Everquest: Rain of Fear was originally released November 28, 2012.

It was the 19th Everquest expansion. The expansion was added incomplete. There were zones not included in the game yet. In July 2013, the "Fear" zones were added.

This expansion increased character levels to 100 and introduced long awaited off-line trading (Bazaar). You no longer have to leave your computer on and your character online to sell in Bazaar. Just set up your trader as normal, and then hit the "offline" button. Next time you log onto the character, you will see anything you sold, for how much and who bought it.

It also added the "aggro meter" where you can see the "aggro" of yourself and others, when it comes to which of you has aggravated (this the slang term "aggro") the MOB and gained it's attention the most.

It also added "Slayer" achievements. These achievements are gained by simply killing boatloads of MOB's all over the game. There are basic slay tasks (as few as 25 MOB's of a certain type) to advanced slay tasks (as many as 10,000 MOB's of a certain type). Completing your first slay achievement gives you a hidden AA ability called "Banestrike," in addition to new titles and suffixes for your character. Banestrike can be used during combat, via a hot key, to damage a MOB. However, it only works on the MOB's you have earned a slay achievement for. As you complete second and third tier slay achievements, the strike gets better.

This expansion has been touted as the last expansion for Everquest, with the promise that future content will be added by way of patches and, perhaps, access sold to the new content via Station Cash.


















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