Anniversary time, don't hesitate! Get yourself on out there... and Celebrate! - Bonzz

EverQuest began it's run March 16, 1999 and we partied like it was 1999... well... because it was!

And the party is still going!

With the 5th Anniversary, a tradition began where new temporary & special Anniversary related events (Quests / Missions / Raids, etc.)... often with unique rewards... were added to the game.

This has been added to every years since.

These events even have their own Achievements.

These events are only available every March / April (and sometimes into May).

The items / awards you can acquire from Anniversary Events are not only unique, but many of them are quite desirable and / or beneficial.

EverQuest activates Anniversary events in two different categorical stages (time frames):


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5th Anniversary (2004) 6th  Anniversary (2005) 7th  Anniversary (2006) 8th  Anniversary (2007) 9th Anniversary (2008)
10th Anniversary (2009) 11th Anniversary (2010) 12th Anniversary (2011) 13th Anniversary (2012) 14th Anniversary (2013)
15th Anniversary (2014) 16th Anniversary (2015) 17th Anniversary (2016) 18th Anniversary (2017) 19th Anniversary (2018)
20th Anniversary (2019) 21st Anniversary (2020) 22nd Anniversary (2021) 23rd Anniversary (2022) 24th Anniversary (2023)
25th Anniversary (2024)


If you are seeking to earn enough Commemorative Coin to buy any of the unique offerings sold by the anniversary vendor (a jubilant merchant) in the Plane of Knowledge, you will have to do a lot of Modern Anniversary tasks, multiple times over, to do this.

Some of the more attractive items cost 1,750 Commemorative Coin, and, unfortunately, many of the Anniversary events only award five (5) to (10) Commemorative Coin at a time.

Only the the anniversaries from the 14th Anniversary (and forward) can award Commemorative Coin.

To earn enough Commemorative Coin, you will have to do Anniversary events every day while they are active.

Most Anniversary events have a six (6) hour replay timer, so, you can do some when you log in, and, if you play long enough, do them again before you camp out.

If you do the same ones repeatedly, and with some advance preparation, you can get them down 'to a science' and get them done more expediently (faster).

NOTE: Using a Merc and at least one (1) other group member (volunteer, helper, box...) will speed things up in meeting task requirements and / or getting them done.

Here are some tasks that I recommend for this 'farming' Commemorative Coins.' These tasks can earn you up to ninety-nine (99) Commemorative Coin, per round (depending on how dedicated you are to the process). At Level 110-plus, with a Mercenary (and a pet, if you have one), you can do these MOLO.

If you have at least two other Players (the extra DPS makes them more viable / faster) to help, you can add these to the rotation:


There are others that are 'easy' to do, but the time spent zone hopping and such, combined with the coin reward, may negate the time / effort required to do them. Your call.


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