This spell was added with the Prophecy of Ro expansion.

The primary quest for this spell is a difficult quest to obtain, called "Saga Skins," which is part of progression and the route I recommend.

There are also alternative quests for this spell, listed below, but are not part of progression.


Spell: Ward of Tunare: No Trade, Magic Level 70, Weight 0.1, Paladin Only, Alteration, Mana 450. This "aura" increases Attack by 25, Strength by 60, Armor Class by 24 and can heal for as much as 300 Hit Points (lasts two minutes).

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STATUS: Verified progression quest only!


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Alternative Quests          Progression Quest



1) THE DEVASTATION: The quest/task begins here.

While you can also get the below items in Sverag, Stronghold of Rage (only one type of MOB up every 24 hours there) and Razorthorn, Tower of Sullon Zek, I wouldn't advise it.

You obtain this task automatically by looting any of the items noted below. You will be immediately assigned the task called, "Saga Skins."


2) You need to kill a number of MOB's (Level 73 to 75)! You will need a good group or a raid.

You are after:

A few notes of interest about Devastation:

The nine (9) different types of MOB's are at constant war with each other. You can use this to your advantage when pulling (as it is difficult not to pull multiples) by training MOB's into each other. The best place to set up camp is probably in the NW corner of the center wall. The best way to pull is probably with someone who can root or snare and/or can feign death in teamwork with a Mage and the tank. The puller targets a MOB and aggros from a distance. The puller then runs past the camp on the other side of the moat (to avoid unnecessary aggro), stops to root the MOB as he passes, then runs on, training away all but the one rooted MOB. After the puller gets the train away, the mage can Call of the Hero him/her back, while the tank is grabbing aggro on the rooted MOB. Also, while camping here, keep the tents and such destroyed, as the MOB's hate them and will aggro on them... meaning they will come close enough to aggro you. If the MOB type you need isn't up, then train the ones that are up into each other to kill them off (they will kill each other and can respawn as the ones you do need).


3) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: You need to buy yourself aBook Binding (Weight 1.0, 10-Slot, 0% Weight Reduction).

They can be found on the research vendors.


4) Head to Grand Librarian Maelin (Level 75) at the top of the library.

NOTE: Make sure you have nine (9) open bag slots!

Give him the nine (9) items from Step 2, one (1) at a time.

He will give each of them back to you, along with a translation page for each one, as follows:

NOTE: Retain the Bolvirk, Orc, Wurine, Shiliskin and Scarred and Tattooed (Berserker) skins! You will need them for the next task.


5) COMBINE: Now combine the nine translations, from Step 3, inside the Book Binding.

This will result in two books called,Saga Skin Translations -- Vol. 1(Lore, No Trade, Weight 2.0) andSaga Skin Translations -- Vol. 2(Lore, No Trade, Weight 2.0).


6)PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE:Stay with Grand Librarian Maelin.

Give him the two (2) books from Step 5.

He will reward you with Spell: Ward of Tunare!

NOTE: He will also give you the two books back.

NOTE: He will also assign you a task called, "Preparing Your New Skins."




1) SVERAG, STRONGHOLD OF RAGE: The NPC you seek will vary with whichever race controls the zone.

You may need a group to accomplish this quest.

NOTE: You can do Step 2 before Step 1.

As you zone in, there is another A Stronghold Door (Level 1) you can destroy.

Just inside that door and slightly to the left, is the NPC you seek. This NPC is non-KoS and will be one of the following:


2) Whichever NPC you see there... hail the NPC and follow along to be offered the tasks.

The NPC will offer you nine (9) different tasks, any one of which will get you the spell.

The tasks are:

NOTE: They will also offer a task called "Engines of Destruction," but it does not reward the spell.

NOTE: Each NPC will give all but one (1) of these tasks. NPC's will not give the task that is related to killing their own kind.

NOTE: The June 2006 patch removed the requirement of looting the items as part of the task (you can now pre-loot them), but, in turn, made them No Trade. Only the hand-in is required to finish any of these tasks.

NOTE: These items can now be obtained/looted from Sverag (limited by the race that controls the zone at any given time) and/or Razorthorn, as well The Devastation.


3) Go back to the NPC and turn in the four (4) items you obtained for whatever quest you chose to do (you can do them all, but only need to do one of them fro the spell).

You will receive Spell: Ward of Tunare (in the case of other classes, you will you class spell, if applicable)!


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