Prophecy of Ro Progression

This is a couple of tasks that gain you access to the "locked" Prophecy of Ro zone, Razorthorn, Tower of Sullon Zek. This is an instanced zone that you can only get in, once you quest the key.

These tasks will require patience, perseverance and determination. This is because they can take time, are often difficult to get to and may require good help.

In order to obtain this task, you must first have obtained and completed the Saga Skins task.

However, it is possible to get this access by tagging along with someone on the "Becoming the Vessel" task, and thus by-pass the earlier tasks.

Once the Charm is fully completed, you can request and enter the Razorthorn raid.

NOTE: The initial item (Steps 1 to 9) is required for Progression to Deathknell.

NOTE: One person must have the fully completed item (Steps 10 to 13, as well), in order to request the related raid event.


ENRAGED FLESH CHARM: Lore, No Trade, Magic, Charm, Weight 0.1, AC 3

. .

STATUS: Completed & Verified!


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Preparing Your New Skins          Becoming the Vessel



1) DEVASTATION: After finishing the Saga Skins task (a pre-requisite), you will automatically receive a task called, "Preparing Your Skins."

You cannot get this task unless you have done the Saga Skins quest.

You first objective is to loot eleven (11) items from random MOB's in this zone, as follows:


2) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: Head to Grand Librarian Maelin (Level 75) at the top of the library.

Be sure to take along the various skins you looted from the previous "Saga Skin" task (see #1 above).

Give to him the following:

This will activate the next series of steps.


3) Hopefully you kept all the skins form the first "Saga Skin" task.

If you didn't, guess what? You have to go get them again!

If you did keep them, or after you have obtained them again, give him:

In return, he will give you (respectively):

Be sure to hold on to this armor!


4) He will now offer you (or you can request) the final task.

NOTE: Do NOT request this task until you are ready to do it, as you have only 6-hours to finish it up!




5) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: Head to Grand Librarian Maelin (Level 75) at the top of the library.

Speak to Maelin and obtain this task, or just try saying to him, "Become the vessel."

You will have 6-hours to finish this task (a group mission), once it is requested.

It appears that you may only have one (1) shot a this! No worries, however, you can still tag along with someone else, when they undertake the task/mission.

NOTE: Your "group" can ride along on your coat-tails for this key, even if they haven't done the first two tasks.


6) SVERAG, STRONGHOLD OF RAGE: Your first step is to sit at the foot of the tower (by the Razorthorn entrance, in the middle of the zone) and wait for "rage to over come you."

Just put on the armor you acquired (Step 3) and sit there for a bit.

You will see emotes. Only your emotes, as task leader, matter (others will get emotes as well, which can be ignored).

This will take about two or three minutes. Afterwards, you can put back on your real armor.


7) Next up, once the emotes are done, you only have to slaughter MOB's. Sixty (60) of them in fact.

Have fun!


8) Once done, the next step is to "sit at the foot of the tower" (same place as before) and wait for "rage to over come you."

So, put the task armor back on and have a seat.

You will see emotes, again and it will take another 2 or 3 minutes for the update.


9) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: Head back to Maelin.

Give him  the five (5) pieces of armor he originally gave you (Step 3).

Then say to him, "Enraged Flesh Charm."

He will then give you the Enraged Flesh Charm!

Everyone in the group can say this to him and get the reward!


10) DEVASTATION: Now you need three (3) items from this zone.

They are all called Legendary Berserker Bone (Lore, No Trade, Weight 0.8), but identify differently.

The first one is looted from A Chest (Level 1) that appears after killing Titanathon (Level 75, who drops a loot item as well). Up to twelve (12) of these will drop.

He casts an AoE knock back, 2.5 second stun that will FD you and cause 760 Damage. He also has an 8K single target DD and hits for 3.5K.


11) The next one is looted from A Chest (Level 1) that appears after killing a "bold invader" in Devastation (said to be a 24 to 30 hour spawn).

Up to twelve (12) of these will drop.

"Bold Invader" MOB's are:

* Vooersalor the Crafty (Level 74): He has a debuff that can take away up to 10 buffs (99 Poison and Disease counters) and has a single target 1K DD with 750 HP DoT that will make you drunk if your Alcohol Tolerance isn't 50 or better. He also has about four (4) A Shiliskin General (Level 72) that are aggro-tethered to him. It appears best to fight him at the spawn spot (range destroy anything in the way like walls). Off tank the guards and burn him. One person may also find themselves charmed, so be ready for that.

* Trolgar the Tremendous (Level 74): He hits up to 3.5K, has a targeted 100-range Silence, and a single target 40% slow with 2K DD and -150 AC. He also has adds and seems tethered to his spawn location.


12) SVERAG, STRONGHOLD OF RAGE: The last one is looted from A Chest (Level 1) that appears after killing one of the "great military commanders," which means one of the "boss" or raid MOB's in Devastation.

Up to twelve (12) of these will drop.

This includes Razorclaw the Defiant, Keloss the Ruthless, Jyrta, the Watchful Eye, Ruingtor the Champion and Prexak the Champion.

They are said to be a 24 to 30 hour spawns. All are Level 80, can hit as hard as 10K, can flurry, rampage (AoE), and have an AoE 4K DD gravi-flux. DPS, good tanks and good healing are essential. Even better, they all drop loot items, as well.


13) PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: Head back to Grand Librarian Maelin.

NOTE: Put your Enraged Flesh Charm in your charm slot before the turn in, to avoid bugs!

NOTE: You can do these turn-ins as you get each Legendary Berserker Bone, as opposed to waiting until you have all three (3)!

Give him the three (3) Legendary Berserker Bone, one (1) at a time.

You should get fanfare music and a comment from Maelin (emote/comment indicates that he "hands" you back your charm, even though you never gave it to him).

Gratz! You can now request the Sullon Zek raid in Razorthorn (via Oathmir the Outcast in Devastation)!.



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