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The Buried Sea was the 13th expansion to Everquest, released in February of 2007.

This new area expanded from Toxxulia Forest and re-establshed boat travel into the game (boat travel had long been broken and replaced by Translocator NPC's).

Shissars rule this expansion, with a huge maze of an underwater city (Katta Castrum... not to be confused with Katta Castellum), that is best traveled about using special portals (there is a series of quests to gain access to them).

Guild banners were introduced. These banners (guild leadership can change the appearance these banners) could be "planted' in most zones, allowing guild members to use the guild Portal to transport directly to the rest of the guild (such as with raids). Originally, in order to plant a guild banner, a guild needed 18 players all ready in the zone and in close proximity to each other. This has since been reduced to 12.

Fellowships were also introduced. This "mini-guild" set-up was mostly to benefit game play for people who often grouped and adventured with each other. Fellowships utilize campfires, instead of banners, that require at least three (3) fellowship members to be in the zone and in close proximity to each other, to set them in place. Players can then use a token to teleport themselves to the campfire of their fellowship. You can put banners and campfires just about anywhere, but some places, like some instances, will not allow you to transport to them. Whie it may not seem logical to allow them to be placed but not used, there are many types of banners and campfires (chosen from a selection menu as long as you have purchased the needed components) that provide effects or bonuses when planted... and thus, their use even when they can't be teleported to.

Unlike the no-frills banners and campfires, the special campfires and banners will expire on a timer, rather than expire after a time when no one is left in the zone. Both also have a 15-minute re-use timer. In fact, the campfire is further restricted by your battle timer. You can only use it when out at rest... and when visible.

Originally only nine characters were allowed to be in a fellowship (it has been expanded to 12). I suppose this was because it used to require 10 players to form a guild and this was one less than that.

One big selling point used for this expansion was "ship to ship" battles. In reality this was a hugely deceptive! All this involves is an instanced zone where the zone is simply comprised of two static ships, side by side, connected by planks. There are no cannon battles, no ship maneuvering, no ship sinkings, nor any complications from big waves, stormy weather, rough seas or sea monsters. 

Power Sources were also introduced. Power sources are placed into a new character armor slot and are best thought of as batteries for your armor. Any of your "infusible" armor is "charged" up (better stats) so long as your power source has not been drained of energy. The amount of energy drained by your armor and the level to which it is charged up, is determined by the armors "Purity" rating (the higher the better) and the power source that you use.

Different levels of power sources exist that are able to power up your armor to better and better degrees. There are also different types of power sources, which will power up your armor in different ways, providing better boosts in different areas (such as mana or AC or hit points, etc.).

Power Sources have not been upgraded, but their need and use has been continued to present day.

It was also during this expansion (I believe) that a number of server mergers took place.
















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