Seeds of Destruction (SoD) was the 15th expansion to Everquest, released October 2008.

SOD did have an "early-preview" into the game, for people who purchased advance copies of the game. Some of the content was opened up in advance, which, of course, caused some issues when the "full" version was released. Players had managed to complete tasks and progression related events that did not award proper credit or provide the related rewards when they completed them during the preview.

This fiasco resulted in an NPC being added to the Guild Lobby named "Flavin Deepockets," who was later renamed Tavid Dennant. The stated purpose of this NPC was to "hold" all the ton-load of individual quest items involved in SoD (it was detrimental to bag/bank space),  but it was clear that it was also a method to check flags and allow players to get their unrewarded quest items as well.

This NPC also became entwined in the expansion armor, that can be upgraded in steps, with each step offering a variation in the armor based on the armor-drop-item that you have. He will give you a limited number of various devices that allow you to change the armor item, reverse an armor combine you have all ready done, and the like.

SoD expanded from the Plane of Time and essentially fully removed the keying, progression and level requirements formerly required to enter this zone.

SoD introduced a new variation on progression... by way of a "progressive zone" called The Void. Basically, this zone "changes" as you successfully complete the progression for SoD (you actually move up to a different version of the zone).

Progression is accomplished by beating the content (tasks, raids) in each "theme" of the expansion. The themes in this expansion are time related and are actually exisitng EQ zones from the distant past (based on game lore).

SoD also increased the level cap to Level 85.

The biggest new feature were mercenaries. Mercenaries are NPC's that you have to purchase (sort of like paying a retainer to a lawyer). After that, you can call up on their services and pay them for their time and services (a certain fee every 15 minutes). Mercenaries are "like" a player in the group. They take part of the XP, they take a spot in the group and they help you in the manner relative to their class. However, they cannot be included in raids or zone into raid-only zones. Also, if you run out of funds to pay them, they will quit (forcing you to go buy another). Keep in mind that monster missions and cloaks change your form and funds can "disappear" as a result.

Mercenaries have become an game standard and were later expanded to include the avaliability of different class types, other than the original Cleric or Warrior.

Adding mercenaries also added a group window feature, that, based on one's point of view, enhanced or countered Group Leadership abilities. Specifically, when using a mercenary, it is a very good idea to "set" the main tank, main assist and the puller, for the sake of the mercenary. Otherwsie, you may see you cleric mercenary running off to parts unkown to heal your puller and getting themselves killed (if not the group as well).













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