This quest is for neat little gate necklace, introduced with Serpent's Spine! This is a pretty easy task, if you have a little help. It is a series of three tasks collective known as "Rebuilding the Portal."

The resulting necklace will require you to have A Small Portal Fragment on your character (used up in the cast), to use it. These can be found and purchased from most any Wayfarer Magus.

The necklace will teleport you to the Portal of War area in The Steppes. However, this is not a safe area. In that you can't be invisible and cast, you will get aggro, so be ready to run once you appear.

This is a very useful time saver if you are heading to Icefall or Valdeholm, as you can just run and zone off aggro.


NECKLACE OF WARPORTAL FRAGMENTS: Type 7 Slot; Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.7; All/All; 115 HP, 115 MANA, 115 END; 9 AC, 9 STR, 9 DEX, 9 STA, 9 WIS, 9 INT, 9 AGI; Triggered Effect: Rift of War (gate to The Steppes) It requires A Small Portal Fragment (Weight 0.0) as a component.


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1) THE STEPPES: You are looking for Moldren the Wise (Level 65).

He is located in the mid-western side of the zone, in the forest area.

Hail him and follow along, or just try saying, "I am willing to search" to the the task called, "Talking Plant." 


2) Now head to the archway tunnels, just west of the waterfall near the Icefall Glacier zone line.

Be ready as you step in the archway, because you will get a task update and the Prophet Spirit (Level 70) will spawn right inside.

You need to kill him and loot an Ancient Charm (No Trade, Weight 0.0). 


3) Now head back to Moldren.

Give him the Ancient Charm to finish this task.

He will give you A Portal Fragment (Lore, Magic, No Trade, Weight 1.0; Triggered Effect: Minor Portal Restoration).

The effect can heal the object called the Portal of War (Level 75), but you will not need to do this. They are used to heal the Portal of War to 100%, which will spawn a raid MOB/event.


4) Now you are looking for Wilped the Withered (Level 60).

This treant is located just northeast of Moldren, in the same forest area.

Hail him and follow along, or just try saying, "Rebuild it?" to get the second task, called "The Library."


4) VALDEHOLM: Now you are looking for four task updates, as follows:

You can accomplish this while invisible, if careful.

To find them, basically run across the bridge, bear right and take the right pathway, keep right and you will come to dead end where you see a gate ahead and building on either side. beware the gate/fence -- it is full of see invis wolves.

It appears they have changed the original set-up of where the books are. Originally, the first update, was in the first doorway (building) to the right, back at the book cases. Now it appears it is in the second doorway to the right, at the book cases located in through that door.

You should get an update and for the book case and then after you pick up the book on the second shelf, on the left side.

The next one is back out the door, take a right, and then go in the next door on your right to find the book cases there. Here you will get another update for the book cases and for picking up the book here.

However, seeing and picking up this book is tricky. In order to see the book I had to do the following:


5) THE STEPPES: Head back to Wilped.

Give him the two Ancient Giant Books to finish this task.

He will give you a different A Portal Fragment (Lore, Magic, No Trade, Weight 1.0; Triggered Effect: Major Portal Restoration).


6) Now hail Wilped again and follow along, or just try saying, "Rebuild it?" to get the third and final task, called "The Destroyed Portal."


7) DIREWIND CLIFFS: Head to the "Boneyard" camp.

Kill various "golems" (Level 71 to 74) until you have looted four (4) Portal Fragment (No Trade Weight 0.0).


8) ICEFALL GLACIER: Head to the wizard pyramid area (northwest corner).

Kill various "Nightmoon" kobolds (Level 66 to 75) until you have looted four (4) Portal Rock (No Trade, Weight 0.0).


9) THE STEPPES: Head to the center of the zone, where the Portal of War is located.

You may want to clear a few MOB's in the area before you actually get close to it.

As you approach it, you will get a task update and The Portal Guardian (Level 70) will appear.

You need to kill it.


10) Now head back to Moldren.

Give him the four Portal Fragment and the four Portal Rock.

He will give you A Portal Fragment (Magic, Lore, No Trade, Weight 2.0; Triggered Effect: Superior Portal Restoration) as well as the Necklace of Warportal Fragments!


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