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The Serpent's Spine (TSS) was the 12th expansion of Everquest, released in September of 2006.

This expansion grew the Norrathian continent, expanding out from Highpass Hold.

This expansion was basically designed to cater to solo or boxing players, providing them viable content to pursue without being forced to group or raid. None the less, TSS also expanded player levels from 70 to 75.

A new city was introduced, Crescent Reach, an abandoned Ogre city now inhabited by a new player race (in fact, a new race to the game entirely), called the Drakkin. The Drakkin are supposed to be some sort of Dragon-humanoid half-breeds. We all ready had races that were relatable to real life races.. Humans (white), Erudites (black) and this race appears to add in the oriental appearance.

Crescent Reach, is a new trade skillers haven, to include freebie tradeskill quests that will get you to Level 54 in any skill, for free. However, it provides no special benefit like the ones in Abysmal Sea.

Introduced in this expansion was a new "resist" and related curses/spells called Corruption. Unlike the other resist stats, players had no way to increase their corruption resist rating other than with stats provided by equipment and augmentations. It is a game addition that did not make much sense, really, and the fact that Sony has pretty not given it too much attention since, is no big deal either.

This expansion introduced the combat regeneration system. Where it once took ages to slowly regen health and mana, players could now regenerate in speedy fashion, so long as they were out of combat and not cursed. The player interface added a symbol that tells players what state they are currently in (crossed swords = combat, you have aggro; hour glass = you are recovering from combat; poison drop = you are dotted/cursed; energy swirl = you are at rest and can speed regen if you sit down or get on a mount). The hour glass symbol has a varied length... 2 minutes in group and solo settings and 5 minutes in raid settings (related to raid targets or zones).

This feature really sped up the "excitement" factor as it significantly increased actual "play" time versus "recovery" time.

Item links were expanded to include the "Lore" tab and the "Quest" label, to help players better determine what items might be for.

This expansion also expanded on the "con" (consider) system... which now included Grey (16-plus levels below you, the only color that will give you no experience), green (11 to 15 levels below you), light blue (6 to 10 levels below you), dark blue (up to 5 levels below you), white (same level as you), yellow (1 to 2 levels higher than you) and red cons (3-plus levels higher than you).

This expansion also introduced ranked spells, where new spells came in Rank One (basic), Rank Two (group) and Rank Three (raid) versions... each being just slightly better than the previous rank.

Lastly, this expansion also added the ability to "ride griffons." However, once players completed questing in order to do this, they were severely disappointed to discover that they did not actually get to ride a griffon. It was just another teleportation system from one place to another. This was particularly disappointing, as levitation (to include while on mounts) is very much in the game at this point, anyway. The ability to summon a griffon and ride it for a short time... or until you zoned (no combat allowed), would have been fun.







Blackfeather Roost


Baron Yosig's Skeleton

Blackfeather Ablestone

Blackfeather Focus Stone

Blackfeather Healthstone

Blackfeather Powerstone

Blackfeather Shockstone

Bone Mask of the Ancient Iksar

Honeycomb Blaster


Battered Shield of the Fallen Guard 


Rank 1 Spells

Rank II Spells

Rank III Spells


Queen Eletyl

Wraithguard Leadership Faction


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