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There were no Anniversary Events before the 5th Year of EverQuest.

However, upon the 5th Anniversary of EverQuest, a temporary, special Anniversary event was added to the game.

After that, it became an annual tradition in EverQuest, with new Anniversary related events being added each year, as well as the old ones being reactivated right along beside them.

Anniversary Events generally start around March 16th (EverQuest was launched March 16, 1999), and continue to as late as mid-May.

There are now so many Anniversary Events that they are implemented / divided in two parts... "Modern" events (14th Anniversary and forward) and "Legacy" events (5th to 13th Anniversary).

The "Legacy" events do not award Commemorative Coins, but do include Fabled MOB's (introduced in 2008). These events do not start until near mid-April.

The "Modern" events start right away and generally award Commemorative Coin, which is a specialty coin that can used to buy special items with "a jubilant merchant" in the Plane of Knowledge (near the Nexus stone, and the stuff ain't cheap!).

The Mechanical Fortune Teller (near the Crescent Reach stone) was added to the Plane of Knowledge, to help direct you to the events (by year), because now, there are a lot of them. Just hail her and follow along.

The 17th Anniversary was in 2016.



17th Anniversary Task

17th Anniversary Mission

17th Anniversary Raid


Tipsy Gnomework Chain

Tipsy Gnomework Cloth

Tipsy Gnomework Leather

Tipsy Gnomework Plate


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Drunken Gnome Race (Solo)          Hates Fury: Seventeen Pieces of Silver (Group / Raid)



Drunken Gnome Race (Solo)

1) AK'ANON: Just inside Ak'Anon you will find Tipsy Tina.

In order to participate in this event, you need to make a brand new disposable (one you will have no concern with deleting) Level 1 Gnome... and move them to Tipsy Tina, to be ready for when a new race starts.

NOTE: Your non-Gnome, higher Level Characters can get the Achievement: 17th Anniversary Task for this event, even if they can't participate in the race (explained below).

NOTE: Your Level 1 Gnome may only be allowed to participate in one (1) race, so don't be surprised if this is the case. if you plan to run the race again, and while I have been able to race two (2) or more times with the same Level 1 Gnome, you may as well  go ahead and delete the Gnome you just raced with, and then make a new one, so it is fresh, ready and fully able to participate in the next race.

Races will happen four (4) times a day, as long as the 'Modern' Anniversary quests are active.

Where Tipsy Tina, originally, would spam server wide messages before each race would start, they removed this with the May 2021 Patch. Now you can either go hail Tipsy Tina to see when the next race will start, or you can just know the schedule.

The schedule is (using real life Pacific Time):


2) THE RACE: Be logged in on your Level 1 Gnome, standing at Tipsy Tina, at least 5 minutes before the race is slated to start, to make sure you don't miss it.

Have Tipsy Tina targeted and be ready to hail her, when she says the race has begun.

Once you hail Tipsy Tina, you are made drunk; speed buffs are removed; you will be told where to go to find Tipsy Tina in the next zone; and the race is on! You have maybe an hour to finish the race.

In order to receive any rewards (Tipsy Gnomework Ornaments), you will need to finish in the top ten (10) of Players who are participating in the current race. These days, more than ten (1) Players participating rare, so it is not a concern very often.

NOTE: There are things in place to remove most ways of cheating, such as using a Mount, skipping zones and so forth. If you try to skirt the 'idea' of just a drunk Gnome running spot to spot, you can / will be warped back to a previous (and valid) spot. You can get certain buffs, but you need to do that before the race starts (once you hail X, you technically become PvP and can't be buffed by others at that point).

The race will follow the path of Ak'Anon -> Steamfont Mountains -> Lesser Faydark -> Greater Faydark -> Butcherblock Mountains -> Dagnor's Cauldron -> The Estate of Unrest.

In each zone, you will need to find and hail Tipsy Tina. Upon doing so, you will get bound at that location; have your Drunkenness refreshed; be told where to meet Tipsy Tina in the next zone; and then be tossed through the air to near the zone line for the next zone.

Along the way, even though drunk, try to avoid any aggro, as at Level 1, any aggro can mean death. You can also use the 'strafe' method, to run faster and a bit more in a straight line.

If you do die, you will respawn at the last place you hailed Tipsy Tina and rejoin the race from there.


3) THE ESTATE OF UNREST: Once you make it into this zone, Tipsy Tina will be just inside, at the end of the entrance tunnel.

Hail Tipsy Tina before going any further.

Also, it is a very, very, very good idea to have a high level Character all ready in the zone, to clear the way. Seriously, as a Level 1 Gnome there is little to no chance you will make it to the finish line on your own!

The finish line is inside the House in the basement. Once down in the basement, you will see Dibs 'Dibster' Biroboddle. Hail him to finish the race.

If you finished in the top ten, you will get a Quest Claim Window to claim any one (1) Tipsy Gnomework Ornament. To complete a set, you will need to run the race seven (7) times, or buy / acquire them from other Players.

Everyone, top ten finish or not, will get a Tipsy Gnome Race Cloth Shirt. Click it to complete Achievement: 17th Anniversary Task. The Tipsy Gnome Race Cloth Shirt is tradeable. Give to any Character, and they can also click it to get the Achievement: 17th Anniversary Task.



Hates Fury: Seventeen Pieces of Silver (Group / Raid)

1) CRYPT OF NADOX: you are looking for a besotted sailor, who is on the docks, near the boat (aka Hate's Fury zone).

You can go into this zone as a group, or as a raid. If formed as a raid, you can not use Mercenaries.

Hail a besotted sailor and follow along, to get this Mission / Raid (they are one and the same). Then keep following along to zone in to the instance.


2) HATE'S FURY: SEVENTEEN PIECES OF SILVER: Once inside, it is basically a clear-the-zone situation.

There are sixteen (16) 'mini-bosses' in the zone. They can be killed in a group situation, but are raid level MOB's for that era.

They are:

Clear the upper and lower decks and you will get them all (it's not that big of a zone), and complete the Achievement: 17th Anniversary Mission.

When kill them all, every Player in the group / raid should end up with nineteen (19) Commemorative Coin (alternative currency, see top of page), so long as they are / were in the zone.

Each mini-named will also drop a Cursed Piece of Silver. While anyone can loot the Cursed Piece of Silver, it is best to have a specific Player loot them all.


3) HATE'S FURY: SEVENTEEN PIECES OF SILVER: Once seventeen (17) Cursed Piece of Silver have been acquired, they can be used to unlock the doors on the upper deck on the west end of the ship (just click the door to use them one at a time).

This will open the way to the actual raid boss Captain Krasnok (click the doors to pop into the next room).

WARNING: Do not run into the room!

Once in Captain Krasnok the area, set up and be ready for a relatively nasty battle, even at higher levels!

Be aware, that this raid is either DPS control (keep it managed, to deal with the event steps / adds), or all out DPS (kill Captain Krasnok in a very, very short time frame).

For the burn method, after the tank pulls the boss just go all out max DPS. This method does not necessarily by-pass the adds, so be prepared to deal with them right away, once Captain Krasnok is dead.

For the normal / controlled method, you need five (5) good tanks and healing to support each one, as well as DPS:

Once you kill Captain Krasnok and finish off the remaining adds, a salty chest will spawn in the center, with loot for the raid to roll on, to include some nice augs and unique items.

You will get ten (10) more Commemorative Coin, for winning.

Related Achievement: Achievement: 17th Anniversary Raid


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