Shadows of Luclin was the third (3rd) Everquest expansion, released December 4, 2001.

This expansion took us off of Norrath and onto it's moon, Luclin.

It introduced the Vah Shir player race as well as the Beastlord class. It also added the shissar and akhevan MOB's, among others, to the game.

One of the most notable changes with this expansion was the new "game engine" which allowed players to modify and design their own graphical user interfaces, something that is taken for granted these days.

It also introduced "mounts" (horses) that allowed players to travel faster, as well as regenerate health and mana without having to sit and meditate.

One of the biggest additions to the game was Alternative Advancement, providing something to direct experience into, once you maxed out your levels.

The biggest complaint with this expansion was something that, unfortunately, has now become seemingly common place... specifically, broken content (some of which remains broken to this day).

Luclin was controversial because it was not did not appear to be a fully developed product, but was released "unfinished" by Sony, anyway. This expansion is often touted as the "beginning of the end" to Everquests' superiority in the MMORPG market, even though the game has managed to survive on (despite the competition of other similar copy-cat games).

Another new feature to the game was NPC translocation (teleportation), or "portals."

Nexus became the new hub of player activity, as players waited in spire portals to teleport them (every five minutes) to various continents. It was  sign of the pending end for market Wizards and Druids had selling their services to transport players from one zone to another.

This expansion also spelled the end of the player trade market in the tunnels of East Commonlands (or the Freeport bank area, depending on your server), with the introduction of the Bazaar (originally accessed via Shadow Haven).

Bazaar is often credited with "disastrous effects" to the game economy, as well as some of the "social" aspects of the game (player trading became more automated and less interactive).

However, despite the noted concerns, I liked Bazaar, as it expanded the player market options for me. I liked the horses. I liked being able to modify my user interface. I liked alternate advancement and I liked the portals (I didn't have to beg, plead and pay for rides as much).

Most of the complaints, in my opinion were very much unfounded and whiny.

The real problem, in my opinion, was (and remains) the approach I feel Sony has to Everquest... profit over quality and profit over customer service. They rush the products release and then are lackluster to non-responsive in fixing the broken or incomplete game content.










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