Veil of Aalris (VoA) was the 18th expansion to Everquest, released in November 2011, expanding off of Steamfont Mountains, by way of a blimp.

VoA upped the level cap to Level 95.

VoA gave "hotbars" a long overdue update, by expanding them to 12 slots (from 10), allowing 10 Hot Bars (up from 4), allowing Hot Bars to be resized/reshaped as well as allowing them to display graphics, timers and similar. This change did make the "potion belt" a bit obsolete, as it also allows clicking of items from the Hot Bar (except for "must equip" items) that are inside your bags, rather than in an upper inventory slot.

VoA added a new (and additional) Guild Hall that is placed in Guild Neighborhoods. This new Guild Hall can be decorated like player houses and yards, allowing Guilds to personalize their guild Halls.

VoA has allowed something players had long clamored for, and that is the ability to e-mail items ("Parcel & Coin Delivery system") to another player (sort of like an in-game UPS or Fed Ex).

The Guild Tool also got an upgrade, allowing for "customizeable" Guild Ranks, Guild Trophies (similar to the previously introduced personal trophies, but for a guild). These trophies are earned by individual players by completing certain character achievements. These players can then place that trophy in the Guild Hall (while many players may put the same trophy into the Hall, it will not increase the effect of the trophy). The trophy effects can then be set and activated when desired my guild leaders/officers.

This expansion had a series of pre-expansion solos tasks in Steamfont to build the dock and blimp. They were met with a level of angst by players as they were often buggy; some of the tasks were roatated out as construction "progressed" (4 to 7 days); they sometimes required rare drops and/or or drops from MOB's that were of limited number (you were competing against the whole server for the camps/drops); they did not award experience; and they awarded a single "Work Voucher" which was used by to "buy"from a special NPC via a task (minumum cost of 20 to 30 Work Vouchers, that you had to turn in one at a time) . Yes, these tasks were quite the chore. However, in the end some of the items were fun and/or useful long term.

There were also pre-expansion group missions that awarded an Ancient Artifact (an augmentation that works like an ornamentation) and an Ancient Text (pretty decent range item at the time). The range item, shortly before the expansion, could be used to cast up an actual book by the same name. The book was basically a head start on language progression (+5), as langauge skills in the new language of Alaran were the basis for progression.

Progression, this time, was not based on locked zone (you could go to any zone right away), but on the ability to request tasks, missions and raids (no language progression means no ability, or limited ability to requests tasks, raids and missions).

This expansion was very creative in the tasks and missions, bringing new things to the game. Even the "named" MOB's were tougher and harder to kill.

Upon intial release, the game was, however, incomplete, with some features of the expansion being added with patches.



















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