It's not the illusional norm... you literally do transform! -- Bonzz

Spirit Shrouds were introduced with the Depths of Darkhollow expansion.

Essentially, they are exactly like Monster Mission transformations... you just don't need the Monster Mission.

Spirit Shrouds are NOT illusions... you literally transform into another character, race and / or class... not to mention having a selection of what level (5 to 70) that you want to be.







The shroud window will allow you to select a shroud and then transform into it.

Spirit Shrouds are accessed via three (30 different NPC's, all of which are located in the Plane of Knowledge (use Find to locate them).

They are Shroudkeeper Hyush, Shroudkeeper Learu and Shroudkeeper Nisua.

Simply hail one of them and the Shroud selection window will appear (see above image), that shows all of the options you currently have available to you.

Using this window, you can selects a shroud category (#1 in above image). This will then allow you to select form the available "Monster Class" options for your selected category (#2 in above image), which then will allow you to select what level you want to be when in shroud form (every 5th Level from Level 5 to level 70) (#3 in above image).

Some base statistics are shown for your selection in the middle section (#4 in above image), while their abilities (#5 in above image) and equipment (#6 in above image) are shown to in the windows on the right side.

Once you have made your selections, simply click the "Select Monster" button (#7 in above image) and you will be transformed accordingly (see image below).

NOTE: Before you take on a shroud, if you keep all of your coin in the Shared Bank Coin Slot and / or on your character, you may want to drop some coin into the coin slot(s) of the regular bank. You will understand why as you read on.

NOTE: You can "shroud down" to a lower level than your character actually is. However, you can NOT "shroud up" to a higher level than your character actually is.

Bonzz shrouded as a Level 45 Imp Wizard.




When shrouded, you only have basic things, to start with.

When you take on a Spirit Shroud (transform), you will be more like an NPC (Non-Player Character) than a PC (Player Character).

When shrouded, you have no access to the shared bank.




On the surface, there may not seem any actual use or reason to even bother with shrouds. However, there are some considerations...




Once you take on a  shroud, you will start out with basic supplies... a backpack, 20 food, 20 water and 20 bandages.

Depending on the shroud type, you may also get a weapon (see below image).

Level 45 Wizard Shroud weapon.

Any skills, abilities, spells, disciplines and the like, that may be available with the shroud you select, are all via "Monster Points" (see below image) in your Alternate Advancement window.

"Monster Points" Alternate Advancement Window.

The first thing to do is to spend / allocate any "Monster Points" you may have available (#4 in the above image), to buy or increase any of the abilities listed in the top left section of the window (#1 in the above image). Like real Alternate Advancement Abilities, you can highlight any category and see what they do in the bottom section (#2 in the above image).

Once you have expended your Monster Points, you will need to make Hot Keys (aka Hot Buttons) (#5 in the above image) for the abilities that can b e activated, and then put them on a Hot Bar.

These abilities, or actions, can only be activated from Hot Buttons on a Hot Bar, so you have no choice but to set them up.

The good news is, however, that once you are done with the set-up... you can save that set-up by clicking the "SAVE" button in the top right of the window. Next time you use this exact same shroud, you can simply click the "LOAD" button to instantly complete the set-up, process.

CAUTION: The Shroud set-up does utilize and reserve Hot Bar slots. When you are not shrouded, the buttons you used will still be there, but say "Not Usable." Saving the set-up will require that you do not delete the Hot Bar slots you have just used / created for the shroud. Thus, you may only want to save shroud(s) that you do, or plan to use, regularly. otherwise, your Hot bars will quickly fill up with saved Hot Buttons from various shrouds.

Next, you have options to "beef" up your shroud. You can use mercenaries, utilize certain items and also receive level-related buffs while in shroud form.

With that in mind, you may want to also acquire:

TIP: You may want to maintain a supply of such things in your main bank, for when you are shrouded.

Now you are ready to head out and adventure in your shrouded form!




Right away, you have the first level of shrouds available to you in eight (8) different categories.

Each category offers different selections when it comes to the type of shroud (what type of creature) and what class type (Wizard, Rogue, etc.), that have varying abilities.

These options and abilities expand as you progress each shroud type (see next section, below).

The (8) different categories include:




Each shroud category can be progressed to unlock higher levels of shrouds that provide more options to you.

To do this, you have to earn experience while in shrouded form. The experience will only apply to the category of the shroud that you are using. In short, you have to progress all eight (8) shroud categories individually.

Using mercenaries, buffs, potions and so forth, you can somewhat power your way through this process, along with strategically choosing a zone (relevant to your Shroud level) where the MOB's give the best experience, are somewhat fast kills and are not a real threat to killing you.

Even better, is to group with others and get shroud experience together. Or get help from a higher level player to power level you.

TIP: There is an expedition (instanced zone) given by Eldros Danmor in Nedaria's Landing that you can get with just one player. There are a lot of MOB's, scaled to your shroud level, they respawn at a good rate and you have them all to yourself.

NOTE: While you can claim quest rewards in Shroud form, such rewards are often severely reduced. The loss of experience in an effort to boost shroud progression may not be worth it.

NOTE: Unclaimed Overseer quest rewards can be claimed in Shroud form, but the options are reduced and character experience may not be offered at all.




There are two (2) "specialty" Shroudkeepers in the Plane of Knowledge, that each offer access to a special shroud.

Kalon Corsan gives access to the Runed Gargoyle Spirit Shroud.

This shroud was a claim item with the Depths of Darkhollow expansion (check your claims). The claimed item was a Runed Gargoyle Tooth, which you gave to Kalon to unlock the shroud.

This shroud cannot be progressed.

Yaldu Bwor giver access to Gnoll Spirit Shrouds, related to Anniversary Events.

Specifically, you need to loot a Bloodmetal Gnollish Inlaid Totem from the chest at the end of the 15th Anniversary Mission "War Games" in the Plane of War. Once you have it, go to Yaldu, hail and follow along and give him the Totem (you get it back).

This will unlock Gnoll shrouds access and an Alternate Advancement called "Gnoll Reaver Fortitude."

At first you only have access to the first Level of the Gnoll Shrouds and the AA. You can progress them to Level 5, as noted above (shroud up, go get experience).




One you are done adventuring in shroud form, you need to remove the shroud to get back to normal.

To do this, you need to return to the Shroudkeeper you started with, in the Plane of Knowledge. You can either get there on your own (run, portal items / potions..) or just use the Monster ability called "Spirit Sending," which will teleport you back to the Shroudkeeper.

Hail them and say "Remove," and you will be reverted back to normal.

A Shroud Bank window may pop up when you do this, as well as notice of experience being awarded that you earned while you were in shroud form.

The Shroud Bank window will contain all of the items you acquired after you shrouded, be it looted, purchased or taken from your bank. Any coin will be added to your existing coin, on your character, This does not include the bag, food, drink, water and / or weapon that was given to you as part of the shroud form (see above).

The items in your Shroud Bank will stay there for a maximum of 48 Hours (2 days) before they disappear. There is a timer at the top of the Shroud Bank window (see above image).

You can access your shroud bank from any banker, at any time (see #1 in the above image). To get items out of your Shroud Bank, simply highlight an item ((see #2 in the above image) and then click the "GET" button (see #3 in the above image).

NOTE: Items on your character are transferred to your Shroud Bank with you unshroud. You can not intentionally put items in your Shroud Bank, you can only remove them (shroud form or not).


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