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The 5th Anniversary of EverQuest saw the introduction of temporary, special Anniversary event(s).

After that, it became an annual inclusion in EverQuest, with new event(s) being added each year, as well as the old ones being reactivated right along beside them.

Anniversary Events generally start around March 16th (EverQuest was launched March 16, 1999), and continue to about mid-May.

There are so many Anniversary Events now, that they are implemented in two parts... "Modern" events (14th Anniversary and forward) and "Legacy" events (5th to 13th Anniversary). The Mechanical Fortune Teller (near the Crescent Reach stone) was added to the Plane of Knowledge, to help direct you to the events (by year). Just hail her and follow along.

As a note, there were no Anniversary Events before the 5th Year of EverQuest.

The "Legacy" events do not award Commemorative Coins, but do include Fabled MOB's. These events do not start until about mid-April.

The "Modern" generally award Commemorative Coin, which is a specialty coin that can used to buy special items with "a jubilant merchant" in the Plane of Knowledge (near the Nexus stone, and the stuff ain't cheap). These events start right away (mid-March).


The 22nd Anniversary was in 2021.



22nd Anniversary Tasks

22nd Anniversary Tasks (Bonus)


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A Riveting Tale (Solo)          School Supplies (Solo)          Unity (Group)



A Riveting Tale (Solo)

1) BUTCHERBLOCK MOUNTAINS: You are looking for Sailor Twift, who at boat docks (middle dock) (/waypoint 1065, 3085).

Hail Sailor Twit and follow along, or just try saying, 'Folklore,' to get this task.


2) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: Head to the very of the Library (up the elevator).

Go to the bookcase by Grand Librarian Maelin (/waypoint 10, 1020, 390) and you should get an update and a Riveting Tales of Rivits on your cursor.

If you don't get the item and update, just move about a bit at the book case.


3) BUTCHERBLOCK MOUNTAINS: Head back to Sailor Twit.

Give the Riveting Tales of Rivits to Sailor Twit, and then follow along.

Next, go over to Translocator Fithop, who is on the dock to the north (/waypoint 1350, 3255).

Say to Translocator Fithop, 'Travel to Ocean of Tears' for an update and to get to the next zone.


4) OCEAN OF TEARS: You are looking for Raptured Daffodil, who is under the docks where you ported in (/waypoint 1605, -7895, -295).

Hail Raptured Daffodil and /say Sailor Twift sent me.


5) ERILLION, CITY OF BRONZE: You are here to acquire an item.

Kill a wild braxi until you get a Copper-Lined Sextant.


6) OCEAN OF TEARS: Head back to Raptured Daffodil.

Give the Copper-Lined Sextant to Raptured Daffodil. and you will get Rivits' Riveting Key.


7) BUTCHERBLOCK MOUNTAINS: Head back to Sailor Twit.

Give the Rivits' Riveting Key to Sailor Twit, and you will get a Routed Out Riveting Tales of Rivits & Rivits' Riveting Key.

Put the Rivits' Riveting Key inside the Routed Out Riveting Tales of Rivits and combine to make Risky Routed Out Riveting Tales of Rivits.


8) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: Head back to the very of the Library (up the elevator).

Go to the bookcase by Grand Librarian Maelin (/waypoint 10, 1020, 390) and you will get an update for placing the Risky Routed Out Riveting Tales of Rivits back on the shelf (automatic).

If you don't get the update, just move about a bit at the book case.


9) BUTCHERBLOCK MOUNTAINS: Head back to Sailor Twit.

Hail Sailor Twit to finish up.

REWARD: Ten (10) Commemorative Coins.



School Supplies (Solo)

1) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: You are looking to acquire an item.

Head over to Jeweler Nonny, who is on 'Find" in the small bank.

Buy a Fire Opal.


2) TOXXULIA FOREST: You are looking for Geia Korrel, who at the wizard spires (area of /waypoint -1475, -1655).

Hail Geia Korrel and follow along, or just try saying, 'Job,' to get this task.


3) THE RUINS OF OLD PAINEEL (The Hole): You are here to acquire some items.


4) QEYNOS CATACOMBS: You are here to acquire an item.

You are after Sewage Sludge, which is a ground spawn in the lower area of the zone and looks like a green steaming ball (area of /waypoint 695, 5, -80).


5) THE WESTERN PLAINS OF KARANA: You are looking for Argun Tailspinner, who in the southeast part of the zone, in a building (barn) to the east of the 'Farm' area (/waypoint -2910, -6850)

Hail Argun Tailspinner and follow along, then give the Fire Opal (see Step 1) to Argun Tailspinner. You should get a Vial of Liquid Magma.


6) TOXXULIA FOREST: Head back to Geia Korrel.

Give the three (3) Sticky Ectoplasm, the three (3) Stone Heart, the Sewage Sludge and the Vial of Liquid Magma to Geia Korrel.

Then, hail Geia Korrel to finish up.

REWARD: Ten (10) Commemorative Coins.



Unity (Group)

1) QEYNOS HILLS: you are looking for Guard Blevins, who is near the entrance to Surefall Glades (/waypoint 5055, 325).

This is a group mission, but you can get it solo.

Hail X and follow along, or just try saying, 'Help' to get this mission.

Then /say Ready to Guard Blevins, to zone into the instance.


2) BLACKBURROW: UNITY: You are here to do a few things.

Some of these Commanders are near to other MoB's, but they can be pulled solo with some pre-clearing, pacify and similar.

Follow this sequence to expedite things as you go along, unless you do not intend on going for the named (a very burly gnoll) kill or getting drops for the bonus items. If you just want to do the basic mission, kill the four (4) named targets and leave it at that.

Using Invisible and Levitation to get around is advised.

As you do this mission, Commemorative Coin are awarded for certain things, but only to Players who are actually in the zone (four for each Commander kill, and twelve for the .mission win).

At this point the mission is won.

REWARD: Twenty-four (24) Commemorative Coin (for those who were in zone for all four kills, above).


3) BLACKBURROW: UNITY: If you are interested, at this point, in possible bonus loot (an aug), head back up top to the room in the northeast tunnel (/waypoint 30, -285, 50), that you cleared first (see #2).

Look to see if a very burly gnoll has spawned (he does not always spawn).

If he has, kill him! 

He can drop either a Copper Flecked Geode of Adroitness (70 AC; 955 HP; 950 End & Mana; +30 Overcap to AGI & DEX and more) or a Copper Flecked Geode of Brilliance (50 AC; 805 HP; 1,110 End & Mana; +30 Overcap to INT & WIS and more). These are both Level 115 required, Prestige and Lore.


4) BLACKBURROW: UNITY: BONUS ITEM: As you kill MoB's in this mission, there are seven (7) random lore drops you need to get the Bonus Item.

If you get more than one (1) of the same item, they are not No Trade, so loot them with one toon or another.

To get all seven (7) drops, you will need to do more than one (1) mission and you will need to kill as many trash MoB's as you can (the entire zone, if you can).

These drops are:

Once you have all seven of these items, look for Lorekeeper Ralf, who is in the tunnel where you zone in (near the Qeynos Hills zone line) (/waypoint XXX, XXX).

The entire group gets this item, so make sure that all mission members are in the group and in the zone.

You can hail Lorekeeper Ralf and follow along if you like, but you don't have to. Give all seven (7)of the above items to Lorekeeper Ralf and each group member should get the bonus item, a Unified Phoenix Feather (a click group buff).

Each Player will also get fourteen (14) Commemorative Coin (two for each of the items turned in to Lorekeeper Ralf).



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