The Prophecy of Ro was the eleventh expansion of Everquest, released in February of 2006.

This small expansion (about 13 zones, to include instances) grew from a revamped Freeport.

Also revamped was the North and South Desert of Ro, eliminating the old Oasis of Marr that once lay between them (its now part of the Southern Desert of Ro). However, even today, there is a bug related to instanced zones where you may log in and find yourself in the old Oasis of Marr.

I can't say for sure, but I believe the East and West Commonlands were also revamped around this time, merging them into one large zone.

The box version of this game included a free horse (as an AA).

Oddly enough, Arcstone is suppose to float above Freeport, where the Plane of Sky has always been.

Look up and you don't see either Arcstone or Sky. Travel to Sky or Arcstone and you can't see one from the other. Yet, if you jump off from Arcstone or jump off from Sky, you safely splash down in Freeport. Talk about bad logic...

This expansion introduced "destructible terrain," which is a way of saying that some items that, in the past, would have been zone decor, can actually be attacked and destroyed (catapults, lean-to's, tents, walls...). A game feature Sony, as usual, very quickly forgot about.

It also introduced player-set (cast up) traps. These were only available to certain player classes. These traps are the reason all classes now have at least a skill of "1" (one) in "Remove Trap." It goes all most without saying, that Sony pretty much forgot all about this game feature as well.

Player bank space was exapanded again, by eight (8) slots (yay!).

Also introduced was the ability to block buffs/spells. I like this feature. As a Paladin, the self buff (Aura) and the Cleric buff (Reliance line) are better than the Druid buff (skin line) and the Cleric symbol line (the reliance line and the skin line do not stack). By blocking the druid buff, I insure that it isn't cast on me and preventing the cleric buff from landing on me.

Another feature introduced was what they called, "spheres of influence." More simply put, it introduced Auras and the Aura window. Basically, these were area of effect buffs that land on anyone in your group, so long as they are in range of you. Before you ask, yes, another feature Sony pretty much forgot about.







Deathknell, Tower of Dissonance

Enraged Flesh Charm

Entrance to Daosheens Chambers

Razorthorn, Tower of Sullon Zek

Theater of Blood

Twisted Harmonic Chime

Twisted Harp String


Black Orb of the Scrykin

Divine Fetters of Ro

Crystals of the Firstborn





Spell: Ward of Tunare










Daosheen the Firstborn

Ghost, Guardian of Zek


Porthio the Second Born


Snowtail, Guardian of Zek

Suchun, Blood Warden of Solusek

Sullon Zek, Mistress of Rage



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