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The 5th Anniversary of EverQuest saw the introduction of temporary, special Anniversary event(s).

After that, it became an annual inclusion in EverQuest, with new event(s) being added each year, as well as the old ones being reactivated right along beside them.

Anniversary Events generally start around March 16th (EverQuest was launched March 16, 1999), and continue to about mid-May.

There are so many Anniversary Events now, that they are implemented in two parts... "Modern" events (14th Anniversary and forward) and "Legacy" events (5th to 13th Anniversary). The Mechanical Fortune Teller (near the Crescent Reach stone) was added to the Plane of Knowledge, to help direct you to the events (by year). Just hail her and follow along.

As a note, there were no Anniversary Events before the 5th Year of EverQuest.

The "Legacy" events do not award Commemorative Coins, but do include Fabled MOB's. These events do not start until about mid-April.

The "Modern" generally award Commemorative Coin, which is a specialty coin that can used to buy special items with "a jubilant merchant" in the Plane of Knowledge (near the Nexus stone, and the stuff ain't cheap). These events start right away (mid-March).


The 20th Anniversary was in 2019.

For such a landmark Anniversary, actual 20th Anniversary Events were sparse. In fact there was only one. While Gnome Memorial Mountain was released during the 20th Anniversary, it was not an actual 20th Anniversary event, in itself (it was a new permanent year-round zone added to the game).



20th Anniversary Challenge


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Gnome Memorial Mountain          Platinum Anniversary Cake



Gnome Memorial Mountain

1) INFO: Gnome Memorial Mountain was an all-in-one inclusive zone that was, indeed, added during the 20th Anniversary, but it was not an actual part of the 20th Anniversary.

It was added as a year-round permanent zone.

Gnome Memorial Mountain has quests, in-zone progression, missions and even raids, to include all the related Achievements. The Gnome Memorial Mountain Achievements were originally added to The Burning Lands Achievements, but were later moved to the Secrets of Faydwer Achievements, where they should be.



Platinum Anniversary Cake

1) 20TH ANNIVERSARY CHALLENGE: There is no actual Task, Mission, Raid or NPC involved with this.

It is a straight up Achievement, which you can use as your check list of what to do.


2) SLICE OF PLATINUM ANNIVERSARY CAKE: First up, you will need twenty-seven (27) Slice of Platinum Anniversary Cake.

There are two ways to do this.

One, is that you can buy 20th Anniversary related packs from the Marketplace. <-- Need more info - what items... also need more info on click effects for cake and cake parts.. is it eat or something else?

The other way is to make Platinum Anniversary Cake yourself.

A side challenges was to figure out the recipe to make Platinum Anniversary Cake, rather to buy it in the Marketplace.

Clues to the recipe are revealed in the book, Cake. Truth and Lies, sold by a jubilant merchant in the Plane of Knowledge for one (1) Commemorative Coin

Based on cross-server chat channels and posting dates, Bonzz was the first to figure out the recipe! The recipe is as follows (Baking, Trivial 200):

Once you have a Platinum Anniversary Cake, you can actually place in regular zones... like the Guild Lobby... but you can only do this once (even if you have made a new cake).

Otherwise, you can only place it at your house.

Once it is placed, anyone can grab Slice of Platinum Anniversary Cake from it, while it lasts (which, is a third way to get Slice of Platinum Anniversary Cake, but you are fully dependent that someone else places a Platinum Anniversary Cake and you happen to be on line when they do).


3) VARIOUS ZONES: Now you need to go to twenty-seven different location and eat a Slice of Platinum Anniversary Cake, while there.

Some of these locations are very tedious to get, as you have to be in just the right spot and / or elevation. Personally, I didn't have that much trouble, but others claim they found certain spot extremely difficult to get done. Some locations may include special access (i.e. Flagging / Progression, keys, lockpick...) and include elements of danger (in arras where there are named, raid MOB's, trash MOB's...).

The places you need to eat a Slice of Platinum Anniversary Cake at, are (order does not matter):

Once you get them all done, you will complete Achievement: 20th Anniversary Challenge. The reward is a Platinum Cake Slice Ornamentation (Weapons Only).



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