The Secrets of Faydwer (SoF) was the 14th expansion of Everwuest, released in November 2007, with the new zones being expanded of of Steamfont.

SoF featured one of the coolest things in all of EQ, an incredibly huge, giant robot that is actually a walking zone (wandering about Dragonscale Hills... don't let him kick you)!

It also included a "fun" zone line experience with the "cannon" that launches you up into the atmosphere from Dragonscale Hills to Fortress Mechanotus.

It was with this expansion, that Sony actually listened to their customer base for once, backed off the greed factor and made the decision to reduce expansions to once a year (so they could better be developed).

SoF also introduced "heroic" items/stats. What this means is many items would now have some stats listed in parenthesis. These have become known as "overcaps." These stats basically allow the applicable stat to "go over" the "maximum" that would otherwise would be allowed for your character. This game feature has become a standard and has been continued to present day.

SoF also allowed a level cap increase, to Level 80 along with the return of "The Sleeper."

Well... sort of. The end zone for this expansion does feature Kerfyrm, aka "The Sleeper." The original event in Sleeper's Tomb remains forever absent (all though I would like to see and lore-based instanced event that would allow players to revisit it).

Lastly, this expansion introduced expansion armor that was "progressed" (upgraded) in an often confusing fashion, as compared to what we had experienced in the past. I bet there are still armor pieces that have not been made on every server, to this day.

After the expansion was in full bloom, yet another type of currency was added to the game (Faycitum), along with a quest NPC/Vendor that the curency is used with (Fenden Helter in Dragonscale Hills).

A few zones in this expansion have proved to be popular even after future expansions, such as Loping Plains and Dragonscale Hills,













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