Underfoot (UF) was the 16th expansion fo Everquest, released in December 2009, expanding off of the The Ruins of Old Paineel (The Hole) and Corathus Creep.

By making the expansion connect off "The Hole," they also made it so that when you opt to jump into "The Hole," you land safely in water, rather than risk the fatal splat into non-water, as before.

Underfoot came with a preview tasks/events featuring the new "ant" (Cliknar) race.

This expansion was the first to include all the previous expansions as part of the deal. In the past, players had to buy each and every expansion in order to adventure in the related zones and similar. Now, buying the current expansion includes any and all past expansions you may not already have.

A huge glaring mistake with Underfoot was in how spells are obtained. First off, they changed it so that spell drops were now trade-in "gems" for specific Rank II spells. That was fine (why not just drop the spell is beyond me... but... it's Sony). These gems were drops by various trash and named MOB's in the various UF zones.

The Rank One spells, that were not purchased outright, were awarded by competing certain tasks/missions. What this meant was that it was a rare day when any player got their Rank One spell (mission award) before they got their Rank Two spell (MOB drop)! Yes, they did it backwards.

UF included a new target window feature. In addition to the standard target windows for your group, yourself and anything you have targeted, there is now an extended target window, that can be added to with AA's.

Each line of this target window can set (right click and select) for a specific tye of target. For example, healers normally have the tank targeted and cannot see the MOB's health. Now a healer can set a target for "target's target" and see the MOB as well. There are many options and they are well worth experimenting with, to determine which ones are most useful in what situations (you can save target sets).

A new feature that, I, for one, was very pleased with, was achievements. I love the idea of achievements, even though the points they award are 100% completely meaningless and useless, other than as a "guage" against other players when comparing overall achievements. I like achievements as they are a step back in the right direction. The huge mistake of "opening" old "keyed" zones of past expansions is somewhat countered by this.

Opening an old zone by merit of level or whatever, simply REMOVES content from the game that was involved with flagging and keying for that zone. It REMOVES challenges and accomplishements from the game. It CATERS to the "entitlement" minded and is DETRIMENTAL to retention of players (remove the challenges, you remove the "what to do," and therefore remove the interest in continued playing as there are no more actual challenges to conquer).

I am dumbstruck by the players who rant in favor of EQ entitlement with such non-sensical arguments like high level toons don't play there, so why block a low level toon? They fail to understand that in todays EQ of defiant gear, mercenaries and such, that actually beating the content for the flagging is not that difficult! Most high-end players can actually go defeat most of the "raids" all by themselves (I have tried and beaten Xegony, Grummus, Fenin Ro, Zek and others... yes, solo with a merc and the merc as often bored).

Anyway, off my tangent and back on to Acheivements. It is my opinion that they are not only useful in tracking what you have or have not done, they also serve respark interest in completing everything and old content. This feature has been continued with susbsequent expansions. They have also since added categories for pre-UF expansions.













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