyote had become tame from being fed scraps from the bored guards standing sentry there. '

Nacyl says, 'He prepared himself by donning the ring and beads and then using his pestle and the Brittle Iksar Skull he ground the Opal into a fine powder. '

Nacyl says, 'He forgot to bring a scrap of food with him to entice the coyote so dug through his backpack for an iron ration. '

Nacyl says, 'As it gingerly sniffed the offering Oqoti tossed a handful of the fine power at the coyote's feet.'

Nacyl says, 'As Oqoti stood there eyeing the startled coyote nothing was happening. '

Nacyl says, 'Oqoti sighed in disappointment, he must have forgotten something. '

Nacyl says, 'But then suddenly before his eyes the coyote began a transformation, growing thick muscles and coarse hair, its eyes lit with a menacing gleam.'

Nacyl says, 'A slimy froth began dripping from huge sharp fangs and he suddenly stood upright huffing and growling. Oqoti had not created a zombie. '

Nacyl says, '"I've created a-a Lycan??" he gasped in horror.'

Nacyl bows to her audience as her story ends, hoping they have enjoyed the telling.

Nacyl says, 'Thank you for coming to listen to my story! Please don't rush off friends, I have gifts for all who came to hear my tale.

Story of the Legendary Artisan, Lebounde ab Dolmen

Dlareh shouts, "Fellow Norrathians, won't you come hear my tale about the legendary artisan Lebounde ab Dolmen? Seek me out at the Nexus stone in the Plane of Knowledge and i will share my story in 15 minutes."

Dlareh says, 'Let us begin!'

Dlareh says, 'Lebounde ab Dolmen stretched and turned to look at the clock at his bedside. "5am on the dot", Lebounde smiled to himself. He is such a creature of habit he wonders why he even bothers with a clock at all.'

Dlareh says, '"Early ta bed and early ta rise makes a man healthy wealthy an' wise." He'd always heard that from his Da. "Ah well, I dunno about the wealthy part," he mused, "but 'tis time ta rise an meet another day in the fine city of Halas."'

Dlareh says, 'Lebounde left his chilly cabin and started makin' his way to McDaniels for a steaming cup of Karana Brown Tea and a hearty breakfast ta start his day.'

Dlareh says, 'Even though he braced for the cold, that first blast of frigid air always seemed ta take his breath away. An' there was an extra bite t'day due ta the wind howling through the streets, kicking up little swirls of snow aboot his feet.'

Dlareh says, '"G'mornin' to ye, Jowra yer lookin' bright eyed this frosty mornin'," shivered Lebounde as he strained against the wind ta pull the door closed behind 'im. Jowra McGynnall greeted Lebounde with an infectious smile.'

Dlareh says, 'She always looked forward to their early mornin' chats over a hot cup of tea. They had a few minutes before the rest of the clan shook themselves out of their warm beds to make their way in for an eye opener and some friendly gossip.'

Dlareh says, '"I imagine ye'll be busy as usual with yer tradeskillers today, 'ey Lebounde?" Jowra smiled as she sat two mugs of tea on ta the table and slid in ta the chair across from him.'

Dlareh says, 'I'm thinkin' there might not be the steady stream of artisans today that we've come ta expect over the past few months," he grinned. "Not many care to venture into Halas this time of year for fear of frostbite"'

Dlareh says, 'Out of necessity Lebounde had settled on a particular task for the artisans that frequently sought him out. Some thieving hoodlum had seen fit to abscond with his treasured tools and he needed to find a clever way to get them back.'

Dlareh says, 'He supposed whoever the culprit was thought it would be great fun to leave him only hints about where he could find his missing equipment.'

Dlareh says, 'He had asked about Halas to see if anyone had an idea who the scoundrel might be but, naturally, no one knew a thing. Some had even suggested that perhaps he had misplaced them.'

Dlareh says, '"Any luck with retrieving yer tools yet?" Jowra queried.'

Dlareh says, 'Lebounde sighed, "Nay, and anyone with 'alf a brain would know that an artisan such as meself would never leave 'is equipment laying aboot. But I have a plan ta recruit some help ta retrieve 'em."'

Dlareh says, '"From the looks of the riddles they left they must be scattered all across Norrath and they look to be in some mighty tricky places, if I'm reading these hints correctly."'

Dlareh says, 'Lebounde knew that if he was going to recruit help for such a lengthy and arduous task he would need to offer up a fine reward. So he decided he would collaborate with a couple other well known artisans in Norrath.'

Dlareh says, 'The feisty gnome, Eron, in Dragonscale Hills and the stout little halfling, Rebecca Cabbageleaf, in Fungus Grove were more than willing to offer their assistance.'

Dlareh says, 'They helped him fashion the mother of all tradeskill quests with the promise of a reward such as they'd never seen.'

Dlareh says, 'And it was working! How many artisans have come to display their wares looking for his approval?'

Dlareh says, 'Many more were turned away to further improve their skills than he ever accepted, for even in his time of need, Lebounde ab Dolmen has a critical eye for each and every tradeskill and he expects nothing less than perfection.'

Dlareh says, 'As he bid Jowra g'day and stepped out into the swirling snow Lebounde was surprised to meet a shivering half elf druid.'

Dlareh says, '"Hail, Lebounde ab Dolmen!" quavered the tiny elf maiden.'

Dlareh says, '"'Gooddeh t' yeh, friend. Wouldn't happen t' be lookin' fer work, would ye?", grinned Lebounde knowingly.'

Dlareh says, 'He was impressed that this little druid had made it all the way ta Halas on her own.'

Dlareh says, 'Teeth chattering, the half elf replied, 'I-I-I-I'm looking for work.''

Dlareh says, 'Ah well I "Could use some help findin' some of meh lost equipment. Yeh see, a group of thugs ran off with most of it, left meh with nothin' but a handful of riddles".'

Dlareh says, '"Bandits ain't never made much sense t' meh, but maybe yeh'll have some luck decipherin' meanin' outta this."'

Dlareh says, 'Lebounde handed the elf his list of scribbled directions and told her, "'ere ye go, see if ye kin decipher these riddles and find me tools,"'

Dlareh says, 'If ye kin find 'em all and return them to me, I'll reward ye with the finest augment ye've ever seen!"'

Dlareh says, '"Be off wit ye now, I doubt ye want ta be hangin' around here much longer. Ye'll freeze in yer tracks," he chuckled. "Ye know if ye put some britches on ye wouldn't be nearly as cold!" he called after her.'

Dlareh says, 'And wit' that the lil' elf muttered a few words and ported 'erself to warmer climes to begin her hunt.'

Dlareh says, 'Lebounde waved g'bye, wished the lil' elf luck and muttered ta 'imself, "Maybe this one will be able ta find me favorite chisel . . . "'

Dlareh says, 'And that, me friends, is the end of me story. Ye kin still meet up with Lebounde ab Dolmen ta this very day. He is ever hopeful o' findin' 'is long lost tools.'

Dlareh says, 'Ye kin find him makin' his rounds about Halas but if ye don't catch him a'for seven pm ye'll hafta wait til he wakes up in the mornin' for 'es not aboot to open his door fer anyone once he goes ta bed.'

Dlareh bows.

Dlareh says, 'Don't leave! I have rewards for you all.'

History of the Ruins of Old Paineel

Citereh says, 'Greetings, all! Let me take a moment to introduce myself. Citereh at your service, teller of tales, fables, legends and lore! Why yes...that's me indeed! Appointed by his majesty, the King of Qeynos.'
Citereh introduces herself. Hi there!
Citereh says, 'I am storyteller, err rather historian...yes that's it. Please take heed and listen closely, as there is much we can all learn from this tale, and I shall relate it to you this fine day'
Citereh says, 'Today you will hear a most fascinating account of the history of the Ruins of Old Paineel, known to others as the Hole. After the story there will be complimentary gifts for all!'
Citereh says, 'So don't be running off prematurely!'
Citereh says, 'Long have I traveled and far have I come to relate to you a tale of a strange and wondrous place called the Ruins of Old Paineel, or better known as. . . The Hole!'
:Citereh laughs and pats her magical storybook.
:Citereh thinks she's the best Storyteller in all of Norrath and ready to begin the story!
:Citereh opens her dusty storybook and turns to page one, clears his throat and begins to read..
Citereh says, 'Many years ago there arose a great conflict among the peoples of Erudin. A group of mages began to practice a forbidden form of magic called necromancy.'
Citereh says, 'This did not sit well with the ruling council of Erudin, so they branded them as Heretics and a destructive civil war ensued which pitted enchanters, magicians and wizards against necromancers.'
Citereh says, 'This was no test of martial combat; rather it was a battle of magics. Many lives were lost, and much of the city was destroyed in the chaos.'
Citereh says, 'Forced to flee Erudin, the necromancers found refuge in the southern regions of the continent of Odus. Undeterred, the mages of Erudin pursued them and came upon their hiding place.'
Citereh says, 'In one great and final battle, the staggering magical energies released by the feuding mages caused a great chasm to appear in the earth below them.'
Citereh says, 'A vast hole in the earth separated the two armies, with the necromancers on one side and the Erudite mages on the other. This foreboding seismic phenomenon would later be known as The Hole.'
Citereh says, 'Realizing the horrific damage they had caused to the land, both groups retreated, despite their differences.'
Citereh says, 'It was there at the precipice of this great chasm that the necromancers regrouped and built themselves a city named Paineel.'
Citereh says, 'At last the Heretics were free to practice the dark arts of necromancy, such as raising the dead and creating zombies, but there was a cost.'
Citereh says, 'Little did the Heretics realize that this massive hole that had been created was dangerously close to a magical place of existence called the Plane of Underfoot.'
Citereh says, 'Thousands of years earlier, in a time called the Elder Age, the god Brell Serilis, also known as the Duke of Below, had secretly come to Norrath and created for himself a vast, dark realm of caverns and endless tunnels.'
Citereh says, 'He created a special portal to this plane and seeded it with all manner of creatures and beings made from rock and stone.'
Citereh says, 'Finally Brell sealed up the portal to the Plane of Underfoot with a wall of Living Stone, and then returned to his home.'
:Citereh closes her book for a second and wonders what the Plane of Underfoot would be like, then continues with the story.
Citereh says, 'This great creation would protect his children and prevent them from escaping into the world. Who would have known that some day in the future the battle of the Heretics and the Erudites would take place over this very spot?'
Citereh says, 'Over the years the Heretics, being naturally inquisitive and somewhat curious, proceeded to study this great phenomenon known as the Wall of Living Stone.'
Citereh says, 'Long had they desired to siphon the power of the Wall for their own designs and schemes. They did many experiments on it, and tried in vain to tap into its magical properties.'
Citereh says, 'Little by little, the Wall of Living Stone weakened, and finally the creatures from the Plane of Underfoot escaped and terrorized the city.'
Citereh says, 'Master Yael, the most powerful minion of Underfoot, and his army of elementals waged a long and bloody war on the citizens of Paineel.'
Citereh says, 'The desperate Heretics gathered and conceived a plan to flood the lower areas of the city with water, thinking they could weaken the elementals and turn them back into earth and mud.'
Citereh says, 'As the waters poured from the heavens into the depth of the Hole, the city drowned along with it, resulting in the loss of many lives.'
Citereh says, 'Eventually the tide of battle turned and Brell's minions either perished or retreated back into the portal.'
Citereh says, 'Then one of the Heretic leaders, using an ancient magic, summoned a protective ethereal barrier that finally resealed the Wall of Living Stone.'
Citereh says, 'Realizing their folly and the terrible powers that they had awakened, the necromancers devised a life support system called the Hatch that would protect and nourish the Wall.'
Citereh says, 'During the final ritual to create the Hatch, one great Heretic named Dartain was accidentally sealed up on the wrong side of the Wall of Living Stone. All of the Heretics involved in the ritual perished, or so it was thought.'
=Citereh says, 'Somehow Dartain had been spared their fate. Perhaps he was protected by the magic of that altered plane.'
Citereh says, 'With the portal to the Underfoot now sealed and the threat gone, the Heretics vowed to never again experiment on the Wall of Living Stone.'
:Citereh nods and thinks the Heretics learned a very important lesson!
Citereh says, 'Many years of uneventful tranquility passed until one day, three mysterious figures entered the ruins of old Paineel'
Citereh says, 'Ognit Eznertob, Dabner Drednever and Dagda Icefury were spelunkers that had arrived to investigate the chasm called the Hole.'
Citereh says, 'Haunting sounds of long dead Erudites terrified the trio as they proceeded further and deeper into the ruined city. An eerie wind bristled around them, yet they remained undeterred.'
Citereh says, 'Eventually they came to some ruins in a forgotten part of the city. There they discovered a cavern that led to the ancient marvel known as the Hole.'
Citereh says, 'Deep they went until finally the artifact of the Heretics known as the Hatch stood before them.'
Citereh says, 'Beyond the Hatch was the fabled Wall of Living Stone created long ago by the god Brell Serilis to separate and protect those on the surface from the creatures he had created in the Plane of Underfoot.'
Citereh says, 'Ognit, the leader of the expedition and self-styled scientist, felt that only the genius of a gnome like himself could unlock the power and potential of the Hatch and the Wall of Living Stone. So he began his experiments.'
Citereh says, 'To everyone's horror, minor earthquakes resulted as even the slightest amount of energy was transferred to the Hatch.'
Citereh says, 'His friends warned him that he was meddling with powers far beyond his comprehension, but their pleas fell to deaf ears.'
Citereh says, 'Then he went too far! Ognit`s final transference of energy to the Hatch caused the Wall of Living Stone to rumble and shake. Strangely, the Wall changed into a sickly color as if it had become unstable and inert.'
Citereh says, 'Next a massive earthquake appeared, ripping up the ground and causing the ceiling to cave in. From massive fissures in the ground the sound of shrieking came, followed by three huge elemental creatures.'
Citereh says, 'Finally the inhabitants of the Plane of Underfoot were free to wreak havoc on all living things on the surface of the world! The team of spelunkers fled in terror as the earthen creatures began their unholy rampage of terror.'
Citereh says, 'The band of crazed adventurers ran like the wind! Eventually they managed to escape to the surface of the old city. There they came upon a pallid looking Erudite.'
Citereh says, 'Covered in dirt and filth, it was clear this person had not seen sunlight in ages.'
:Citereh holds the storybook close to her heart and shivers at the plight of the spelunkers.
Citereh says, 'The strange Erudite limped toward them and introduced himself as Dartain of the Dark Truth.'
Citereh says, 'He scolded the trio for tampering with the Hatch and warned them that many creatures would escape the Plane of Underfoot.'
Citereh says, 'Behind the trio, the sound of more creatures escaping echoed throughout the old city. Fleeing for their lives, they heard Dartain whisper: 'I am free...''
Citereh says, 'At the end of the old city, all three jumped into a pool of cold water, swam through the passageway and made their way into the new city of Paineel.'
Citereh says, 'Screaming at the top of their lungs, they warned the citizens that the creatures had escaped. The earth continued to shake as the warning bells chimed all through the city.'
Citereh says, 'Creatures of elemental power could be seen everywhere, rampaging about the city in a maddened frenzy. Somehow the intrepid explorers escaped and made their way across Erud s Crossing to the fair city of Qeynos.'
Citereh says, 'That city had also been plagued by minor earthquakes, and news of elementals attacking travelers to Paineel had reached the townsfolk.'
Citereh says, 'It just so happened that the great Erudite wizard Al`Kabor was nearby and all the commotion had been a great nuisance to him.'
Citereh says, 'He was forced to break off his studies and deal with the plague of elemental invaders in the surrounding countryside.'
Citereh says, 'Then word came to the great wizard that he was needed in Qeynos. Heeding the call, Al`Kabor approached the gates of the city. There he saw a great crowd gathering around three terrified strangers.'
Citereh says, 'The crowd hushed as Ognit related the fury they had unleashed as a result of their experiments on the Hatch and the Wall of Living Stone. The wizard grew angry as he realized they had been meddling with things beyond their comprehension.'
:Citereh points to his listeners and warns everyone that angering a great wizard is very dangerous!
Citereh says, 'Finally the gnome told the awestruck crowd the story of how they met the mysterious Erudite Dartain. Al`Kabor became consumed with rage. You see, Al`Kabor had fought in the Great War between Erudin and the Heretics.'
Citereh says, 'And thus ends the first part of my story. I hope to see you soon for the second part of my tale about the Ruins of Old Paineel. Be sure to watch for the announcement.'
Citereh says, 'I cannot say for sure what time, but it will be around dusk, tomorrow'
Citereh says, 'You've all been such good listeners!'
Citereh says, 'I feel that your time was worth rewarding!'




As told by Senior Guide Miriele.

Ever wonder how this guide thing got started in the first place? There's more to being a Darkpaw Volunteer Guide than milk and cookies.

Please join me in The Plane of Tranquility on the beach near the docks leading to the Plane of Fire. I have a story to tell starting in 10 minutes.

And now my story about how Guides came to be, as first told by Ozymandius the Traveler.

Long ago, long before Norrath spun about it's sun, long before Veeshan deposited her children upon its surface and raked her claws across Velious.

And long before Brell slipped in and deposited his children, there existed...the Makers.

The Makers were the creators, the spinners of reality and builder of worlds. They laid out this world, as it exists today, a piece at a time, slowly unfolding Norrath for the gods to place their children upon.

The Makers walked their land in the beginning, ensuring all was well, and became known to their children: Aradune, Ssra, Vashaar, Geoffrey, Xectia, and Bilba.

:Miriele fondly remembers Aradune.

And along with many others, they worked to create the land from nothingness.

Before the children of the gods arrived, before the world was complete, there walked Ozymandius the Traveler.

Old even then, Ozymandius traveled the world, exploring its every corner, for that was his first love -- walking where no other mortal had been.

Soon, the gods began seeding the world and others came to walk the lands.

Seeing Ozymandius there, they beseech of him the wisdom of the lands, seeking help when they were in trouble and knowledge when they were in need.

When there were few people and few questions, Ozymandius did this task alone and with great pleasure, for helping others was his second love.

However, as their numbers increased, the need became too great for one mortal to support. Even with the assistance of his wife, Lagniappe, the people's need was too great to be met.

So Ozymandius approached Aradune and they conferred upon a solution. Seated high upon a mountain, the two men discussed possible options until they decided upon a plan . . .

Aradune reached forth his hand and touched Ozymandius on the shoulder, changing him forever. No more would he be a mortal wizard, wandering the lands.

His identity would be forever obvious to all he met, and he would always hear every person's prayers, no matter where in the land they were.

Not wishing to carry this burden alone, Ozymandius quickly turned and bestowed it upon his wife, Lagniappe, and his friend, Geiger. Thus were born the first 3 Guides of Norrath.

With the ability to hear other people's petitions for assistance without having to go to each of them, the task of assisting them became easier...for awhile.

But as the gods drew forth more and more children, the burden became overwhelming. Luckily, there were those that Ozymandius knew who were deserving enough to share his plight, and he quickly captured them.

Aezaar the Damned, Thorim the Stout, Abashi the Oft-Dead, and Ifurita the Soon-to-be-Doomed were brought into the fold, their ears deafened by the sudden cacophony of prayers from people in need.

Ozymandius assumed the Senior role, for his role was the greatest and Aradune required his ear to bend now and again.

These new Guides did make the job of answering the pleas of the populace easier, and for a time things moved along peacefully.

One of the goals of the Guides was to find others of the gods' children that were deserving of also being a Guide, and many candidates were reviewed and discarded.

When a person was found to be the most worthy, they were recruited and forever branded, made to be a Guide.

It was thus that Mallku the Maternal, Mistigris the Enigmatic, Siobhan the Librarian, Tywy the Inquisitive, Doran the Absent and Tarangil the Verbose were brought into the brotherhood.

By this time, the world was a larger place, with most of Antonica and Odus complete and parts of Faydwer coming to life. Slowly the peoples of Norrath migrated to their respective homes and the cultures began to take shape.

However, many were the persons that fell through seams in the creation and plummeted to their death, praying to the Guides for their salvation. The world was a treacherous place, and the Guides were invaluable in their service.

The third generation of mortals to be made Guides included Bappo, Bara, Draxle, Galadon, Keane the Compassionate, Kwen the Mighty, Majara the Strong, Ninian, Qnax the Betrayer, Vlar the Dark, and Xambik the Tiny.

This was the first full group of Guides to be recruited, (as opposed to kidnapped).

And this was the first indication that the Guide program could grow and live autonomous of the Makers, supporting them in their efforts and freeing their time to use in other tasks.

Aradune soon came to Ozymandius and demanded a sacrifice to the Makers to prove the Guides' obedience. Ozymandius cheerfully offered up Ifurita and days later, she reappeared as a Maker.

Then Aezaar and Mistigris were pulled aside and given the title of Senior. This made them peers to Ozymandius so that they could share that which was bestowed upon him, whose role was to support the Guides.

The Guides wandered the land, helping where they could, gathering information when they could not, and always loving for the people in their care. As the people grew in number, so did the Guides.

By the time the fifth generation of the Guides arrived the world was split into multiple shards.

This forced the Guides to split up to cover the new worlds. Additionally, a massive amount of people were dumped upon the worlds by the Makers, further burying the Guides in the pleas of those in need.

Going from having enough Guides to cover the people s needs to not nearly enough, this transition not only splintered the worlds but split the Guides into smaller groups.

They were to watch and care for each world, putting a great deal of strain on the Guides. The hours were long, the people s needs were loud and frequent.

To their credit, the Guide's dedication was tried, and not found wanting. But it was quite clear more people were needed to walk in the footsteps of the Guide Program.

At this point, the Makers began telling the Guides that the time was near at hand to open the doors and allow the gods to release their children onto the worlds.

Needless to say, this caused the Senior Guides concern because the Guides were simply not prepared to deal with such a massive amount of supplicants.

The bare bones of the program existed, but there were so few Guides to fill it out. Many of them wondered how they would be able to handle it all in the timeframe of the Makers.

When the time came, the Guides set their jaws, cracked their knuckles and rolled up their sleeves in preparation.

To prepare for the onslaught, Ozymandius set aside his robes as Senior Guide and donned new robes, those of an Elder Guide.

At this time he in turn instructed Mistigris and Aezaar to wear the same robes as he. They in turn moved several of the older Guides into their prior roles, creating the new Senior Guides.

In their new role, the Elders continued in their prior service, but also served as a more in-depth support group for the new Seniors, making sure they had everything they needed to do their jobs.

The Seniors became the owners of their worlds, running each world's Guides and supporting them in the same manner the Elders supported the Seniors.

The Elders and Seniors hurried to recruit people, striving to fill the program as quickly as possible but still needing to be careful and only select those that had the right heart.

The damage that could be done to the program by a poorly chosen Guide was FAR worse than not having enough Guides on hand to handle the load.

Many generations of Guides have come since then, each growing upon the prior ones, bringing new life and energy to the program as those that have served their time step down.

And each holding dear to their hearts one goal..."To support, educate, and direct the customers of EverQuest to create an enjoyable and immersive role playing experience.

And this is where you come in, friends. The Volunteer Guide Program is always looking for more to swell our ranks.



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